Friday, December 30, 2005

Marriage Therapy and Tanning Salon

    Floridas reputation for being "the retirement State" is quickly being replaced by being known as "the shopping State".  Shopping Centers, Malls, Designer Outlet Stores, all sprouting up overnight like weeds!  Within 2 minutes of traveling North, South, East or West of me, I will find at least one Starbucks.....meaning, in less than 10 mins I can hit 4 Starbucks! No one can accuse us Floridians of not having enough caffiene handy!

    This morning while driving into work I was passing by  another new strip shopping center and I could see that the first sign was in place announcing a new store coming soon! "What else could we possibly need in this neighborhood?"  I asked myself. I took a fast glance to soothe my curious nature. "WHAT?"  I said to myself in disbelief. I slowed the car and looked again. "NO WAY, Can't Be!..I never heard of such a place!" The big white sign with red lettering read "MARRIAGE THERAPY and TANNING SALON".....From that moment on, my day was flipped into overdrive with puzzlement!

     The voice in the back of my mind woke up.... "who in the world would open such a place?"  I lowered the radio station (which happens to be Dr. Joy Brown, who is a marvelous psychologist that hosts a great radio program) in order to think. I immediately began to imagine situations.....My wife and I sitting in that office....."Well Dr. we are having problems in our marriage, she goes to bed in Flannel, and I'm dreaming of her in some satin".    "Hold it right there" I imagine the Dr.  saying...."No wonder the two of you have trouble with your sex life, you are both white as ghosts! I am prescribing 3 tanning sessions immediately...once you have your tans on, you can come back and talk!".

     The entire day my mind entertained me with the business variables of this bizzare storefront combination. I could see a woman coming home from a  MarriageTherapy session...her hubby asking.."how did your session go tonight?"......"well, I'm not sure if I made much progress with my anxieties of you cheating on me, but look at my Boobies now....No tan lines!"..........and my mind wandered.....does the psychologist use a tanning bed instead of couch?...... I could see the ads for this place...."Give your Marriage a check up and get a tan on  us!".......   

    I promised myself that on the way home, I would stop in at this new strip center and get a close up of this storefront that was under construction. 

    The day came to its close, I had scripted enough "situations" to write five seasons of a sit-com! I could not wait to re-visit this place which had captivated my imagination for the entire day.

   As I neared the intersection oif this new shopping center, I began grinning, replaying my day of thoughts. It was dark and no lights were up yet. I pulled up to the storefront and looked up at the sign......A 120 mph wind raced through my ears screaming "idiot!".......The sign read  "Massage Therapy and Tanning Salon"......... "oh" I said to myself..."I guess that does make sense".

   I scratched my head, and went back into my car......"too bad..I had all these great ideas and what will I do with them?".....the voice in my head chuckled..."put them in your journal...what else would you do with them"!

  Next time, before I read any more signs, I'm stopping at a Starbucks!

Make it a double expresso!     Marc :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005


My deepest thank you to the many who left comments & suggestions about my adventure in Bloomies.....I am even more delighted that many you saw the innocence that was woven in my moments ...and not the image of a voyeur.......and so, allow me to add this statement for even further clarification........

                                SAMSON & DELILAH

    Samson, the symbol of strength and courage. A model of muscle that all men hope to obtain.

    Indeed man is consumed by challenge of competition. Anything that challenges his grasp on the "throttle" will have him alarmed. Man is willing to train and torture himself endlessly, just to be victorious in that challange. He trains his muscles to react, to be swift and overpowering.

    But deep within, man senses his vulnerablity and is fearful of it. How ironic that mans greatest desire would also be be his largest fear to conquer. This unique double edged sword that I speak of is the scent of a woman.....not a fragrence, but her smile, the look in her eyes, the softness of her skin.

    Samson knew that with just one look into Delilah's eyes, he would not only reveal the secret of his strength,but he would reveal to the subsequent generations, the weakness of man!

    I confess to having this inheritance!

Marc :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Breathless In Bloomies

  Thank the good Lord for the Bloomingdales Annual After Christmas Lingerie Sale! This is the one time of the year I  get an excuse to enter that wonderful dept! It's the only time the "wife" is motivated to go and allows me to become a witness to passion that most women have...dressing up for their man!
    On this particular occaison, we entered the dept and she made a straight
path to the racks that I have dubbed, "The Taliban Section". Garments so heavy they should be sold as a beach blanket. I casually drifted over to where the more provacative racks were!

  It was then I saw her.....a young, gorgeous blond going through a rack of the
finest, sheerest lingerie that one could possibly imagine! I positioned myself
to be able to observe, without being overly conspicuos. She lifted off the rack
a garment that was completely lace! She held it up in front of her face....I
could see her smile right through the garment! "oh my" I thought to
myself.."imagine coming home to her...dressed in that!
  She placed the garment over her feminely formed arm.....I mused at her
complete gracefullness.
    She continued to fan through the garments on the rack..she lifted up another one....just a tangled bunch of strings on a hanger. She pulled them looked like floss to me..smiling she draped them on her arm with the other garment. "What is she planning? She will kill that poor man!"
    At that moment I could recognize the music playing over the stores sound
system. Enrique Iglesias, "Hero".....his voice filled in the backround, "if I could be your hero baby"....Oh my, my heart began to race.
  Then she exumed a third article..a pink satin see through teddy! I imagined
her wearing it and appearing before me..."if I could be your hero baby..I would stand by you forever"My knees weakened. Satisfied with her find..she glided over to the cashier. Now, in my younger days...I would have intercepted adamsel such as that..I would have placed my hand on the garments and said "excuse me, but you must allow me to buy these for you!"
....Just then a hard tap on my shoulder shook me...flannel and burlap was in my face. "Here, hold these" my wife commanded. I felt like I was holding a bag of textbooks. From the corner of my eyes I could see the angelic blond clasping her Bloomie Bag and begine her exit from the dept. "Well?" queried my wife, "you gonna stand there with far off look or are you going to pay for these?" I smiled, realizing the need to quickly return to reality. "Certainly, did you find everything you were looking for?" I asked.....smiling back she stated, "why yes, and everything was on sale!"

  "On sale!" I exclaimed, infusing a more joyful tone..... "why I can't imagine what else could possibly take my breath away!"

May all your "Day After Christmas sales" take your breaths away too!

Marc :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

In The Name Of Love

      In a recent dialogue with my 19 year old son, he asked, "how will I know the right girl when she comes along?"   I smiled, I remember asking that question to myself a long time ago.       "your name" I answered.     "what?" he replied..."what about my name?"     "You will know by the way she says your name"  I answered      I knew he did not  fully understand what I was imparting so I explained.....   "when you were two years old and beginning to utter words and make short sentences, they were so cute and precious to listen to. Of all the words you uttered, the one that elevated my spirit was "Daddy"........ I remember coming home from a difficult day at work...and I would  walk in the house and hear your chirp "daddy!".. The pain of day was erased, a new light of joy would come rushing in from just hearing you say my name."     My son smiled, "really?"   "yes...for sure.....So, when your name is spoken, and its mention makes you feel special, the sound of your name on her lips elevates your spirit to its highest point, you will know, she is the one."     "wow....thanks  Dad"   ......I just smiled.....and mused......even at 19 when he says "Dad" just makes my day!   May you all feel that special love when you hear your name!  Peace & Warmth....Marc :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lovely and Amazing

Dedicated to women who look in the mirror and second guess what they see.       Thanks to modern medicine women can now have their tummies tucked, their breasts augmented, their lips puffed and their wrinkles erased.  Add a splash of hair color, a new hairdo and an application of makeup and you gals look gorgeous!       Perhaps the greatest imperfection we have is the way that we see each other!       While stopped at traffic light this morning, I glanced over the the car next to mine. I noticed the female driver staring in her mirror, applying a layer of makeup, painting her her lips, and fixing her hair. In that 30 second interval she made a complete transformation. The light turned green and she gave herself one last look in the mirror and smiled with approval.       Little did she realize that she was facing the East. The first morning rays of light were streaming in. In that pure light that only our Creator could have provided, I could see the softness of her feminine skin, the sensousness of her lips illuminated, and the silkyness of hair, highlighted. In that pure stream of light, she looked so lovely and amazing!       The next time you second guess yourself, I urge you step outside beneath a moonlight night and allow the moonbeams to circle your head and imagine this secret admiration that has been made just for you!   Yes, you are, so lovely and amazing!~~~~~~~~~~~Marc :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our Essence: Sometimes it leads us, Sometimes it follows

    I just stepped outside into the cold night. The distant cry of a kitten dislodges my heart from its restful state. A pulse of a distant memory races through my mind.

    As a young boy in N.Y., it would be on a cold day such as this that I would pick up a stray kitten and bring it to the basement of my apartment building. Like a faithful servant I would bring it milk, food and give it attention.

    I did not tell my friends, my parents, nor did I  invite an audience in to see what I was doing. It was my simple love of humanity that would have me do this again and again.

    The way a person acts when no one is watching shows their true essence. As I look back, I smile at my age of innocence and know it was a time well spent.

    Our Essence, sometimes it leads us, sometimes it follows us, especially on a night like this!

Peace & Blessings to All ~~ Marc :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

John Lennon.....The Artists Lament

    The Anniversary of John's passing, only adds another ring of sadness to the wonder of his potental lost.

     The sketch shown here was drawn by John Charles Mertz, who has captured the essence of man who carries the weight of being expected to "create universally accepted songs". All too often we focus on the glitter of being in the spotlight, but rarely give thought to the pressures it brings upon the artist.   

   We hear your words John ..they are the call of every Artist....and thus become, The Artists Lament.

         Whether the art form is painting color onto a canvas, or arranging words on paper, or forming clay with hands, or a song from his heart, the artist expresses the energies that are locked within.
  His final product, an indulgence of his desire to reach into a world that will connect what is real to what he hopes his art will express.
   The artist (painter, writer, musician, sculpter) engages brutal harshness of pain, or immaculate rays of hope, and ultimately creates a world of illusion that resemble the truth. Art is supposed to set the artist free as art is a freedom to express.

"Living is easy with closed, misunderstanding all you see

It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out

it doesn't matter much to me."     Strawberry Fields Forever

  And as I write, with all this freedom flowing from my heart through my pen, I am no more free than a slave, a slave to my senses, a slave to my secret passions, a slave for the kiss that eludes my lips.
  There is no greater prisioner than the one who lives in a world filled with dreams...and yet without dreams, there would be no art to paint this world the way is wishes to be seen.

    It was another day without you, John......but your music and its world of images play on and on and on......... Rest in Peace~~~~~Marc

Friday, December 9, 2005


WHOA! I've been tagged twice about the same topic! "TEN THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY"

 Now, you must know that there are so many things that make me happy....I mean, a good cup of morning coffee makes me happy!..... So, instead of listing Ten Things..I have decided to list things that bring through the TEN LEVELS OF HAPPINESS!


VERY HAPPY..... Complimenting others

ECSTATIC HAPPY.... Knowing that I have made someone smile or feel better.

SILLY HAPPY...A womans smile

CRYING HAPPY... Puppies, Kittens, Hugs from sons

TONGUE IN CHEEK HAPPY.. When the wife says "yes"

SASSY HAPPY... while waiting on a long long line, a cashier, one aisle over calls out to me..."you, you're next over here"

SO DAMN HAPPY.... an unexpected refund, or dicount

DELERIOUSLY HAPPY... A sensous woman comes up to me and places her hand on my crotch and says "let's get to know each other better". While this has not happened to me < I know it would make me DELERIOUSLY HAPPY!

INSANELY HAPPY.... Feeling the chemistry between me and Nature

HALLELULAH HAPPY....  Ending a aches, no pains and knowing that I have spent the day with purpose.

..........................................Happiness to all!.......................................




Monday, December 5, 2005


  Just returned from Barnes & Noble. These black and yellow instructional books have taken over every subject and clutter up every aisle....and so I muse

                                 "LOVE FOR DUMMIES"
  Take a walk through any major bookstore and you will see those black and yellow books in every aisle! "Photography for Dummies" "Auto Repair for Dummies" "Decorating For Dummies". Yes, every topic imaginable all there,completely explained! The first of these all knowing books was written at the dawn of man, and named, "Love For Dummies".

         Imagine you are home alone, and there is a knock at your door. You open the door to find an 8 year old, freckled faced, red headed girl standing there. "May I help you?" you ask. "Sure!" She says in a cheery note,  "My name is Melissa, and I am your new daughter!" She walks past you and asks "which room is mine? and I hope it has a T.V.!" Before you can begin to figure this out, a middle aged balding man shows up at your door and says "Hi, I'm Miguel,your brother" and as he walks into your house he says.."I'm hungry, have anything to eat?"
  Imagine if we did not give birth, but our children, our next of kin, were assigned to us! At any moment there could be a knock at your door and "poof"...another member to your family!
  Our creator had great insight. He knew how difficult it would be to unconditionally love a complete stranger. So we were constructed to give birth to our own. Love would be so easy, so very natural! To make sure this plan would be foolproof, our creator made certain that act of creating another would be so very pleasurable, so very intimate with our inner core, that we could not resist!
  All we needed to do was to learn how to sustain this simple love ...and by giving us eyes to see each others beauty,and a heart to feel it, he felt the plan was perfect...a plan that only a dummie could mess up!

.....Somehow, it was a marvelous plan, too bad there are still so many dummies amongst us!(some of us just skimmed through the book!).....Peace & Warmth, Marc :)


Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Thanks For Nothing"

...I see while I was absent, AOL has begun placing banners on our journal pages, and has created a controversy! 

    While being a paying customer, I have always felt that AOL was like a friend. Full of information....connecting my ideas , my questions where they needed to be. Filling many of my nights with music, poetry from a soul in Pennsylvania, laughter, joy and warmth from you J-landers, Photo images from around the world, and ideas on how to improve whatever it was I wanted to improve. I was "Thankful" to pay my monthly fee to was like a friend that needed a few bucks from me.

...Then this "betrayel".....I pondered...."what do you say to friend that has betrayed you?".......and then, I recalled........


    Alex, Ray and I were typical ten year olds that lived on the same block and hung out together. Alex's house was real nice inside, nicely furnished. His mom collected figurines. She had hundreds of them in that living room. They were crowded on every table, on every shelf, every square inch of that living room had a small figurine on it, it was like a China Shop! Naturally, we were not allowed to go in that living room, not even one foot in!

    One day we were home from school and after having a boring catch outside, Alex invited Ray and me back to his house. No one was at his home. He opened the door and walked straight into the livingroom! "Cmon, don't be scared, you guys can sit in here" he cajoled. Reluctantly, we sat down, and looked around us, stunned by the massive collection of figurines that seemed to be staring at us. Alex removed the tennis ball from his pocket, and began tossing it in the air. "Hey Alex , not a good idea" we cautioned him. He laughed, and then tossed the ball over to Ray.."catch!" he said (implying a dare to drop the ball). Ray caught the ball, then tossed it to me. Call it pre adolescent Bravado, but we began tossing that ball around...faster...and faster...til, my toss to Alex sailed over his outstretched hands and sailed towards the end table! The ball landed and figurines were scattered about, and one slid off the table and onto the floor! We jumped up and ran over to asses the damage. Alex leaning over the figurine exclaimed, "My Mom is gonna kill me!....This is her favorite horse and its all busted up!"I tried to mitigate the circumstance with "favorite horse? There must be 100 little horses here, and THIS ONE is her favorite?"   "You better believe it" said Alex..."She paid 200 bucks for this's her favorite!"

     My stomach collapsed, I broke a 200 dollar horse! My Mom was gonna kill me too!...... "Hold on" I said as I tried to gain control of a situation that was going out of control. I began rearranging the animals that were on the table, trying to compensate for the empty space left on the table. "There!, Now she will never know her horse is missing..the display looks the same as when we first walked in here."   Ray nodded his head in agreement and we decided to bury the broken horse figurine in the backyard.

    The next day at school, Ray and I met up with Alex. "Boy is my Mom mad!" He exclaimed. As soon as she walked into the living room she cried out, "who messed up my end table?....and then  that is when she noticed her favorite horse was missing!" "What did you tell her?" I asked with panic in my heart. "I told her that I didn't know a thing...that maybe my sister and her friends did something to it".  "You won't ever tell her that it was us, will you?" I asked. "Nope" said Alex..."I don't squeal on my friends" "Man, you are the best friend that someone could have" I said as I placed my arm around Alex..."I really owe you"......

     Time passed, my gratefullness for Alex not bailing out on me played into our friendship. I would loan him nickels for candy and let him use my bike whenever he needed. 

    Several months passed, it was now Spring and just when that incident was as deeply buried as that horse, my Mother confronted me. "I just got off the phone with Alex's mom, and while she was working in her garden she found a broken horse figurine buried there. She says that you, Alex and Ray were playing one day and broke that true?"..........  I was caught!  .... In shame and for Mercy I put my head down and   put my best puppy dog eyes on...."yes Mom....we broke it".  "Well, you will be grounded for the next month and I told her that I would share in the cost of replaing that you will be losing 5 weeks of your allowance money."   My head was spinning....I can't believe that Alex caved in and confessed...especially 5 months after we broke that horse!.....Grounded and no allwance for....  Five weeks? That's it? I got 75 cents a does that add up to 200 dollars?

      The next day came and at first, I did not want to even look at Alex.. Over the past 5 months,I had thanked him a million times, bought him candy, loaned him my bike...all that "Thanks" and gratitude..and what does he do?  Rat me out!  But I was curious about why I was only losing 5 weeks of "Hey Alex!   Thanks for Nothing! couldn't deny it?"...... "No I couldn't" he said with his head in shame...."Besides, I'm the one that has to face her everyday...I am the one who hears her..I am one who is paying for this"... Then I asked about the cost of the horse...."oh, I made a mistake, the horse was only a few bucks..."  He put out his hand to me..."still friends?" he asked.....I slowly put my hand out there.."yeah...we're still friends"

   and so I matter how thankful you are and how grateful you might be to a friend, it is not a guarantee that they will always perform in a manner that is to your liking...there will bea time when they let you down . A friendship that is based on being grateful and thankful can only last as long as the "thanks" are being repayed.....

        The years passed, and Alex and I remained friends. As we entered adolesence we shared the gossip and secrets of who had a crush on who. He was the first to know about a girl that had caught my heart.   He, of course, set out and let her know....which was no problem this "betrayel" had led me to my first kiss!

    I hope and trust...that this breakdown that AOL had with us, will teach us with something meaningful .......and one day we'll look back and all say "friends?"

Peace and Blessings     Marc :)

The Art of Missing You

You return home from a day of work, your cat comes out from its hiding place and meanders between your legs and meows.    Your dog lurches on top of you, as you open  your door and greets you with yelps of joy!    

How wonderful that our Creator imbued even the smallest creatures with that feeling of "missing"! Imagine if that feeling did not exist in our "emotional vocabulary"?   ..To be gone for a day or two, and no one would notice. When we are told in any language, a bark, a meow, a "hello", that we were missed, its a wonderful form of acknowledgement that we have a place in the mind and spirit of another!

My deepest and warmest thanks to those  who expressed a concern about my absense here. You have made me feel like this IS aspecial place to come back to!

  My DSL at home has been restored......I may now enter and roam ......

and whether you missed me or not...I missed you all......Meow,   Marc :) 

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Suddenly It's Christmas!

  Whether it's approaching your partner for intamcy, or  being sold an automobile, or attending a family celebration...anticipation is the fuel that jump starts the engine of the heart.
  Anticipation is a wonderful energy, but if that event gets over anticipated, the event itself will be anti-climatic.
I have just returned from the Mall. The stores have already begun decorating and setting up  Christmas displays that reach the  ceiling. One store was playing "Jingle Bells" over the sound system....pardon me, but last time I looked, it was the 11th of November! The Thanksgiving decorations were already moved to the clearence tables...I guessI was supposed to have purchased those items on Labor day!
   Retailers are afraid about this Christmas season, between significantly higher gas prices, higher prices for merchandise, and the elevated interest rates , there won't be much in the pockets of consumers.
   With all this Christmas "foreplay" they will certainly kill consumer spontanaity, which will leaving the store shelves with the unecessary merchandise that will need huge discounting to move. Well, you will be ale to find those bargains in the "day after Christmas sales" which will begin on Dec. 22 this year!
  Peace & Joy....Marc :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


    A socialite is having a party at her spacious home. As the waiters weave through the large rooms with trays of hors d'ouevres, a lovely young woman sits at the piano playing "Strangers In The Night". A guest who has been admiring this lady, uses this as his cue to make his introduction. He leans over the piano and asks, "do you know the Orgasm song?" Without breaking stride, the woman calmly replies, "no, but if you hum a few bars, I could fake it".

   We have Fake gems, fake designer handbags, fake Rolex watches, false eyelashes and fake nails. Some of us fake happiness, some fake their age or their weight. Some of us say fake "how are you?", "Thank You" or even, "I love you". We all fake something in life. My! There is a whole lot of "faking" going on!  Actually, it's understandable, afterall  faking is an easy way to get a taste of the ultimate without having to go through the expense or trouble of obtaining the original.
  What great insight the author (God, if you wish) of the Ten Commandments had when he inscribed "Thou shall not obey no other God but me".  He knew how easily we could accept a subsitute, adapt to a fake.  While God is out of our sight, he knew our vulnerability and that  we could align ourselves with something that felt "close to his presence".

   Two weeks ago Hurricane Wilma barged through South Florida,taking lives, demolishing homes, uprooting the livilhood of millions here. I was spared , once again making me thankful for the Mercy bestowed, but leaving me even more mindful for the many who have sufered great losses. 
  This past year we have seen not only the worst of  many Hurricanes, but a Tsunami, major Earthquakes,Tornadoes and landslides. This is Nature, trying to regain its ba ance, from a world that is overheating its atmosphere, and plowing its depths for the energy it needs to thrive on. It is us,that has created this unbalance, and it us who is caught in this balancing act. Thus demonstarting once again, we are not in control. Yes, we are amazing, with our Ipods and PCs, cars and planes. Our bodies and minds can touch the four corners of this universe, but we still are not in control. One act of Mother nature can change all of that!
  In this aftermath, I hear in the desparate quivering voices of the affected for something strong to lift them, something real to sustain them, and something eternal that will carry them past their wounds....they will not accept anything but the most fake is allowed in this place....only the genuine warmth of Gods Mercy can be embraced.  

     Praying this balancing act is complete! Peace and Mercy.......Marc

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How Many Mantle Cards Does A Boy Need?

It's October...The World Series is around the corner...The White Sox are in...the last time they were involved, the heros of the day were Mantle, Mays, Ted Williams,Stan Musial, Warren Spahn, Whitey Ford, Duke Snider....excuse me while I drift......................     

In 1960, this country was embroiled in a Cold War with an unrelenting Russia. It was still mending itself from two brutal back to back wars (W.W.II & The Korean War), and in suberbs everywhere,  frightened homeowners were building bomb shelters!
   Despite the political controversy, the biggest debate of the day was "who is better, Mantle or Mays?"
   Perhaps, the only real consolation of that time was the purchasing power of a nickel. Milkyway bars, A scoop of ice cream,a small bag of chips, all a nickel!
  For a ten year old boy, nothing could compare to the 5 cent pack of baseball cards with a slab of gum! Just the actual purchase, became part of ritual!
  I can recall those days after school, when my friends and I would converge on a luncheonette where the cards were sold. We would eyeball the the open box, and one at a time one of us would reach in, our fingers touching each pack and waiting for a divine signal to stop and select that magical pack of cards. We would each remove our only nickel from our pockets and hand them to the overweight cashier who would say "Hey! You messed up the box!"...
  We exited the luncheonette where the "ritual" continued. Bobby had a "lucky spot" that he would go to, which was up against the mailbox. David would place the pack on top of his head, close his eyes and silently meditate the names of players he wished would be in the pack. Me? I would hold the pack,oozing with the sweet odor the bubblegum, to my lips, "please...Mantle....Musial....Mays" I would pray. Then we bagan opening our packs. The silence broken with a shriek "Oh My God! I got Hank Aaron"..and another screeh from the mailbox, "Clemente! I got Clemente!"..."Oh man Berra and Ernie Banks!" There never was a dissapointment when opening up those packs!
  That was, til Ken joined our "buying ritual". Ken came from a wealthier backround, and alaways had a pocketful of quarters and dimes. While we were carefully selecting our packs, as if trying to sort out the finest diamond from a lot, Ken would just grab a fistful of packs and reach in his pocket to pay.Ken did not have a ritual, he simply tore the packs open, "got it, got it, need it, got it in triples" is all he said as he flashed through the cards. Bobby, David and I would watch in awe, "he got 3 kluzuskis, 2 Mantles, and his 4th Warren Spahn!" Once in a while we could strike a trade with Kenny, but he was never magnaminous despite having quintuplets of a certain player.
   I can still recall, coming home and adding my new cards to the ones I already had, and crossing their names off the checklist of the ones that I still needed.
   Each night, before going to bed, I would reveiw my rubberbanded deck. I would make a clearing on my bed, and create my own all-star team. "catching tonight will be Yogi Berra, Gil Hodges at First base, Bobby Richardson at second.."  As I laid out my "team" I realized that I did not really need 2 or 3 Mantles, the one I had looked real good with Mays in left and Hank Aaron in rightfield.
    The years quickly passed, adolesence ushered in new interests. Closets and drawers were emptied. The things that once meant all the world to me, lost their place on that list, and the cards were discarded.
    Some 30 years later, I found myself escorting my 10 year old son into a card store and had the priviledge of watching him dig his small hand into the bottom of a display of cards and walk outside to certain spot, and hold the pack to his lips.."Clemmens, McQuire, Ripkin" he would chant. I confess to fighting    
fighting back the tears as joy would overcome his face, "Look  Dad, Clemmens, Bonds and Nolan Ryan in the same pack!"
   Then at night, to walk into his room, he fast asleep, with a deck still tucked in his fist...I truely understood, its not how many Mantles you can have in your hand,but how much appreciation,imagination and love you can hold in your heart!

    ....We all surrender or lose the most precious elements we could ever imagine having.....while we can't bring back what is lost or surrendered, can be healed with imagination, hope and love! May your dreams take you day at a time, one step at a time.....   Marc :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's My Line?

It was one of the first "quiz"shows aired on TV.."What's My Line?"....  A guest would be invited on the stage and 3 ( TV Celebs) would  each have a turn to ask the guest a question....after accumulating the answers, they had the task of guessing what that guest was "famous" for. Many times the panel would be stumped....and incorrectly guessed what the guest was all about.

   It's not so easy to figure someone out, even when you have interrogated the person with 20 personal questions.

  This entry is prompted by several J-landers who have recently written in their journals about receiving wicked and biting comments left for them. This is for the J-landers who write with anger and sadness about the harsh judgement they receive from relatives in the supermarket...and spouses.

        It was 4 years ago that I went up to NY to attend a memorial service for a friend of mine who lost his brother in 9/11.  It had been awhile since being in that surburbian town, and not wanting to get completely lost, I drove slow, carefully reading the street signs. I came to a road that narrowed, barely enough room for two cars to pass. I felt I was close to the house, and so I slowed down to read the house numbers. It was then I noticed a car behind me, riding very close. He flashed his lights....there was really no room for me to pull over.....he tapped his horn....."any house now" I told myself.....Then came the HONKS!...."alright alright" I muttered....and looking into my rear view mirror I could see the look of rage writtin into his face.....and then....the FINGER!.....That's it...he crossed the line. I stopped my car, got out and quickly walked to his car. Just as he rolled down his window I said firmly..."Pardon me for holding you up, but I am looking for the home of Max. /////......Who is holding a memorial service for his brother,who was killed  in the attack on the World Trade Center!!.....The mans face dropped!  "Oh my...please forgive me" he said, barely able to speak the words..."I thought you were just another "Sunday driver" not giving a hoot who was behind you....but I am wrong..I apologize......what home are you looking for?"  I handed  him the directions I had....."Oh my, you are on the North side heading in the wrong need to be heading South....look, ...I'll take you to his place, its only a few minutes from here...we'll have to make U-turns...just follow me".

     As I followed the man, I is a man that 60 seconds ago, was cursing me to hell, and now this same man, once he became aware of what I was now my personal escort!....and without his help..I would have remained lost for quite some time!"

    Remember fellow j-landers....once people take the time to know who we are, and what we are about...once we let others know who we are....the honking, cursing, criticizing, the slander ceases, and then...the kindness and understanding can begin!

Wishing all..simple measures of both!  Marc :)



Saturday, October 8, 2005


   The common thread of success that connects Bill Gates (founder, Microsoft) Steve Jobs (Founder Apple Computer) and me, is the age at which they were hurled through the "door" of  fame and wealth. They were both in their twenties. Most of the worlds wealthiest and famous all had their destiny jump started while being "twenty something".  

    I have sometimes wondered..."what happened to me?"..."I was twenty something too...did I oversleep on the day that destiny had its door open to me?"  "At least, did I get a chance to turn the knob?"

    While unpacking a carton of momentos, the long lost answer to my question was answered in the form of two Eastern Airline Ticket stubs. (anyone here remember Eastern Airlines?). They were one way ticket stubs...from NY to Miami. My mind flew back.  

 We were and working in NYC.  Two young adults, trying to take on a world , make a place for ourselves. Everything seemed difficult. We worked extremely hard and the only thing we seemed to do was get on each others tense nerves.  One day, an offer came from a company based in Miami, we flew down on weekend for an interview and to scope out the town.   The warm tropical air, scented with suntan lotion, the sound of Jimmy Buffet music and soft jazz playing everywhere, the casual easy going manner of a sleepy town, Pina Coladas and iced Coronas being served everywhere..... it seemd like the perfect ticket out!  We returned back to NYC, gave notice to our bosses, landlord and packed up our tiny apt.

  All I could think about during the time we were packing up, was being able to get out of the "rat race". The warm climate, the soothing aromas of beach and warm breezes, being chilled with the sweet succulence of a frozen rum would cerainly lose their inhibitions easily!  Life was going to be easy. My wife would be relaxed. The door to pleasure would swing open, easy and often! Yes...I was giving up my business attire to become....An Apeman!  My wife, was to be my Aperess! We were to swing in this new jungle without a worry , indulging ourselves in what this balmy and enchanted town had to offer!

    Eastern Airlines brought us in....and the moment we landed, the sky burst with one of the worst rainstorms in the citys' history!  Our car (which we shipped down from NY) was waiting for us....had no A/C....after driving for 20 minutes, the steam forming on the windshield was from the 92 degree heat & 100% humidity!  During the next few days, we had to deal  with our belongings being lost....the frzziness of my wifes hair, the car overheated three times and we discovered that Miami had cockroaches (called Palmetto bugs) as big as any thumb! My wife began missing her family, we overdosed on Cuban Coffee (espresso), and no one spoke English!

   My romantic moves were soon dusted away..."Sorry honey, between  this heat and the croacking of the frogs, who can get in the mood!"  

   You can bring the aperess into the jungle, but you can't make her swing in it.

At twenty something.. I hoped to take a step back in time, an easier life....I opened the door that said "Apeman"..  Now, here I am, many years later, saying.."thank You Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for inventing the internet and the PC".....While I was trying to rendevous with the primitive spirit within, you guys were up to something more productive!   Aw..heck...who am I kidding....if I had invented the guys would be typing with a set of sticks and bones!

My Leopard skin tunic hangs nearby.........



Friday, October 7, 2005

The Babys Room

 Twenty Four years and two months......and the time came last week to bid  a fond farewell to our home. I walked down the halls of a completely vacant home and it felt so strange to be saying "goodbye".  I stopped in each room to muse upon a memory, smiling to myself, "if these walls could talk!"  My last stop was in, what I have called, the babys room. Now a baby has not been in this room for a long, long time, but this is where each of my 3 sons spent their first years, as they were born into this house. In this room, were some very tender moments, and  this is where I embraced one lifes most powerful I close the door..allow me to share............    The Babys Room........

    Being the father of 3 boys, I can still recall their infant cries in the middle of night. Half awake, I would stumble down the hall and retrieve them from their crib.

    By the time my third son came along, I had the 3 A.M. drill down to a routine. Then, on one such night, I awoke, but there was no cry coming from his room. "Any moment now" I murmered to myself. Minutes passed, still no cry. "Is he alright?" I asked anxiety began to pour in. I waited a few minutes more, til my nervous imagination got the better part of me, and I moved quickly down the hall to his room.

    With my heartbeat racing, I aproached the crib, leaned over and observed.  I gently lifted him up and held his tiny face to my mouth..there they were..the tinest but sweetest breaths one could possibly imagine! As I held my precious son to my chest, I could not help but wonder about our Creator. Why doesn't he come to our cries in the middle of the night? What could possibly be preventing him from wanting to pick us up and hold us close? How could he resist such a pleasure in comforting us?

    I cannot speak for our Creator, but on that night I did realize that he has selected a wonderful nursemaid to attend to us. This nursemaid is is at our sides at all times, and never fails to pick us up during our darkest moments. The nursemaid that our Creator has selected is called HOPE.

   As my boys grew, I observed them carefully. Whether catching butterflies, baseballs or a fish. Whether they were blowing out candles on a birthday cake,loving their pets, or studying for a test, I have seen their nursemaid,HOPE, standing in their shadows, bringing their dreams a little closer to them!

    Now I know, when I step outside at night, and gaze into the night sky, musing upon the stars and moon, their beauty and precision.....that little spark of eternal energy that runs through my nerves, is merely a confirmation that my nuresemaid, HOPE is standing nearby!

  Peace and Blessings.....Marc :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why not ask for MORE!

    A few years ago, the receptionist brought a magazine to work called "MORE". It was the premier issue. The magazine is geared to women in their forties. Most of the modeling in the magazine is done by women in their "mature" stage of life. The articles also are concerned with issues that women in their forties and beyond are challanged with.

   I was fanning the pages when one ad caught my eye (and heart!) A sensational looking, darling woman in a fly fishing outfit! I must confess that her stunning panoramic smile and blond curls flowing from her "fly fishing cap" were far too provocative for me. I got lost in her smile! I immediately cut the page out..."this is unbelievable" I uttered. "I have fished from coast to coast, on hundreds of piers,miles of streams and sandy beaches and I have never come across a woman with a fishing rod who is as magnificant as this!  Suddenly, I felt alone....denied one of lifes sweetest fruits! "No More!" I exclaimed!

    I handed the recptionsit the page that I had torn out (which had no ad copy written on it) and asked her if she would write the following with her feminine  penmanship.

Hi Marc!   Looks like we are having trout almondine for dinner. The wine is chilling....the table only needs your company!

   The dragonfly lure that you bought me for our anniversary works just great!...You are so smart!!

   See ya later sweetie!   <3 Alexis <3

P.S.  No peeking in the Victoria Secret bag!  You'll just have to wait!!

I took the picture to my desk and quickly slipped it into a picture frame and placed it dead center on my desk!   Where it remains to this day.

.......I have since learned that this "fly fishing beauty"  is a former model for Estee Lauder in the early 70's......She made her fame and fortune and then walked away from it....moving to upstate NY where she opened a fly fishing school!!!!!!! her name is Karen Graham..she is real.   

I heard a beggar call from his crutch...why..why ask for so much?

A woman called from her darkened door..why?..why not ask for more?

Like a bird, on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir

I have tried in my way to be free....Leonard Cohen

..One is never free from the beauty that warms their heart!....In that case....ask for More!

     Marc :)



Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Confessions Of A Tightrope Walker


    We are all tightrope walkers! Afterall we have just one heart that has the amazing job of balancing all of our emotions! Imagine.....the same heart that can full of Joy, can also be deflated by Sadness....the same heart that can be so Bold with Courage, can also shrivel in Fear......the same heart that  falls in Love, can be filled with Hate.  YIKES!  What a balancing act that is! One heart and so many emotions running counter to each other! It is no wonder that so many of us fall off this highwire! 

Well, there is no shame in falling off....its just a tragedy if you don't get back up!

 Now as for me, I've been doing a pretty good job staying up here..and no, its not intellect that will keep you on this fine line....while it is intellect that will provide you with the knowledge how to maintain balance, it is Faith that provides the Will to stay up here!   Intellect always will tell us what is possible, Faith will tell us, everything is possible if you believe in yourself!  Faith defies intellect all the time!

I hope and pray there's a whole lot Faith being communed to the parts of this world that have been given a reason to stop believing.

   Safe and peaceful journies......    Marc :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Garage Sale...Used Heart .25 Cents

    Time and proximity influence the attention we can give to an event. For example, a car crash that takes place on your street corner will certainly have  you focus more attention on it than another accident that has occured 30 miles away. Or, if your child becomes ill, it certainly will grab more of your attention than  if a friend of yours who lives 500 miles away with a child that is ill. The heartache you have today, supecedes the the heartache you had 5 years ago.  Time and proximity, the closer the event is to our eyes, the greater its intensity we feel...its only natural.

   So, on this solemn anniversary of  Sept. 11, I beg your pardon for being short on worthy words on a horrific event in our history which affects each one of us. My attention has been diverted by the sale of my home of 24 years. Yes, I know, I am most fortunate to be able to have sold it and not lost it in a flood...we need not experience the very worst of others to feel the loss.......

   With two weeks remaining before we move, today was the day..the garage sale! Garage sales are not meant for the sentimental, or  the morally sensitive.... The fishing rod that I sold for 2 bucks was worth far greater than that amount in sentimental value. The many days that my boys and I woke before the sun, with a certain eagerness, drove to a pier and baited our lines. The thrills of the catch, the easy moments of time spent alone. I could see all of that as the man walked triumphantly away with his new purchase.

....and so the day went, article after article being carted off, desks where homework assignments labored over...beds, where they slept, tables, where meals were eaten, games where laughter was shared....

   My sons came home to help with the sale, they were happy to see their items being passed along into others hands...and they did an outstanding job of loading beds in the back of vans, and assisting those who needed a hand.

  I is about moving on and its wrong not to allow time do to its job of erasing and softing the impact ...... and so, I release my grasp on this hour hand and let it loose...let time tick it will bring  me further from this aching heart!.....Unfortunately, for the survivors of 9/11 and Katrina, time does not move fast enough......

  A new day begins soon!  Godspeed and Peace to all~~~~Marc :)


Monday, September 5, 2005

This Summer I Went Swimming

  Precisely the same time each day a group of campers, 6 years of age, were marched down to the lake for their hour of swim time.

  The group was divided, the swimmers and the non swimmers. The swimmers were marched down a long pier that led to the middle of the lake. The non swimming group, stayed right at the shallow part, which was surrounded by a dock. This was the "learning pen". That is where I spent my summer afternoons. During that hour, the counselors would spend a few minutes with each of us, giving instructions.

  I can still recall feeling the arms of the counslor under my chest, and his commandments "kick,kick,kick!" My eyes would be closed, my cheeks swollen from its one big gulp of air!

  One eventful day, while doing my kicking and thrashing, I found myself hitting the edge of the dock. I looked around and to my amazement I was fifteen feet from from my cheerful counselor! That was it! I sawm! I took another gulp of air,kicked and thrashed and made the return trip! I was a swimmer!

  Up to that point, nothing had given me such a boost of self esteem. I was officially emancipated from land! In the next few days I proved that I had earned my fins and was released from the group of "guppies", and allowed to swim with the other group in the middle of the lake.

  Many summers later I encountered another new environment. A mysterious and well cloaked realm that compelled my exploration. The female! This soft skinned, finely scented species, was so pretty and so new to me. How was I to navigate this new enviornment?

  Well, like that beginning swimmer of years before, I kicked and thrashed, took deep gulps of air and swallowed water. I nearly drowned in my own pool of tears.

  Then a cool Summer's night, I found the most  tender of touches on my heart. The feeling was so reassuring , there could be no stopping me. The soft touch of  Young Love was sweeter and and more compelling than anything I had ever known!

  Each "goodnight" was accompanied with a kiss that conveyed a passionate and magnetic energy. I could feel my emancipation from a solitary world of oneness and innocence.

  It is this time of year, at Summers end, that I fondly recall the episodes of my summer fun and romance. The emancipated young man who was able to boast "This Summer I  Went Swimming".

Milestones and moments....may you all reflect fondly upon  all of them.   Marc :)

(I'm the one second from the top the of ladder)


Saturday, September 3, 2005


    We all face numerous personal tragedies in our lifetime. We all have our days of physical and emotional suffering.

 This has been a week of absolute grief. There is nothing delicate about grief. The grief becomes magnified when we know we are grieving. And who enjoys confronting grief? The griever, usually waits for time to help with the healing.Unfortunately the grief of victims of Katrina, will need a long time. I hope and pray that the load of grief thay carry will be eased by the many who care. For us, it is our time to carry that weight.........


ArchiveBByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn!

Cosi (dvd/video release) <!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5863942981704561"; google_alternate_ad_url = ""; google_ad_width = 120; google_ad_height = 600; google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; google_ad_type = "text"; google_ad_channel ="4241781454"; google_color_border = "232323"; google_color_bg = "232323"; google_color_link = "FFCC00"; google_color_url = "9B9B9B"; google_color_text = "FFFFFF"; //--> RATE / PRINT Words-adapted from the bible, book of ecclesiastes
Music-pete seeger

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven

A time to build up,a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven

A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time to love, a time to hate
A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late

                                               It's a time for healing..for all of us.   Peace~~~ Marc

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Kings New Clothes---Revisted

 That new designer label dress, that hot colored low cut blouse, that finely tailored suit.... Put one on and wow! Do we look good or what! .... Yes, they allow us to appear our best, but unfortunately , these chic styles can become a  cheap disguise for the person that hides inside.   

I know of this  person parades with his wisdom of accumulating money, then uses his bank account as comaparison guide to the way others live.  He adorns his wisdom as if its a designer garment..... I am not alone , as everyone around gets to see his "new clothes"

I am reminded of this tale that I have imparted to my sons, cautioning them about the "real clothes" they choose to wear!.............

   The Kings New Clothes ----Revisited

 A young man obtains employment with a company in a new community. The young man decides that he will spend a year working for the company before deciding if he will buy a house in this new community.

    The year passes and the young man has done very well with the company and loves this new community. Each weekend he visits new home sites to select where he will have his house built. The young man has a miserly and greedy  attitude. Never yielding to charity, always bargaining a vendor down til there is no more strength left on the part of the seller. The young man tries to bargain the prices of the homes down, but is unsuccessful. Finally, one home builder tells him, "if you are looking to spend such a small sum of money, why not contact Art the handy man, you can buy a small piece of land, and he will build a home for you at the price you are dreaming of!" The young man contacts Art and after viewing plans, they come to an agreement on price. Art takes out his measuring stick and proceeds to measure the young man and ask him questions about which room he feels he will be in the most.

    The small parcel of land is purchased, and Art begins to build this home which will be one third the price of the new ones down the road! As the home is being built, the young man is sent away for a few months on a job to another city. When the young man returns, he is anxious to see his new home. He arranges to meet  up with Art at the new house. From the outside it looks splendid! The young man opens the front door, takes two steps in and "ouch"...his head hits a low beam! "What is this?"  asks the young man....and tilting his head down, he turns to the shorter Art and says.."You have made the ceiling so low, I can't even stand up straight in it!"  Art smiles proudly.."you said you spend most of your time sitting or laying down, so why worry if the ceiling is low...think of the money that you will save on air conditioning and heating! Think of  what you will save in time and money when you have to paint! Think of how much you saved on this house! Besides, not everyone is as tall you, you will be the only one to have tilt your head forward."   It all made good sense to the young man, who was quickly satisfied by what he was saved.

   Across the street from the young man lived a couple with a daughter whom they wished would marry. They were thrilled to learn that a successful young man had moved in across the street. The Mother baked an apple pie and along with her husband went to greet their new neighbor. They knocked on the door. "The door is open, you can come in" came the reply. The couple opened the door to see the young man istanding in the middle of his living room, hunched over.  "Oh dear!" sighed the mother, he's a hunchback!  The Father looking at the low ceiling  whispered back to his wife "yes, but a very clever one, he built his ceiling just the same exact height as he is, not to waist a single dollar in building this house!"

    If we are driven through life by the lower elements of greed and selfishness, even in the cloak of wisdom, we  can look foolish!

   and as they say...its not what you wear on the outside...but what you HAVE on the inside!

    My..You are all looking good out there!       Marc :)



Here Comes The Sun

   Katrina has left a trail of broken branches, flooded streets, and knocked out power lines here in South Florida. The skies are overcast, reflecting the mood as we sweep the debris and calculate the loss.

Only one thing will do to help reverse this....."Hey John, Paul, George Ringo...c'mon  hit it guys!"

Little darling

It's been a long and lonely winter.

Little darling

seems like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun,

Here comes the sun

it's alright..............

The Sun! Nothing to negotiate here! All of it's warmth, energy and light giving rays are ours....for free!  "FREE" I said!

  Just think about it..You don't need to pay for the minutes it shines, you don't nee to cook or clean for it (and it doesn't leave the toilet seat up either!) You need not remember its birthday, or bring it gifts. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy its warmth and life giving energy as it feeds every living cell in creation! What a bargain!

    The Sun, a nourisher, a healer and a sustainer. Nothing is more "harmonic" than this Earth and its Sun!  So come on, let's  all join in!.(Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, it's alright)...............Just don't forget your sunscreen!

Towards the light!     Marc :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Happy Anniversary Eleanor Rigby

It was this week in August of 1966 that the Beatles released "Eleanor Rigby".

   You had to be there, 1966, these four young men had the world on a string (and wrapped around their fingers!). Every song resonated with the joy of romance we longed to have. "I want To Hold Your Hand", "Since I saw Her Standing There", "Do you Want To Know A Secret".

   At their very peak  of their career, they released "Eleanor Rigby", a song depicting the hollowness that lonliness creates. "Ah, look at lonely people, Ah, look at all the lonely people" the song opens. Some chose to ignore the message, and sang along with yet another chart topping tune, others brought the words closer and viewed introspectively.

   What separates us from lonliness?

On the simplest level, knowing that we are being heard. Not just our voices,but that our hopes, our dreams, our prayers and thoughts are falling on someones ears. When these elements that we compose from our soul are met with "nothingness", darkness quickly closes in.There is no force more oppressive than darkness.

"Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been/ lives in a dream / Waits at the window, weraing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door/ Who is it for?"

  Without our own dreams and thoughts acknowledged, we are left to pick up and muse upon the worlds that others live in.... with our own hopes unnoticed, we become invisible to ourselves.

"Father Mckenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear/No one comes near? Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there/ what does he care?

  and the darkness voids our reality.

The Beatles, they brought immeasurable joy into our hearts with their catchy romantic tunes, subtley reminding us, that we too can be great musicians! How? With our acknowledgement!  It is music to  our ears,  and magic to our hearts! It doesn't matter if you can't carry a tune, the recipient will have felt the enormous "lift" of being heard! The lift is even higher when you listen to their heart!

Thank You Eleanor, ....through your lonliness, I have found a greater purpose in myself!

Peace and Blessings to all!      Marc :)


Friday, August 5, 2005

Does Size Matter?

Thank you to the many who left kind comments....and  a thank you to those of you who read my last entry with a grin :)

  While the "treasure hunt" continues for the missing G-spots, an e-mail came my way asking if the size of a "g-spot detector" would influence the discovery!......Well, I hope this entry places that question "Does Size Matter" to rest! ( any amens out there?)

   The answer to the question, "Does Size Matter?" Lies some 50 feet below the Oceans' surface off the coast of Australia.In the warm waters lie the home of the Hermaphrodtie Flatworms. This particular species is blessed with both mechanisms of  a reproduction system! During the mating season, these worms face off in a dance. During this dance, each worm flashes its penis (talk about "dirty dancing"). The worms parry and stab at each other trying to penetrate its opponent, before being penetrated itself!

    The fight is fierce.......the losing  Hermaphrodite Flatworm leaves with the burdon of fertilized eggs and offspring to care for (and a now useless penis!) while the winner, moves to parry and thrust again!

  Lesson learned...I'll take agility and stamina anytime!

Parry On my dear friends!           Marc :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Gods Must be Crazy!

Just a short while ago, there I was online at the supermarket with a bag of frozen peas, 2 containers of yogurt, a French bread and cantelope. While waiting on this "express line" I happen to glance at the magazine rack. Catching the cover of this months Marie Claire, my eyes widen, mouth opens, and my grip on the frozen peas,loosens!  I bend down to quickly retrieve them and get another chance to read the cover again. Yes, I read it correctly...."NEW REPORT ON SEX....TWO MORE G_SPOTS REVEALED!".........."how can that be?" I whisper to myself, I thought I had it all figured out!      As the blood was rushing to my brain..."Hi Marc", I's my neighbor....that 30 something hottie, that parades around in short shorts and a halter top!   (I was grinning and blushing)   "Oh!" she goes on....."seems like I have caught you with your mind ...wandering.....huh?"

    I threw my eyes in the direction of the magazine....." the cover of Marie Claire.....and tell isn't so"......She looked and in an instant caught the headline.....she lifts the magazine up and says...."well, this seems interesting...lets have a look here"....she thumbs through the pages.....the cashier calls my attion..."NEXT IN LINE PLEASE"........I am studying the expressions on Ginas face...for any evidence of truth....."well?" I ask...... "Well......I have know about the areas that they are talking about.....yes...they could be considered g-spots, but"...a loud voice interrupts    "THAT WILL BE 5 DOLLARS AND 49 CENTS PLEASE" prompts the cashier.  I yank my wallet out of my back pocket and hand her several bills.....I turn and stare at Gina as if she is the all knowing supreme being on this topic....."I don't know.....not sure if they are really new spots"...."SIR" called the cashier...."YOUR CHANGE...and HAVE A NICE DAY"

   As I picked up my plastic bags with the items, I muttered beneath my breath.."yeah, you have a nice day..afterall, you don't have to look for those spots"

Just when I thought I had it all figured out... Never knowing about those 2 other places......geez,.3 g-spots???    Yes, it must be true...and the Sex Gods knew it, Men have no sense of direction!

Enjoy your new sense of Empowerment!            Marc :)


Friday, July 22, 2005

John Scalzis Weekend Assignment #69--A New Ice Cream Flavor

Weekend Assignment #69: You've been hired to invent a new ice cream flavor ...what is it?

   Flavor is not only in taste....but in the experience!

This new flavor will only be served in a place where the diners are seated and served. This new flavor will not be sold in supermarkets, or be available in pints. quarts or half gallons.  You cannot eat this alone!

   It will come to your table in a bowl with two spoons...or formed into a milkshake and served in glass with two straws. It can only be shared.

   This  frozen delight will have the subtle delicasy of white chocolate, laced with  dark chocolate ribbons and hidden inbtween a flavor of toasted almond.

   Once served, you will simultaneously share in the experience .....a complete indulgence in a sweet and refreshing world. You will share in each others smiles, and appreciation of the moment. Most likely a flattering compliment will come your way..something about your hair, or your eyes. As your tastebuds dance, a wide smile lightens the room.

   With such a simple intamacy, you will have not only savored a flavor that will last on your lips, but a moment that will last in your heart!

Sprinkles are optional!                       Marc :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Lotus Eaters

A walk beneath a full moon with the warm summer breeze softly brushing my skin......Certainly, one of Natures most powerful aphrodisiacs!

 and so, just one breath of this night and I  am swept back in time...........

 Ah! A young man in N.Y.C.!   One of my favorite places to bring a date was to a place called "The Lotus Eaters". A wonderfully, cozy Chinese restaurant that served the most exotic Oriental fare and drinks!

    On this particular date, I was armed with some empowering knowledge that I planned to use to stimulate our conversation. I researched the history of the Lotus Flower and found that many cultures have used it as a soother of the mind, an aphrodisiac, and as a means of forgetting about inhibitions!  Also, during that time, a Japanese classmate was teaching me many popular expressions of the Orient....I practiced and my tongue became fluent!

   The summer night sported a wonderful full moon.....we entered the restaurant. Having been there several times I requested the table that had the best view of this exoctic place!  A waitress from the bar came and asked if we would be ordering drinks....I suggested to my date that we  order "The Lotus Eaters Special Cocktail"...and after describing the exoctic fruits and liquors that went into it, she agreed.The drinks came, not with the typical straw umbrella, but garnished  with a Lotus Flower!  After a few sips of this beverage that quickly goes right to your toes....I tore off one of the petals of the Lotus Flower and placed it on my tongue. "Marc!" she exclaimed, "are you sure you can eat those?".....I smiled...."Certainly, people have been eating these potent flowers for thousands of years"..and just as I was beginning to unfold the lore of the flower, a young waitress came to our table. In a very broken English she greeted us, and asked if we were ready to order. I had to seize this moment.....and so, I began speaking the Asian language fluently that my friend helped me rehease!  Both the eyes of the waitress and my date WIDENED! I knew my date was impressed, but the waitress....did I say something wrong??

   The waitress put her head if embarrassed....and in broken English she softly said.."I am sorry, I do not speak Japanese, I am from China and this is a chinese restaurant".   My mouth...fell open in shock and disbelief that I could make such a miscalculation!...I sunk back in my chair, blood racing into my cheeks, blunderer! You Fool!.How could you be so stupid!    .............  I looked over at my date....she looked at me, and simultaneously, we burst into laughter! She placed her hand on top of mine, squeezed it....."if only you could see your have the most wonderful puppy dog eyes"........   The rest of the evening continued with sincere laughter and marvelously  interesting converation.....and of course the combination of the full moon and warm summer breeze helped!

   and so I learned the truth about aphrodisiacs that night......there is none greater than just being with the right person!

.In any language!.......................................   Warmth,   Marc :)

Friday, July 15, 2005


  Twice a year it happens!  A major department store announces its "semi-annual Lingerie Sale!"....... On one of these special occaisions, my wife will ask if I want to want to escort her through the dept.  Like the Trojan Soldier who was asked to climb into the Trojan Horse......I get in the car.    (somebody wheel me in there)

  Once in the lingerie dept, she wanders off, seeking bargains of the less evoking styles of under garments, and I left alone wandering...staring, admiring the imaginitive creativeness of the French Designers!

  On one such occaision, I was stopped by a huge magnificant poster which sat on top of a counter of Thong panties. The Model was  so gorgeous in her thong, I began to blush! Not wanting my  "appreciation" to be noticed, I moved around to the other side of the poster and allowed my imagination to mingle with the other items on display!   .... From the other side of that huge poster....two very feminine voices could be heard....."Oh I love these!".........  "You wear THONG panties?" quieried the other female.  Softly replying, "why certainly, I wear them all the time, I never take them off, except to shower and  ummm...."   "But they look so uncomfortable>" Moaned the second woman. "Heavens no! They are the best. Much more comfortable than panties....and this material...feel's so soft..mmmmmm".    I was eavesdropping!...My knees wobbled!   "Oh my" the second woman softly said..."yes, these are so very soft...and sexy too". They both giggled, the way women giggle when they share an evocative secret. The first women continued to speak....."I can't believe this sale.....they are more than fifty percent off...I am going to buy several!".  I was still standing, obscured by the huge poster that separated us. I could hear them "oh and ah" at the colors and little designs woven on the tiny fabric. Then I heard the second woman ask....."Oh wait, I am buying all of these and I didn't even check the size!".....    My curiousity had reached its final limit, I had to make my move around the poster and get a visual on who these two feminine tigers were. I casually stepped around the poster and noticed two "Very Big Bodied" women!  simultaneously, the first woman explained..."oh you don't need to worry about the size fits all!

     as I walked away....I smiled and mused....she is so right....when it comes to feeding our fancy, flirting with desire, indulging in size...does fit all!

Hope this is fitting you all      :)            Marc :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

The Briefcase

An advertisement featuring a stunning Diamond Necklace has provoked me........

    Many years ago I worked for a very prestigious Jewelry Manufacturer. The company was known internationally for its one of a kind rare pieces. One morning the owner called me in his office.  "I just sold the Pear shape diamond necklace" he said with enormous gratification in his voice.  This necklace was a collection of flawless pear shaped diamonds ranging  from 4 cts. in the center, tapering down to 3/4 cts right around to to the back of the neck!  It had taken him over a year of  examining hundreds of parcels of diamonds to make certain that all diamonds matched beyond the vision of the sharpest eye!

    The price back then was close to 1.5 million dollars!  He had called me in his office to tell me that the buyer wanted him to deliver the necklace in person. The buyer lived across the country, in Beverly Hills. My boss confessed that he was nervous about carrying such a valuable piece, in light of the increase in robberies."I have a plan" he confided, "and I will need your help".  He then pointed to two identical briefcases that were on his desk.  "I will place the necklace in one of these briefcases. I will lock  both briefcases, and send the key, next day, to the place we are going. Tomorrow morning, you will take one of the briefcases, take a cab to LaGuardia and catch the 11 AM flight to L.A.."  He then cautioned me about the cab ride. It was suspected that there was a group of drivers who knew the faces of people in the jewelry industry, and the taxi drivers would call ahead to the airport where thieves would be tipped off to make their heist.  He continiued telling me that he would take the other briefcase and take a cab to Kennedy airport and catch a flight to L.A. He gave me the address of the person that was buying this precious necklace.

    The next morning I walked into the vault, and saw the two briefcases. They were identical in everyway. I selected one, and off I went!

   It felt so strange riding down in the elevator, everyone had a briefcase, I am certain some were filled with important documents, and some had nothing more valuable than a tuna sandwich wrapped in foil, but mine..(I felt)...a priceless necklace!

   I hailed a taxi, and with a certain authority, commanded, "La Guardia airport". Usually, while riding a taxi in N.Y.C., I would take in the sights, people watch...observe the fashions, the movement. Not this ride. My eyes and ears glued to the taxi driver. Making certain that he made no suspicious calls or signals. I looked behind us, were we being followed?

    Once at the airport, I bolted straight for my gate. I passed by a newspaper stand, "I always buy a newspaper at the airport"...well, not this flight!   I passed by a coffee stand.."gee, I would love a cup of of java".....nope, can't stop...and no way will I put this briefcase down to sip some coffee.

   While on the plane, I kept to myself. I avoided any casual conversation offered by my flying neighbors. The briefcase stayed in my lap, I did not even get up to go to the restroom!

   The plane landed in L.A.  despite my thirst, and my urge to go to the bathroom, I went straight to the taxi line and once again commanded the driver to take me to the address in Beverly Hills.

   My boss and I pulled up to the house of the buyer almost simultaneously.  We walked through this spacious "castle" and settled down in the buyers study. My boss had already told the buyer about his plan of using two couriers, to reduce the chances of having a loss.  We chatted for a few moments, and then the buyer opened the envelope that he had just received which had the key in it. I placed my briefcase on his desk. "" the latches went up and a knot formed in my throat. He opened the case, it was empty!  I sank deep into the soft cushioned chair, like a man who had lost all purpose.  "" the latches went up on the other briefcase, and inside was the velvet box that contained the necklace.

   I remained quiet and subdued. We made the sale, the purchaser was exuberant. The purchasers' limo took us back to the airport, where we borded the same flight back to N.Y.   My boss noticed my quiet behavior.  "Marc, are you upset about the fact that you carried an empty briefcase out to L.A.?"   I confessed that yes, some of the excitement had been exhausted upon learning that I merely carried a 25 dollar briefcase across the country. I told him how I had observed the taxi driver, put off my desire to buy a newspaper, a cup of coffee, and supressed the urge to chat and even go to the bathroom!  He smiled, placed his large hand over mine and said .."good! You were observant! You were careful! You were concerned! You were sincere! That is what I pay you for! That is what makes your day worthwhile not only to me...but to you as well! Life is not about doing what we want all the time". At the time his statement seemed a bit stern, filled with expectation of  how I was supposed to behave in order to suceed.

  Many years later, after musing many times about this day a deeper lesson seeps in. Each day we live, is like carrying a briefcase. We have no way of knowing how that day will be filled...until the end of it, when it is opened. Should we stop and attend to each little thing that charms us, satisfies only us...then chances are..we are carrying an empty briefcase! If we live our moments with a deep appreciation, a certain sincerity, a display of integrity and sense of caring, then the day will be very worthwhile.....the  day ("briefcase")  will contain something very precious!

Hoping you all carry a full briefaces tomorrow!

as for me....hey! I gotta pee!                   Marc :)


Sunday, June 26, 2005


Weekend Assignment #65...Summer song dedication......I dedicate this to all the young men  who on a summer nights such as these take steps from innocence to adolesence...................................

   When I was 15, the borders or moarality were certainly narrower than they are today. A James Bond Movie was  consudered to be bordering  "soft porn" . T.V. was all about sit coms, and detectives.....issues of sex and  homosexuality, were never raised. Condoms could only be purchased from the pharmacist, and femine products ....not advertised! 

   Despite sexuality not being in full view in the media, the imagination of young men always had a large screen TV playing in the screens of their minds!

   It was on a summer afternoon, my friend Ron and I were walking through a park, harmonizing our favorite song, and smiling at the lovely young girls as they passed by. "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, great tune, mysterious lyrics, a great attention getter when sung with its throbbing gusto.

"Matty told Hatty, about this thing she saw" we were singing, when suddenly the sight of something stopped us in our tracks.

"Is it what I think it is?" I asked

"yes" smiled Ron..."it sure is"

"I can't believe it!" I said in complete astonishment. "I mean, I can't believe something like that would happen here".

"Well Marc, you had better believe it...and believe me, they had one fine time!"

"Man", I sighed, "I wonder when I am going to be so lucky"

"One day" Ron said, "One day we all be this lucky!"

We both mused at the lifeless condom laying on the ground, which had indicated a finer moment had taken place where we were standing. I looked up.."Hey Ron, look whose coming...The Moss twins!......  They don't have much of a chest, but they are cute"....."Ok...On three....Uno, Dos, tres.....Matty told Hatty, that's the thing to do, get you someone really, to pull the wool with you....wooly bully, wooly bully......"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Birds chirp from trees.....dogs bark in the night.....whales emit a lonesome cry....."You Talking to Me?"

    There is no denying that each and every species was granted both the need and ability to communicate with each other. Each species has inherited a very special and unique language to enable some form of communicating.

   Look at Man......from drawing stck figures on cave walls 10,000 years instant messaging on the interenet!  Communication!  Its very need has propelled mans sense of invention.

   Despite being able to refine our methods of communicating, despite our technological wizardry...we still have problems understanding each other! We shout and argue , talk till we are "blue in the face" and yet, we feel we are being misunderstood! Are we that poor in communicating?

   How unfortunate, all this precise technology at our fingertips...but who among us has mastered the art of managing the words. Our words are formed at the speed of light, they pass through our heart which contains  a sea of emotions....fear, greed, jealousy, anger.....and in a milisecond the words shoot out of our mouths......and like feathers in  the wind...impossible to gather back in.  Are we in such a rush to speak....or perhaps,  are  we just a bit emotional?

   I have found a language that is understood and accepted by people who don't even speak the same languge as me. When words are coated with kindness and understanding...the message is always understood!

  To all who read....remember, a  :)  is always the best way to begin a conversation. When I see yours....I'll know you have understood this message.

 smiles...sweet and warm........Marc :)

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Price Of Free Speech

The Central Intelligence Agency has a spy in Afghanastan and needs to get a message to him. They call in another spy and instruct him to go to Afghanastan. They tell the spy that the man he needs to meet up with is named "Abduhl". He lives on the fourth floor of an apt. building.  They encrypt the message on a piece of paper and instruct the spy to mention a secret password before handing over the message. The password...."Birds song fills the sky".

   The spy flies into Afghanstan, and finds the building. He checks the names on the mailboxes, and to his surprise...on the fourth floor....are two "Abduhls"!

The spy decides to try the "Abduhl" whose apt. is closer to the stairway. A man opens the door...The spy whispers.....
"Birds song fills the sky"......The man looks puzzled, then his eyebrows raise with understanding...and he says....."Oh! You must want Abduhl the American spy....he lives at the end of this hall!"

---------------------------------------------------------------------    This morning's news the announcer boasted...."Sources inside State Dept say they know the whereabouts of Bin Laden, but are not sure how they are going to capture him"

      When more than two people are aware of a secret...its no longer a secret!  I would prefer being kept in the dark a little longer...and have all this "knowledge" revealed at the time of his capture!    I am unsettled with this feeling that Justice must wait, till free speech has all of its say.

Peace these uncertain times....Marc

Saturday, June 18, 2005


                               SESAME STREET LIVE!

                               (HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?)

    When my first son Adam was born, my major concern was if I was doing enough for him. As his first months of life rolled along, my list of questions lengthened. "Am I spending enough time with him? Am I feeding him enough? Is he happy enough?" As he grew, the questions continued, "am I reading enough to him? Am I teaching him enough?" The questioning voice within never silenced.

    The year was 1982, Adam was two, and Sesame Street was the hottest show going! The characters faces were plastered everywhere. They were on cereal and cookie boxes. They appeared on clothes, bedding, wallpaper, and dishes. Sesame Street was on every street in America!

    News that a "Live" Sesame Street show would be coming to town quickly spread. The only tickets available were for a Saturday morning in October. October was the height of my busy season, I just could not see myself taking off for this event. I purchased two tickets for the show, one for my wife and the other for my son. My wife was pregnant at the time and was having a very difficult pregnancy. As the day of the show approached, it became apparent that I would be taking my son to the show.  With a certain sense of guilt I called in my absense, and resolved that I would make this day as best as possible.  I can still recall the excitement in the voice of my two year old son as I strapped him in the car seat. The entire ride to the theater he chirpped, "Bert!, Ernie!, Cookie Monster! Big Bird! The Count!". He advised me that he knew these "people" very well!

    We made it to our seats. He was so lost sitting in the auditorium seat. I lifted him up and perched him on my knee, which gave him a great view of the stage, and it gave me, a great view of him! Oh how I enjoyed watching the show through him! His eyes so wide, his joyous smile, his innocent laughter! His tiny nose fixed in the direction of the stage!

    Ninety minutes into the show, all the characters came out on the stage. He had no idea that this was the grand finale. The curtain came down, and the stage was now a scene of silence. No more song, no more laughter, just silence. My son called out for his friends, "Bert!......Ernie!.....Cookie Monster......come back!"  As I got up from my seat, he clung on to me, trembling he asked, "where is the Count?. A soft stream of tears began rolling down his precious cheeks. My heart ached, for there was nothing in my power that could make those characters appear on the stage again. I could feel the footsteps of panic walking through my heart. "They're at home" I blurted out. "All of your friends are waiting for you at home" I told him. He quickly quieted down, he believed me.."O.K. lets go home" he chimed.

    When we got to the house, I ushered him to his room and told him that he would have to wait for the characters to get ready. I ran into the garage and fashioned a large box into a stage. I removed all his Sesame Street Puppets and toys from his toy chest, and I loaded the turntable with Sesame Street records. I called for my son to come into the family room, where I put on my own Sesame Street production just for him! It was worth it, just to see him smile and laugh once again!

    And so it was on that day that I learned one of lifes most valuable lessons, and I was able to stop asking myself that question "am I doing enough?"...because I learned a parents love will have them go to any extreme for their child...when it comes to love...there is no such thing as "enough".


Friday, June 10, 2005

A Salute to Walt Disney

Someone mention "amusement parks"?   My mental playback mode is not big enough to retrieve the many wonderful moments spent inside one!  So, I will just leave this photo  here....for this is where it all began! (Photo taken at Disneyland first adventure there!)

     I am in awe  of you Mr. Disney. Your creative genious has created more joy in the hearts of people than any other known man made entity!  The sights, the smells, the themes of adventure, hope, friendship, and excitement all woven into a days experience....who could forget a visit to your wonderful place!


So, there I was....age 5, mortgage to worry about, no credit card debt, never been love sick, just....a little scared about being alone in the dark.......Funny, No matter what part of life you are in....when you visit feel just like that kid!

      Its a small world afterall...............its a small, small world!     Peace & Joy!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Waiting For The Miracle

By definition, a miracle may be defined by the frequency of its appearence.  In other words, something that can happen frequently during a lifetime, no matter how defiant it is to the law of averages, cannot be classified a miracle.

 Therefore:    Finding a soulmate? Not a miracle..............  Winning the lottery? Not a miracle.  .............A person being reunited with a next of kin after 40 years of separation? Not a miracle.

A miracle has very high and strict standards....its a "once in an eternity" type occurance.   

     So, the next time you look in the mirror...STOP!!....and look closer. While you may have a look alike walking around on this planet...there can be no one...exactly like you!  You are the first and last of your kind! Each of you, is a miracle in the scope of eternity!  Look for that certain element that makes you unique in this galaxy of time....and let it sparkle!

I am well aware that since the dawn of man, we have not been able to live in peace (with one stroke, Cain wiped out 1/4 of the worlds' population!).     and so I pray ...and wait,,,for the ultimate miracle.......Peace!

Wishing each of you some measure of this night!    Marc :)

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Nightmare Hair

My mind is provoked by this weeks topic of "Nightmare Hair".   Just the mention of that word brings me back to a night...where dreams can come true!............


    The Sixties!  I know, you have read about them and seen the TV shows and movies replay them........often overlooked in these epics.....the role that "Hair" played!   

    It started with the Beatles....but soon the standard head groom began changing. Longer sideburns, mustaches, beards blossoming....and then....FRIZZ..... There was Dylan, Sly (from Sly and The family Stone)...and then ...Jimi Hendrix (wow).

For the parents in the sixties....each day they would see their kids making a statement with their somecases...yes, a nightmare!

           It was on Thanksgiving of 1968 that Jimi Hendrix was performing in a concert at Lincoln Center. (Imagine...Thanksgiving with Jimi and not the family).My mother understood....and so, off I went with my freind and my sister, to this "happening" as we called it.

   Jimi was in his prime that night, performing flawlessly, spellbinding the sellout crowd. We left the concert in a "purple haze".        We exited the center, and got into the car and pulled into the frozen traffic.

   We were making our way down a street when a limo emerged from an underground parking lot and pulled in front of us. As I stared into the rear window and pondered who the party of wealth might be.... a politican, an actor, or maybe, a rock star....a beam of light entered the limo...and revealed that the person sitting in the back seat had a huge Afro!   "IT'S JIMI" I screamed at the top of my lungs..."JIMI HENDRIX IS IN THE LIMO IN FRONT OF US"!!!!.......I ordered my friend to stay on the cars bumper....."we're gonna follow him til he gets out" I exclaimed. 

and so the great car chase began...... The limo zipped through the heavy N.Y.C. traffic....even running red lights.....we stayed right with it...the thought of meeting my idol ruled out any fear from this  car scene chase!

After a mile the limo pulled over to the side....I could see it was stopping at the Statler Hilton Hotel...I instructed my friend to pull in front of the limo.....I jumped out of the car with the program guide and a pencil in my hand, my heart in my throat........Jimi had exited the limo and was entering the turnstyle doors............I caught up with him......and grabbed hold of the door handle.....freezing him in the middle!   He turned..  He saw me, smiled and winked. I let loose of the door and he stepped into the lobby, me right behind.  As he turned, I had to duck out of the way of his huge head of hair, teased far out enough to cover three heads! I handed him the program guide to sign...he asked me "Did you like the show?"   I moved my heart from my throat to answer back  "I loved were fabulous are the best"......smoothly..ever so smoothly he replied..."good..I am glad you liked it.....Peace brother"...and he vanished in the lobby's crowd....distinguished by that large Afro that moved above the crowd as a sharks fin looms above the water. the sixties, an extension of  ourpersonality....we used it to make a statement about who we were.   It was our "I.D". Card.......   

   So many years have passed since that night...I confess to re living each moment of it many times over!  And now I One nightmare hair-do......made a young boys dream come true!

just wish..I still had my head with all its hair!

Peace ya all!   M :)