Friday, October 7, 2005

The Babys Room

 Twenty Four years and two months......and the time came last week to bid  a fond farewell to our home. I walked down the halls of a completely vacant home and it felt so strange to be saying "goodbye".  I stopped in each room to muse upon a memory, smiling to myself, "if these walls could talk!"  My last stop was in, what I have called, the babys room. Now a baby has not been in this room for a long, long time, but this is where each of my 3 sons spent their first years, as they were born into this house. In this room, were some very tender moments, and  this is where I embraced one lifes most powerful I close the door..allow me to share............    The Babys Room........

    Being the father of 3 boys, I can still recall their infant cries in the middle of night. Half awake, I would stumble down the hall and retrieve them from their crib.

    By the time my third son came along, I had the 3 A.M. drill down to a routine. Then, on one such night, I awoke, but there was no cry coming from his room. "Any moment now" I murmered to myself. Minutes passed, still no cry. "Is he alright?" I asked anxiety began to pour in. I waited a few minutes more, til my nervous imagination got the better part of me, and I moved quickly down the hall to his room.

    With my heartbeat racing, I aproached the crib, leaned over and observed.  I gently lifted him up and held his tiny face to my mouth..there they were..the tinest but sweetest breaths one could possibly imagine! As I held my precious son to my chest, I could not help but wonder about our Creator. Why doesn't he come to our cries in the middle of the night? What could possibly be preventing him from wanting to pick us up and hold us close? How could he resist such a pleasure in comforting us?

    I cannot speak for our Creator, but on that night I did realize that he has selected a wonderful nursemaid to attend to us. This nursemaid is is at our sides at all times, and never fails to pick us up during our darkest moments. The nursemaid that our Creator has selected is called HOPE.

   As my boys grew, I observed them carefully. Whether catching butterflies, baseballs or a fish. Whether they were blowing out candles on a birthday cake,loving their pets, or studying for a test, I have seen their nursemaid,HOPE, standing in their shadows, bringing their dreams a little closer to them!

    Now I know, when I step outside at night, and gaze into the night sky, musing upon the stars and moon, their beauty and precision.....that little spark of eternal energy that runs through my nerves, is merely a confirmation that my nuresemaid, HOPE is standing nearby!

  Peace and Blessings.....Marc :)



joolsinwa said...


gdireneoe said...

Oh Marc, I love this.  What a lucky woman your wife is. ;)  C.

mariebm56 said...

Beautifully written....

randlprysock said...

Oh wow, Marc, you write so beautifully!  I am enthralled with this entry because I'm a parent and I look at the children God has given me too with the same wonder about their hope.  I must remember to keep that hope.  Sometimes I have been thru dark days and it fails me a bit.  But pray for me I keep it and God gives me strength to grasp it and feel it and not give up ever.  He has done that so far, but there are still some hard days.  

sdoscher458 said...

It is hard to say goodbye to a place where your happy memories took place. I still return, in my mind's eye, to my Grandmothers house where I was so happy. Goodluck with what you are doing...Sandi

bedazzzled1 said...

Could this have possibly been any more beautiful and touching? I do not think so. ::sigh:: God does a fine job of bringing just the right things to our attention when most needed. No doubt HOPE enjoys standing close to you. (And did you know that according to Greek mythology, the very last thing to leave Pandora's box was HOPE?)

lifeseensideways said...

Beautiful entry Marc. Good luck in your new home.

eml625 said...

What a great entry. I love how you write. Good luck with this new chapter of your life.


alphawoman1 said...

This is beautiful. Leaving a home behind is a tough thing. The memories are never left behind.

jouell3935 said...

I began with the lump in the throat at the first paragraph...It is hard leaving a place yet we realize the memories are not within these walls, yet within us...Hope a lovely nursemaid, one I owe a lot gratitude. Beautiful Marc...absolutely!

Happy New Home warming!!!!!

vagabondevermore said...

What a lovely post.  Reminded me of some times with my "baby".  She is only 12, I continue to look at her with great awe.  I am amazed God gave me such a beautiful creature to care for.  

You will create new memories in your new house.  Bless you!


libragem007 said...

"...but on that night I did realize that he has selected a wonderful nursemaid to attend to us. This nursemaid is is at our sides at all times, and never fails to pick us up during our darkest moments. The nursemaid that our Creator has selected is called HOPE..."

Oh Marc....I'm speechless! And enlightened.
Thank you!
Gem :-)

sierrajazz said...

This was very beautiful... HOPE... That is something we must keep active in our lives.  Without it we just exist.  Your memories are so precious and vivid. Continue to enjoy them, and share them.  

gdireneoe said...

I also neglected to say that this is my favourite word ever. ;)  C.

ajsproudparents said...

I did love this. I love your way of writting. Can surly make you feel as if you were there.
Babies grow up fast, but will always be our little bundles of joy!!
Take care