Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Happy Anniversary Eleanor Rigby

It was this week in August of 1966 that the Beatles released "Eleanor Rigby".

   You had to be there, 1966, these four young men had the world on a string (and wrapped around their fingers!). Every song resonated with the joy of romance we longed to have. "I want To Hold Your Hand", "Since I saw Her Standing There", "Do you Want To Know A Secret".

   At their very peak  of their career, they released "Eleanor Rigby", a song depicting the hollowness that lonliness creates. "Ah, look at lonely people, Ah, look at all the lonely people" the song opens. Some chose to ignore the message, and sang along with yet another chart topping tune, others brought the words closer and viewed introspectively.

   What separates us from lonliness?

On the simplest level, knowing that we are being heard. Not just our voices,but that our hopes, our dreams, our prayers and thoughts are falling on someones ears. When these elements that we compose from our soul are met with "nothingness", darkness quickly closes in.There is no force more oppressive than darkness.

"Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been/ lives in a dream / Waits at the window, weraing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door/ Who is it for?"

  Without our own dreams and thoughts acknowledged, we are left to pick up and muse upon the worlds that others live in.... with our own hopes unnoticed, we become invisible to ourselves.

"Father Mckenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear/No one comes near? Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there/ what does he care?

  and the darkness voids our reality.

The Beatles, they brought immeasurable joy into our hearts with their catchy romantic tunes, subtley reminding us, that we too can be great musicians! How? With our acknowledgement!  It is music to  our ears,  and magic to our hearts! It doesn't matter if you can't carry a tune, the recipient will have felt the enormous "lift" of being heard! The lift is even higher when you listen to their heart!

Thank You Eleanor, ....through your lonliness, I have found a greater purpose in myself!

Peace and Blessings to all!      Marc :)



pixiedustnme said...

ummmm, some of us weren't even born yet old man - rofl ;-)

jouell3935 said...

I was only one at the time....but I still love thaat song!!!!!!!!!

robinngabster said...

I have walked the halls of my own darkness and I can say...it is not pretty.  Great entry as usual Marc...  and just in case you didn't know it is friends like you that keep the sun shinning in my life. xo  Robin

sdoscher458 said...

I always loved this song...but I did listen to the lyrics..to me all song is poetry with a deeper meaning...I used to love Cat Stevens too, so many of the songs back then carried messages to the heart....Sandi  http://journals.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises

swibirun said...

All the lonely people....

I love the Beatles even though I haven't really listened to them in years.  

What separates us from loneliness?  I think psychological visibility.  Knowing that someone "gets us".

I get what you are saying.


readmereadyou said...

Their lyrics were usually  very good. And, later John Lennon, on his own, I really enjoyed. But, Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorites.

eml625 said...

Cant say I remember the release. I was a little toddler....but The Beatles are awesome. They paved the way for many others.   : )

tschamberland said...

Growing up with a Beatles fanatic, then marrying one, I have long had an appreciation for their timeless music.  I had always known there was a sadness of sorts to that song but never truly looked at it.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it and giving me something to think about the next time I hear it!

delela1 said...

Yep, Eleanor Rigby was a far departure from the love songs and each time I heard it, it always made me think.  It may well have been what led me down the path of writing poetry...

Here's knowing you are not invisible, my friend.  And for all the lift your words bring to ordinary days...

Great entry.  Funny how music moves us in so many ways.


sierrajazz said...

Songs, poetry, these journals.. filled with lonliness.. lots of lonely people out there. Sad to think about, sad to experience.  So many times we don't pay attention to the words to a song.. I always wonder about the author of the words... I wonder if they write from personal experience, or is it the experience of someone they know, or a great imagination?  The Beatles had some great great songs thoughout all their years... they bring back great memories.

jtuwliens said...

"There is no force more oppressive than darkness."  Truer words have never been spoken, Marc!  I have always regarded and appreciated the Beatles' lyrics as being timeless, purposeful, and resonates a familiarity worthy of introspection.  Much light can be gleaned from it.

wwahinebikini said...

Thanks Marc, so many of my clients live an Eleanor Rigby lifestyle, it's so sad.   As usual, thanks for the inspiration. Peggy

alphawoman1 said...

Loved all the Beatle stuff. This particular song is so sad, even as a kid I thought it hauntingly moving.

st0rmwhispers said...

I love the Beatles....I also feel that much of their writing has been grossly underestimated for it's intrinsic value as poetry.  

dcmeyer420 said...

Ahhh, the sixties when musicians are poets. Beatles, Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel to name a few. It's nice to listen to music that provokes one's thought and emotion... And thanks for a satisfying read...

stormypassionzz said...

Been reading your journal for a bit now...was so intriqued I HAD to read it ALL!  (My fav HAS to be about the Puzzle)  Thanks for all your inspirations.  I'm a Beatle fan from way back too, tho I never fainted over them.  Ha!  Have to say my fav is "Hard Days Night" and too, "Long And Winding Road".....oops then again..."In My Life"...I could go on and on.  OK OK, I admit...I pimped you in another journal I found your words so refreshing.  Why can't we all find that inner being and be able to express ourselves like you do?  I guess we never stop learning do we...even at our age!  LOL  You are a delight!

alwayswondering1 said...

I would be lost without music. I listen to it darn near constantly. Almost all genres. The lyrics are poetry, the beat moves my body, and my mood is reflected in the songs I choose. And now you have informed me I am a great musician! Yay!

libragem007 said...

Hi Marc!
I just wanted to stop by and say Hello! ;-)
and oh wow!! what an entry..I mean wow! I love what you tried to express to all of us. It is soo true.
I love this part:
"we too can be great musicians! How? With our acknowledgement!  It is music to  our ears,  and magic to our hearts! It doesn't matter if you can't carry a tune, the recipient will have felt the enormous "lift" of being heard! The lift is even higher when you listen to their heart!.."

YES! :-D
Thank you for sharing your gift of empathy.
Gem :-)


randlprysock said...

THank you for explaining this song to me a little more.  I hadn't paid attention to the words closely enough.  I love the Beatles though.  I always remember my mom getting happy and singing along to the radio when they came on and talking about their songs and performances from when she was a kid and they first hit the states.  They were my mom's era more than mine but we all love 'em!  Hugs,

auburndawn said...

Lovely journal :)  I am glad I got a peek!  Congrats on being in the Guest Editors picks!

gdireneoe said...

I MISSED THIS?!  This was when  my alerts went out the first time.  Wish I hadn't missed it...I SOOO needed this then.  Thanks for "hearing me" ;)  Guest editor too?  Belated congrats hon'.  Harems...  Editorship...you da man! ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

iiimagicxx said...

Marc this entry is so well thought through... beautifully depicted and I do not know the song, or I think I don't. I will buy myself a CD of the Beattles for Xmas and will listen with your words in mind. "knowing that we are not heard" does it for me as to reflect where unwanted loneliness stands. You're a poet and I enjoye your entries.
Have a good day,