Thursday, August 31, 2006

Confessions Of A Window Shopper

It's a favorite American pastime, window shopping! We are addicted to the sensations at the mere sight of luxurious items displayed in windows, showcases and show rooms!

"Oh honey, look at the diamond necklace!"  "That Mink Coat looks heavenly!" "Oh my, I can see myself in that Ferrari"

How unfortunate that the mink that surrendered its life to make that coat never got to hear all the "ohhs & ahhs". How unfortunate that the jeweler who spent a week of his life laboring on that necklace will never see the smiles his workmanship yields. How sad, that a mother of four, who sleeps on a grass mat, will never know the ectasy that is felt when someone sits in the leather seat she hand stitched that went into that Ferrari.

The more adavanced we become with technology and our global industrialization, the more distant are the "ohs&ahs". However, I am reminded of my fondest "window shopping" adventure, and that is, walking outside and watching nature. Chilren playing, a dog, a sunrise, a sunset, a smile, flowers..........each  vision so fine and exquisite in its construction......all made by one hand. I trust, the "ohs& ahs" I emit in the form of a thankful prayer, are heard and happily received by its maker!

"oh & ah" often.....He loves hearing from you!

Peace~~~Marc :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

JAVIER & JUANITA (The Sands of Cabo san Lucas)

                  Javier & Juanita  ( The Sands of Cabo San Lucas)


Tonight the moon is full. As I look out the window, I notice one of my jars of sand, labeled Cabo San Lucas. I collect sand from beaches everywhere. Many of the small samples are from beaches that friends have visited and have sent to me. The one from Cabo San Lucas was from a  woman I had some business dealings with. She went to Cabo San Lucas for some relaxation and with the hope that she would find romance in the great resort area.


    I had received the jar of sand with a note from her. Her note was brief, “got lots of rest, no romance…and you, you get your sand! Enjoy!”


    While I was touched by her remembering to collect and send me the sand, I was sorry that her ultimate wish was not fulfilled. I needed to thank her and remind her that the “search” should have as much excitement as the discovery. and that an unfilled desire should only be the fuel to continuing hoping!   This was my note to her.


Dear Nina,

    Your precious gift of sand has certainly made my day, but the news of your returning “empty hearted” has provoked me……


                                        Javier & Juanita


    Javier was a young man that lived on a small farm near Cabo San Lucas. One year his crop was so bad that he could not pay the mortgage  he had on the farm. The bank served him with a notice that he would be evicted. On the night before his eviction, he and his loving wife, Juanita, went to the beach at Cabo San Lucas. Beneath the full moon and a night filled with stars they fell into the sand and made passionate love. During those enflamed moments, Juanita clutched a handful of sand and squeezed it from her ecstasy. In that small handful of sand was an oyster and the folklore has it, that the heat from Juanita had caused the oyster to expel a huge beautiful pearl!


    The next morning they took this beautiful huge pearl into town and found it to be worth more money than they needed to save their farm! They were rich! Word of this quickly spread. Fisherman came by day and cast their nets along the shore hoping to catch an oyster! Lovers came at night and recreated the passionate lovemaking scene they had heard about, hoping the same great reward would come as a result of their passion!


    Javier seeing this crowd come, day and night, set up a small refreshment bar. People from all over flocked to his bar to hear him recall that night which had changed his fate!


    And you thought the beach at Cabo San Lucas was only good for sunbathing! Well, thank you for your gift of sand…..and in the event you are wondering, there was no oyster in that bag you sent. As they say at Javier’s Bar, “Aw shucks!”


Warmest regards, Marc


  As I lift this small jar, the tiny grains of sand sparkle in the moonlight night, just like our hopes. And I muse, as long as we have hope, we all sparkle!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


…In 1970 I purchased my first car. A 1960 Rambler, also known as the “box”. For those of you who have never seen this particular model, I suggest looking up this piece of folk automobile history.


    The first upgrade this faded grey auto got was an 8 track player. Nothing could be more sublime than driving down the streets of New York City with Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Richie Havens blasting out the open windows, wailing their songs of peace and anti war sentiments.


    Yes, in 1970, it was all about making a statement! I soon felt that the music was not enough; after all, everyone that drove had an eight track stereo and was blasting music. On a beautiful fall weekend, I collaborated with an art student and together we attempted to paint a huge smile on the trunk of the car. Bright red lips, stretching from the left rear light to the right light! The bright red lips were “my statement”. Many things come from lips, words of love…a sweet smile, or a tender kiss!


    We spent a few moments admiring our work when I noticed how terribly faded the front of the car was.  On the sides of the front headlights we wrote in an Old English font “CHE” (Latin for “short and chubby”). Satisfied with our artwork we decided to give CHE a test ride.


     Down the street we drove. Some of the cars tooted us and people were blowing kisses at my female companion, others raising their fists and chanting, “Viva Che Gueverra”. Che Gueverra? I asked, who is Che Guevara? “Oops” she smiled, I think Che Guevara helped Castro with the overthrow of the Cuban regime. “Groovy”! I exclaimed, as I turned up the stereo and allowed  Bob Dylan’s “rainy day woman” to come pouring out the windows.  I was thrilled! In a time when people wanted to be heard, to have their feelings made visible….I was doing it!  In the following days I drove that car and enjoyed the attention it brought…..till one day my sister needed to use the car! (She helped me finance the purchase). "Do you know who Che Guevarra is?" I used as my defense as she threatened to call her loan in.  Screaming back me with her high pitched voice of anger,"I don't care who he is, but I'm sure every guy in Brooklyn that has pulled up next to me while I am stopped at a traffic light and blows kisses at me, doesn't give a sh*t about Che Guevarra!"


    The road of life……drive that car as far as you can!