Saturday, August 27, 2005

Here Comes The Sun

   Katrina has left a trail of broken branches, flooded streets, and knocked out power lines here in South Florida. The skies are overcast, reflecting the mood as we sweep the debris and calculate the loss.

Only one thing will do to help reverse this....."Hey John, Paul, George Ringo...c'mon  hit it guys!"

Little darling

It's been a long and lonely winter.

Little darling

seems like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun,

Here comes the sun

it's alright..............

The Sun! Nothing to negotiate here! All of it's warmth, energy and light giving rays are ours....for free!  "FREE" I said!

  Just think about it..You don't need to pay for the minutes it shines, you don't nee to cook or clean for it (and it doesn't leave the toilet seat up either!) You need not remember its birthday, or bring it gifts. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy its warmth and life giving energy as it feeds every living cell in creation! What a bargain!

    The Sun, a nourisher, a healer and a sustainer. Nothing is more "harmonic" than this Earth and its Sun!  So come on, let's  all join in!.(Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, it's alright)...............Just don't forget your sunscreen!

Towards the light!     Marc :)


pixiedustnme said...

sunscreen? in Michigan?  well i only need that like once a year and by the time i need it again it expires :-)

sdoscher458 said...

Hope you came through ok, I'm in St, Pete..we live on edge every hurricane season..never knowing when or where they will strike. I agree with you about the sun...Sandi

libragem007 said...

I'm glad you're ok where you are. And because you look for the sunshine, you are able to see silver lining behind the cloud. You pulled a positive thought despite what Katrina have done. :-)
I really don't like summer time but after reading this, you gave me good reasons why I should appreciate the Sun...
Thank you! :-)
Gem :-)

gdireneoe said...

Glad to hear you are safe.  My inlaws live in Tampa.  It's always scary for us when you guys are going into this situation.  I  admire your view on this Marc...beaming rays to you hon...beaming rays. ;)  C.

dcmeyer420 said...

We are still waiting for it to hit us here on the Florida Panhandle. I can commiserate with you. Ivan and Dennis left us with mountain of debris too. I am glad you are alright and optimistic despite the damages...

randlprysock said...

We seem to be out of the way this time... we got hit with all three last time... I pray for those in its path and hope you are safe.  Hugs,

swibirun said...

Eek!  Don't go towards the light, Kerry Ann!  LOL

Glad you made it through ok.  Let's hope Louisiana and Mississippi come out OK.


eml625 said...

glad you made it though ok. Dont forget you Ray bans....  : )

globetrotter2u said...

What a difference a day makes! Don't even think I'll wear my Raybans today. Sunshine does heal the soul even better than chicken soup with rice. I'm very frightened for the people in New Orleans though. I sure hope by some miracle that Katrina's not the catastophe that it's predicted to be when it makes landfall.
Glad you're smiling today!

tschamberland said...

Ah, The BEATLES....and the sun is always a welcomed sight after such devastation.


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