Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Worlds Greatest Roller Coaster

  While sitting quietly and being entertained with a fine glass of wine, I could not help but overhear a conversation two women were having at a New years Eve gathering. "How did you make out with your New Years resoloutions from last year?" asked the first woman. "Surprizingly, I did pretty good" came the cheery reply. Continuing she went on to explain,"last year I made a resoloution to pay off my Visa credit card. I took a part time job on the weekends, and every dollar I made went to pay that debt off. In October, I made my last payment and then cut the card up!, I am so proud of myself!"   The other woman complimented her resolve and in the same breath said, "Don't tell me, but are those Jimmy Choo shoes you have on?" The second woman giggled, "I can't believe you noticed, they set me back 300 bucks but they are worth every penny! When I cut up my Visa card, I took out a mastercard with no interest for the first six months!"

 I sipped my wine, and was compelled to muse. Our two favorite pastimes, making resoloutions on New Years Eve, and Roller Coasters!  No wonder, the two have so much in common!  When making a resoloution we strap ourselves into a seat that will point us into the face of tempatation and in the same instant, take us away.As we have our withdrawals from our habits, we are not sure if our cries are from pain or joy!

Naturally, I had to recall my flashback of the resoloutions that I made a year ago, and how I fared. I remember making the resoloution that I would completely refine my diet. I embraced a whole new pantry of wholesome foods. I learned to love  shakes  that looked like seaweed ..I have consumed berries, mushrooms, and teas from lands I never knew existed. The buyer at Whole Foods Market calls me for advice! While I have imbibed all this wonderful life extending food, I still managed to gain 10 pounds in the past year!. I am not concerned, the weight gain is all antioxidants!

My other resoloution was designed to increase my overall productivity. This is hard for a man who dreams. I made the resoloution not to spend so much time thinking about the way things once were. I succeeded, by unfortunately, I found myself thinking more about the way things are. In doing so, I took an uncomfortable notice.The present is a place of highs and lows, the present is a path that runs straight, then banks left, right and left again! One moment there is calm, the next is filled with anxiety, fear , or with love and joy. When you are in the present nothing stays the same for too long!  This is why keeping resoloutions is so very difficult. The tracks of time we are fastened to have so many twists and turns,ups and deep drops dowward, its amazing that we can even stay on the path!

So as I embark this ride into the next year, I resolve to enjoy the  feel of the wind against against my face, to maintain my balance with  faith that after  each sharp twist and turn, I will still be safely seated. My heart will beat wildly with joy and fear,and my exuberance will be from knowing that both joy and fear bring me closer to a higher power.

When the ride comes to its end next year, I will be allowed to look back at the way things were and will only conclude "what a wonderful ride".

I wish each and every one you a Happy, joyous and breathtaking ride through next year. More importantly...we are ridng this fasten your seatbelts....the ride begins!

Peace and many blessings to you all.....Marc :)