Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Tune Of Childrens Toys

While searching through an overstuffed closet, down from somewhere, a small toy bunny came tumbling down. I picked it up and quickly recognized it, as it was one of the first toys I had brought home for my newborn son many (many!) years ago.

   I examined the fluffy character and gave the key in its back a twist. The delicate jingle jangle eminated from the animal once again, bringing alive memories of time so long ago!These tunes are  so deeply woven in my heart.

    I focused on the tune that was playing......this was the tune that would fill my car when we took trips to the market. This was the tune that I would first resort to  play upon hearing his tender cries in his crib. This was the tune that masked all sounds of the house, and allowed all to know....there was a baby in the house. This tune played everywhere, like it was a top 40 hit!

   The tune that plays for an infant is like no very delicate, and soft....just as the babys skin. The delicate notes grab at small heights and contain a rhythm that seems to carry hidden blessings.....almost as if....angels were playing!

Listen to the tune of a childs toy.......its about as close to sound of heaven you will hear!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

MEN! Are We THAT Obvious or Just Abiguous??

Just returned from the gym ( I guess I make my best observations from that place!).   On the way out, I stopped to observe the final minutes of a Tai Chi class.  What an exquisite sight to the eyes! No, it wasn't the 30 women dressed in spandex that was so compelling, but the gracefullness in which they were executing the movements!

   The women were facing  away from me......legs scissored apart, torso slightly arched forward, arms flowing forward and up. Slowly, bringing their legs together and bending on tapered ankles...then slowly raising one leg and extending delicate toes, as if they were about to walk on air!  My attention was drawn to how  natural their movements seemed, every joint seemed so eloquently supple.  Then my attention was drawn to figure in the far off corner......a woman with shoulder length hair, dressed in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. The outfit disguising the lovely shape that the other women had. I noticed her movements were more methodical, her wrist action less supple....instead of a gentle lean forward...she lurched. "Oh dear" I said to myself, "where has this one lived, not have inherited the gracefullness that existed in the other participants."

      The group leader gently instructed the group through their last move, and the class was over. The women filed out of the room. I almost had the urge to applaud! Then that last, not so eloquent one exited the room.......and I was overcome with "revealation"!  It was not a woman, but a long haired Hippie dude who I had observed. I then had the answers as to the obvious awkardness of this participant......the problem was strictly gender related!

     Women! When it comes to imitating a branch being gently blown in the win!!

In awe........Marc :)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Biggest Impressions

After a long day of handling an assortment of problems and tasks, I found myself wandering the aisles of the supermarket just before it was about to close.     I placed the articles on the conveyor belt..and noticed the cashier ...."Hi!" she said with a big smile..."find everything you want?".....I  politely nodded back at her..... She quickly rang up and bagged the few items...and smiling she said.."have a nice night". I smiled back at her refreshing politeness.

     As I walked back to my car I mused.........a smile, a kind word, a small gesture that breaks the icyness that this world creates.....My! How lifes smallest gestures can make the biggest impressions!  This brief encounter with a store cashier, had placed a new twist on an otherwise difficult day.

So to all of you who have a smile to give.......and a kind word to spare....spead em never know whose day you will make!


 Smiling........Marc :)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Shot The Sheriff

  The Cerebrum!   That is the part of the brain that dominates all functions of  the mind.  In my town, it is known as The Sheriff!

   Now, the Sheriff would have it quite easy if not for the Hypothalmus. The Hypothalmus is the part of the brain that handles "desire". Left unguarded, that Hypothalmus would lead me into a charge of hedonistic fields! So, this part of the brain remains in a cell...closely guarded bt the The Sheriff!

   The Hypothalmus is not without wit and cunning. Once provoked by a scent, a warm smile, or seduced by beauty, this Hypothalmus gland will have the attention of  The Sheriff distracted, allowing him to reach for the skeleton keys hanging nearby and set himself free!

    As I make my way to the border....I am left with no choice but to shoot that Sheriff......only to find a deputy (guilt) in hot pursuit!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

You Can Run....But You Can't Hide!

Fearful......Shameful.......untruthful........embarrassed...........Those are just a few things that most of us try to avoid becoming. Its just an awful state to fall gives us all a pure dose of those elements...and as much as we try to run from them...we can't hide from them!.........So "play the reel on my morning of yesterday"

    It is my custom each morning to get all the workers set up....get the gears in motion and then retreat into my office for the plan of attack on the day.

    Behind my desk is a long work table. It holds my computer, hard drive, work bins, part boxes, trays of customer orders, bills, catalogues....etc....yes, I confess...a lot of clutter...not even  room for my coffee cup!   So, beneath that long desk sits a small fan and a blender. Each morning when I make that retreat, I quickly toss in a container of yogurt, milk, a scoop of protein powder and some fruit which I have stored in the freezer. Yesterday morning the blender had just been loaded when one of the owners walked in with a client. " about showing our new customer some of your designs?" he asked. "Sure" I  responded with enthusiasm. "Here have a seat, while I clear some of theis mess away..and have a look at these". The new client sat down at the table and leaned over to get a close up view ...."oh this is very"....BBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZ

Apparently..his foot hit the POWER button.....the blender went whirring away at 90 miles an hour spewing my breakfeast drink everywhere beneath the table!!!

I almost blurted out "how did that get there?"....but realized that I had to take the hit for this act of poor timing.

Yes, it was easy enough to wipe up the his slacks and the carpet and wall.......but somehow, the impact of yesterdays great blunder will leave a stain greater than that dot of strawberry I could not get off the wall!



Friday, February 4, 2005

"room" with a View

Just got back from the gym. No matter where I turned was a fine young lady working out hard on a machine. I could not help but notice that all the young ladies now sport a tattoo just above the crack of their behind! Whats the deal here?? I'm not talking about a small butterfly, or heart....I am talking a about designs that are as big as roadsigns! giant squiggles and  swirls.......I could have sworn I saw one that had all sorts of arrows and an inscription...."enter here...follow the arrow".......on second thought it may have said "wrong way..use detour"......

if this keeps up...I'm gonna workout with my glasses on...never know what I am missing!     Marc :)