Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Kings New Clothes---Revisted

 That new designer label dress, that hot colored low cut blouse, that finely tailored suit.... Put one on and wow! Do we look good or what! .... Yes, they allow us to appear our best, but unfortunately , these chic styles can become a  cheap disguise for the person that hides inside.   

I know of this  person parades with his wisdom of accumulating money, then uses his bank account as comaparison guide to the way others live.  He adorns his wisdom as if its a designer garment..... I am not alone , as everyone around gets to see his "new clothes"

I am reminded of this tale that I have imparted to my sons, cautioning them about the "real clothes" they choose to wear!.............

   The Kings New Clothes ----Revisited

 A young man obtains employment with a company in a new community. The young man decides that he will spend a year working for the company before deciding if he will buy a house in this new community.

    The year passes and the young man has done very well with the company and loves this new community. Each weekend he visits new home sites to select where he will have his house built. The young man has a miserly and greedy  attitude. Never yielding to charity, always bargaining a vendor down til there is no more strength left on the part of the seller. The young man tries to bargain the prices of the homes down, but is unsuccessful. Finally, one home builder tells him, "if you are looking to spend such a small sum of money, why not contact Art the handy man, you can buy a small piece of land, and he will build a home for you at the price you are dreaming of!" The young man contacts Art and after viewing plans, they come to an agreement on price. Art takes out his measuring stick and proceeds to measure the young man and ask him questions about which room he feels he will be in the most.

    The small parcel of land is purchased, and Art begins to build this home which will be one third the price of the new ones down the road! As the home is being built, the young man is sent away for a few months on a job to another city. When the young man returns, he is anxious to see his new home. He arranges to meet  up with Art at the new house. From the outside it looks splendid! The young man opens the front door, takes two steps in and "ouch"...his head hits a low beam! "What is this?"  asks the young man....and tilting his head down, he turns to the shorter Art and says.."You have made the ceiling so low, I can't even stand up straight in it!"  Art smiles proudly.."you said you spend most of your time sitting or laying down, so why worry if the ceiling is low...think of the money that you will save on air conditioning and heating! Think of  what you will save in time and money when you have to paint! Think of how much you saved on this house! Besides, not everyone is as tall you, you will be the only one to have tilt your head forward."   It all made good sense to the young man, who was quickly satisfied by what he was saved.

   Across the street from the young man lived a couple with a daughter whom they wished would marry. They were thrilled to learn that a successful young man had moved in across the street. The Mother baked an apple pie and along with her husband went to greet their new neighbor. They knocked on the door. "The door is open, you can come in" came the reply. The couple opened the door to see the young man istanding in the middle of his living room, hunched over.  "Oh dear!" sighed the mother, he's a hunchback!  The Father looking at the low ceiling  whispered back to his wife "yes, but a very clever one, he built his ceiling just the same exact height as he is, not to waist a single dollar in building this house!"

    If we are driven through life by the lower elements of greed and selfishness, even in the cloak of wisdom, we  can look foolish!

   and as they say...its not what you wear on the outside...but what you HAVE on the inside!

    My..You are all looking good out there!       Marc :)



Here Comes The Sun

   Katrina has left a trail of broken branches, flooded streets, and knocked out power lines here in South Florida. The skies are overcast, reflecting the mood as we sweep the debris and calculate the loss.

Only one thing will do to help reverse this....."Hey John, Paul, George Ringo...c'mon  hit it guys!"

Little darling

It's been a long and lonely winter.

Little darling

seems like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun,

Here comes the sun

it's alright..............

The Sun! Nothing to negotiate here! All of it's warmth, energy and light giving rays are ours....for free!  "FREE" I said!

  Just think about it..You don't need to pay for the minutes it shines, you don't nee to cook or clean for it (and it doesn't leave the toilet seat up either!) You need not remember its birthday, or bring it gifts. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy its warmth and life giving energy as it feeds every living cell in creation! What a bargain!

    The Sun, a nourisher, a healer and a sustainer. Nothing is more "harmonic" than this Earth and its Sun!  So come on, let's  all join in!.(Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, it's alright)...............Just don't forget your sunscreen!

Towards the light!     Marc :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Happy Anniversary Eleanor Rigby

It was this week in August of 1966 that the Beatles released "Eleanor Rigby".

   You had to be there, 1966, these four young men had the world on a string (and wrapped around their fingers!). Every song resonated with the joy of romance we longed to have. "I want To Hold Your Hand", "Since I saw Her Standing There", "Do you Want To Know A Secret".

   At their very peak  of their career, they released "Eleanor Rigby", a song depicting the hollowness that lonliness creates. "Ah, look at lonely people, Ah, look at all the lonely people" the song opens. Some chose to ignore the message, and sang along with yet another chart topping tune, others brought the words closer and viewed introspectively.

   What separates us from lonliness?

On the simplest level, knowing that we are being heard. Not just our voices,but that our hopes, our dreams, our prayers and thoughts are falling on someones ears. When these elements that we compose from our soul are met with "nothingness", darkness quickly closes in.There is no force more oppressive than darkness.

"Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been/ lives in a dream / Waits at the window, weraing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door/ Who is it for?"

  Without our own dreams and thoughts acknowledged, we are left to pick up and muse upon the worlds that others live in.... with our own hopes unnoticed, we become invisible to ourselves.

"Father Mckenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear/No one comes near? Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there/ what does he care?

  and the darkness voids our reality.

The Beatles, they brought immeasurable joy into our hearts with their catchy romantic tunes, subtley reminding us, that we too can be great musicians! How? With our acknowledgement!  It is music to  our ears,  and magic to our hearts! It doesn't matter if you can't carry a tune, the recipient will have felt the enormous "lift" of being heard! The lift is even higher when you listen to their heart!

Thank You Eleanor, ....through your lonliness, I have found a greater purpose in myself!

Peace and Blessings to all!      Marc :)


Friday, August 5, 2005

Does Size Matter?

Thank you to the many who left kind comments....and  a thank you to those of you who read my last entry with a grin :)

  While the "treasure hunt" continues for the missing G-spots, an e-mail came my way asking if the size of a "g-spot detector" would influence the discovery!......Well, I hope this entry places that question "Does Size Matter" to rest! ( any amens out there?)

   The answer to the question, "Does Size Matter?" Lies some 50 feet below the Oceans' surface off the coast of Australia.In the warm waters lie the home of the Hermaphrodtie Flatworms. This particular species is blessed with both mechanisms of  a reproduction system! During the mating season, these worms face off in a dance. During this dance, each worm flashes its penis (talk about "dirty dancing"). The worms parry and stab at each other trying to penetrate its opponent, before being penetrated itself!

    The fight is fierce.......the losing  Hermaphrodite Flatworm leaves with the burdon of fertilized eggs and offspring to care for (and a now useless penis!) while the winner, moves to parry and thrust again!

  Lesson learned...I'll take agility and stamina anytime!

Parry On my dear friends!           Marc :)