Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Confessions Of A Tightrope Walker


    We are all tightrope walkers! Afterall we have just one heart that has the amazing job of balancing all of our emotions! Imagine.....the same heart that can full of Joy, can also be deflated by Sadness....the same heart that can be so Bold with Courage, can also shrivel in Fear......the same heart that  falls in Love, can be filled with Hate.  YIKES!  What a balancing act that is! One heart and so many emotions running counter to each other! It is no wonder that so many of us fall off this highwire! 

Well, there is no shame in falling off....its just a tragedy if you don't get back up!

 Now as for me, I've been doing a pretty good job staying up here..and no, its not intellect that will keep you on this fine line....while it is intellect that will provide you with the knowledge how to maintain balance, it is Faith that provides the Will to stay up here!   Intellect always will tell us what is possible, Faith will tell us, everything is possible if you believe in yourself!  Faith defies intellect all the time!

I hope and pray there's a whole lot Faith being communed to the parts of this world that have been given a reason to stop believing.

   Safe and peaceful journies......    Marc :)


hohumlala said...

hmmmm good thing to keep in mind........thanks

:) Cristy

sdoscher458 said...

Faith, belief and hope...the strongest one is hope.  There is so much good will being directed towards the ones has to help...Sandi

robinngabster said... do you do this? You always say everything so well...I would love to float around in your mind for a while. I often find I am barely hanging on to my tightrope...but next time I start to slip again I will think of your words. :)

globetrotter2u said...

How many times I've felt like screaming, at one of my kids, or my husband, a client, a friend, a relative:
"Take it! Take another little piece of my heart! You know you've got it, if it makes you feel good!"
People can steal our hearts with love and with hate, they can break it into bits and pieces through anger, pain, joy and sorrow. I do quite a job on my own poor old heart as well...
But you are right. It is only faith that can keep our spirit intact, regardless of the condition our hearts end up in.
The news last night was very depressing. I only hope that folks in other parts of the world confronted with war, famine, poverty and disease are a heck of a lot stronger than I am.
I absolutely love that picture! Made me giggle quite a bit.
Keep the faith, Marc, we all need people like you around:)

gdireneoe said...

If I give you my number will you call my husband? ;)  C.

sierrajazz said...

I have a lot of faith, but I have to admit I have not  experienced the losses, and disasters that others have had to live through. I wonder at times just how strong my faith would be if I did have to endure what some have.  I think it would be strong enough, at least I hope so.  What a big job our one little heart has to take on!!

jtuwliens said...

Having faith does makes getting back up easier, doesn't it?

dcmeyer420 said...

Well said, Marc...

libragem007 said...

To have faith is to believe what eyes cannot see...
Thank you Marc for this wonderful entry! What a great reminder to keep our faith within.
Gem :-)