Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Art of Missing You

You return home from a day of work, your cat comes out from its hiding place and meanders between your legs and meows.    Your dog lurches on top of you, as you open  your door and greets you with yelps of joy!    

How wonderful that our Creator imbued even the smallest creatures with that feeling of "missing"! Imagine if that feeling did not exist in our "emotional vocabulary"?   ..To be gone for a day or two, and no one would notice. When we are told in any language, a bark, a meow, a "hello", that we were missed, its a wonderful form of acknowledgement that we have a place in the mind and spirit of another!

My deepest and warmest thanks to those  who expressed a concern about my absense here. You have made me feel like this IS aspecial place to come back to!

  My DSL at home has been restored......I may now enter and roam ......

and whether you missed me or not...I missed you all......Meow,   Marc :) 


lissamom2 said...

Oh, Marc, you were definitely missed. I can't wait to see what wonderful words of wisdom you have for us.

Being a dog person myself, woof!

mariebm56 said...

You were missed!! Thought you were still moving..; )
Welcome back!

wildflower1764 said...

Ruff, ruff. ;) Nice entry!

sdoscher458 said...

Did you lose your DSL around Nov. 15th? I have Verizon & they are telling me that my computer is not talking to theirs...but there was a big problem in Tampa around the 15th...I called them and they said no service in the area and they were working on it. Is that what happened to you? They are telling me to go to Dell I think Verizon messed up....Sandi

robinngabster said...

I ALWAYS miss you when you aren't here!

jtuwliens said...

Welcome back.  You were missed by me.  Yup, definitely missed by me!  Meow, woof and a  :)  .......!

sierrajazz said...

I always look forward to your entries. You are one who choses your words and entries with much thought, so I didn't know if you were just comtemplating your next entry or very busy. I love e-mailing my friends, but I know people here are very busy with hectic schedules and sometimes I fear sending them an e-mail will just add to their already busy schedules.. but I was thinking of you and missing you, and wondering.. when your next entry would arrive.  Welcome back!!