Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Birds chirp from trees.....dogs bark in the night.....whales emit a lonesome cry....."You Talking to Me?"

    There is no denying that each and every species was granted both the need and ability to communicate with each other. Each species has inherited a very special and unique language to enable some form of communicating.

   Look at Man......from drawing stck figures on cave walls 10,000 years instant messaging on the interenet!  Communication!  Its very need has propelled mans sense of invention.

   Despite being able to refine our methods of communicating, despite our technological wizardry...we still have problems understanding each other! We shout and argue , talk till we are "blue in the face" and yet, we feel we are being misunderstood! Are we that poor in communicating?

   How unfortunate, all this precise technology at our fingertips...but who among us has mastered the art of managing the words. Our words are formed at the speed of light, they pass through our heart which contains  a sea of emotions....fear, greed, jealousy, anger.....and in a milisecond the words shoot out of our mouths......and like feathers in  the wind...impossible to gather back in.  Are we in such a rush to speak....or perhaps,  are  we just a bit emotional?

   I have found a language that is understood and accepted by people who don't even speak the same languge as me. When words are coated with kindness and understanding...the message is always understood!

  To all who read....remember, a  :)  is always the best way to begin a conversation. When I see yours....I'll know you have understood this message.

 smiles...sweet and warm........Marc :)


jouell3935 said...

:o) or ;) or :) or :D

jbenjack said...

You are such an amazing writer:)

mamaklute said...

THanks Marc... i really REALLY needed to read this.
You are the best.

sierrajazz said...

:)  One of the keys to conversation is LISTENING.  Do we really listen to what the person is saying?, Or the whole time they are talking are we worrying about how this conversation affects or inconveniences us?  Giving someone a smile and some sincere undivided attention can be the greatest gift sometimes.

sistercdr said...

Great entry, Marc.  We all need to remember this.

hohumlala said...

I dont think the problem is in the communication I think the problem lies in the listening :) once again in awe of your communication skills :)


robinngabster said...


jtuwliens said...

: )   Yes, nothing compares to a warm and genuine : )    You express this so beautifully!  : ) to you!!!!

tschamberland said...

:)  so well put!


mariebm56 said...

Great message Marc.....But you must take into consideration that when a Man speaks to a woman it will always be taken wrong..; )
We do speak different languages...; )
notice the smiles....; ) I say it with kindness...; )
I am a quick learner...; )

gdireneoe said...

;)  And so the harem grows...;)  C.