Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Graduate

    In three weeks my son will be graduating from College! ( N.Y.U. & with high honors! :) ) While discussing this milestone, the word "graduate" conjured up that infamous film starring Dustin Hoffman.

    I recalled not only seeing the film (The Graduate), but having the opportunity to meet Mr. Hoffman a few months after the film was released. My sister and I had attended the Premier showing of Space Oddesy 2001. During  the intermission, my sister and I were trying to decide whether to see the second half of the movie (as we were not impressed with the first half). Another lone soul was also trying to decide whether to return to his seat....a young (and almost unknown Dustin Hoffman). As she asked him for his autograph and quivered, "I can't believe its you"....he quivered back..."and I can't believe its you" as he signed his name about 5 times on my notepad.

Coupled with the fabulous acting in that movie, was the border stretching theme.....a young man being seduced by his fiances' mother. It was one of those "forbidden" subjects that was now made into a major motion picture. Yes, these things happened, but the admission of our societys moral breakdown was always kept sealed shut.

    Discussing the movie, the theme, the wonderful music in it, jarred my memory bank......and out of it, came my own "Mrs. Robinson" (no! not a girlfrinds mother....just an older sedutress and not married)...I smiled to myself, and recalled my "graduation". I wondered if she ever recalled me me with the same fondness .....

"So here's to you Mrs. Robinson/ Jesus Loves you more than you will know...........Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?/ Our  nation turns its lonely eyes to you? What's that you say Mrs. Robinson?/ Jolton Joe has left and gone away...hey hey hey."

   Graduation......the culmination of a learning process where knowldge has been obtain. Fond memories...are optional!

   May all of our "graduations" be with high honors!    Marc :)






Monday, April 18, 2005

THe Worlds Greatest Thief

"Hands Up!.....gimme your money!"........   These are the words of a robber.

"Oh my God!...My wallet has been stolen!"......These are the words of a victim of a thief.

The difference between a robber and thief is that the robber will confront you ..and takes what he wants.....the Thief...operates never get to see just see what he has taken.                           ....................................................

     This past weekend I visited with my son in N.Y. At 22, he is so wonderfully full of the hopes, dreams and ideals that I once held for myself. He lives in the Greenwich Village area, known for its marvelous and mystic sub-culture. A lifetime has passed since I walked down those same streets. Back then the pavement resonated with the sounds of a young Bob Dylan, Joan baez, and Pete Seeger. Hair was long, the air scented with incense and marijuana. The coffee shops were cluttered with poets and idealists, chanting their words that was supposed to save this world. Reminders were made not to trust the older generation...that over 40 crowd who led us down a bad path.

    Once upon a time I walked those streets, sat in those same coffee houses. My pockets were filled with the innocense of my youth. I had a "million dollars" of time to spend.

   As my son and I walked down the streets, as we sat in the same coffee houses, the voices of my past came to haunt me. Trying to enjoy my sons company and fight off the frightening feeling all at once was a challenge to my soul.  The  faces and voices in the streets...all so young....arrogant with promise......just as I sounded way back then.

   Then I pockets had been precious innocense gone!...removed by the worlds greatest thief....time.

and the song  I loved by that young Bob Dylan played loud in my head, only now, the words seemed directed at me...."once upon a time, you dressed so fine, you threw the bums a dime, in your prime, didn't you?  // People called and said "watch out doll, you're bound to fall, but you thought they were a kiddin' you. You used to laugh about, all the people that were hanging out, now you don't talk so loud, now you don't seem so proud, about having to be scrounging, for your next does it feel?  how does feel?  To be out on your a rolling stone.    

  Time is strong....relentless......Even God does not have the power to turn back hands of time.

    Despite realizing how much had be lifted from me, how much of My Destiny had been clipped off.........The love and admiration that I have of my son was overwhelmingly...rejuvenating!

   Am now sewing zippers on my pockets!

May you all stay....forever young!         Marc :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Puzzle (Part II)

  More than a year passed since that time of hanging that puzzle.

Fathers Day came ....and my sons anxiously awaited  for my appearence in the kitchen. They handed me my card. With a big grin of appreciation I opened eyes widened in disbelief....inside the card was the missing piece to the puzzle!  They had gone to a store and found an identical puzzle and assembled it till they could locate that one piece!    "put it in the puzzle!" they commanded. "Now nothing will be missing from it" chimed my youngest.

     As I removed the frame and snapped that last piece in its place, chills ran down my spine. Everything fit....... The puzzle began communing new meanings to me. .........  Life is a giant puzzle, it comes to us in bits and pieces....everything in it has a reason, and a purpose. Each piece of life is dependent upon another piece to connect with. And yes, if just one small piece is affects the whole picture!  Each of us carries an equal weight in completing this picture! So, while some of us are here for only a day, a year, 20 or a 100...our presence here is equally weighted. It does not matter who or what you are, without YOU, the picture is not complete!

   So now I have two angles to view this puzzle.....try not to focus on what is not there, for you will lose sight of the big beautiful picture.....and, there is no detail, element or person , that if removed or lost , will  go unnoticed!   We all are a part of the big Smile!   :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Puzzle

....Several years ago I had purchased one of those multi-thousand piece puzzles. It was a spectaclar view of a sunset.....the sun just touching the oceans edge, the sky exploding with hues of burnt orange, pink and boats in the far off distance..and a beach with a few scattered souls, young and old.

    Each night I would devote a few minutes putting the pieces together. Holding the cover of the box to my nose, hunting for the pieces to match. I held that box to my nose so many times, and for so long...I felt as if I had been on that if I was one of those souls in the puzzle.

    Months later, the night arrived.....just a few pieces left and the puzzle would be complete! Just as I picked up the last piece to insert, I gasped! "Oh no!'.....There are two spaces open and I only have one piece left!"..I searched everywhere for that missing piece. I could not believe it...all that time and beautiful scene of the sunset...incomplete by one piece!

    My son walked into the room..."finish it Dad?" he chimed. I smiled, "yes...its all done".   "But Dad..... Look!you are missing a piece!" he exclaimed.  

    The next day I went to store and purchased a frame for the puzzle with the missing piece, and carefully framed the puzzle. Everyone that sees the puzzle has the identical reaction..."hey! did you know you are missing a piece to this puzzle?"    I simply smile, and reply "yes....that is why I have decide to hang a reminder....for people will always be quick to notice what is missing from this beautiful picture as opposed to noticing the beauty that is really here".

     Another reminder on how life should be lived.  See what you have, not what is missing!

Saturday, April 9, 2005

The Escort (Mission Of The Soul)

This has been a week where I  been invaded with random moments of weeping.....and coping.  With moments of despair, my mind reaches out....and it now brings back a tale once told to me, that awakened every single thinking cell in my brain....and quickened a vibrant pulse through my heart. ~~~~  That voice inside you...which is so uniquely one else has that same speaks.

                        The Escort

    Long ago, lived a man far away from the kingdom. One day a messenger appeared at his door with a notice that he was to meet with the King!

    The man, fearful of this journey, wanted an escort to the Castle. He asked a friend if he would accompany him. His friend smiled and told him that he could escort him through the forest, which was inhabited with beasts, but once at the walls of the Kingdom, he would have to leave.

    The man was not satisfied with that offer, so he asked another. "Can you escort me to see the King?" The second friend smiled and said that he could escort him through the forest, and take him into the kingdom and lead him right to the door of king, but would have to leave at that point.

    The man was still not satisfied and asked yet another friend. "Can you escort me to see the King?"  The third friend smiled and said..."yes, I can escort you through the forest, and yes, I can lead you into the Kingdom and.....I will even wait with you when the King comes to the door. And when the King opens the door...I will even speak in your behalf!"  

   The man, finally satisfied, smiled and said..."I am ready for the journey".


       .......The first friend that was asked to be an escort,  represents the "material" aspects of our life. Money, objects and possesions.....those things will take you only so far in life....they can escort us through the "jungle"...but no further than that can they go.

..........The second friend in this tale represents our family. Our family can escort us through the "jungle of fears" in life.....and they will escort us through and into the Kingdom (Death) but they too will leave us at the door (grave).

........The third friend is our Soul. Our Soul escorts us through the jungle of life, right through the Kingdom (death) and will be there with us as we go through the door to the next world. Our Soul, filled with our acts of Kindness, blessings rendered, will also speak on our behalf!

    It is our Love for each other....our unselfish caring , that nourishes our Soul to be such a magnificant spokesperson!


Sunday, April 3, 2005

Knocking On Heavens Door

Despite the delightful crisp Spring freshness that pervaded the air, there was a sad whisper amongst birds this morning. Even the leaves refrained from crackling in the wind....they slowly swayed as if being dragged.

  The passing of the Pope, and Terri have blanketed the news......and I knew too well, there were others this week...many, many others. "My" I muttered ...."it must be a busy day at Heavens door.".......   My mind took a momentary but horrible view of the many that I may have yet to mourn. I prayed for mercy.

   I could do nothing but fill my day with mindless chores. Rake leaves, clean the pool filter, wash the car and the dogs, organize the laundry area, ...........  dusk was approaching, and I applauded my small but neccessary accomplishments. "It's been a good day, afterall" I thought. As I was reeling the hose back on its rack ,my son came from the house with the phone in his hand..."for you" he said.  It was a woman from work......she was calling to tell me that my dear friend and co worker of 22 years had just passed away from a heart attack. He was 49.  We were like brothers. Because we argued so often, many thought we were husband and wife.

     22 years ago he came here from Turkey.....spoke no English . He was a hard worker, fast learner...we hit  it off immediately. I taught him the trade..and he progressed...He followed my every move...he heard my deepest woes, he shared in my greatest joys. We shared our lunches.....the holiday meals from our homes... I would interpret and explain matters and customs of this land that was so strange to him.. His greatest desire, was to save enough airfare to vist Turkey so he could visit his daughter..It was a lousey economy and the shifting of American manufacturing to overseas that stunted his plans.

      I am still in shock....the shock prevents the sadness from entering and shutting me down. More pain will set in as I will have to tell his co workers in the morning , that he is no longer with us.

    I am glad to say he put his heart to good use...he loved and cared for so many...always willing to please....He never liked waiting on lines (he died while waiting on line at Home Depot)....Richard,....I can tell, the line at Heavens Door is will be in excellent company.....I miss you already.....your "brother" Marc