Thursday, January 27, 2005

Damage Control

OK.....Not as bad as I anticipated...was able to walk straight and it seems like the only damage that was done ....was to my rib cage....I pulled something I was struggling to get that wet t- shirt over my head!

 My dogs, Kobe and Shaq, greeted me this morning by playing dead next to the laundry hamper!   Their sense of humor is almost human!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Someone Take This Shirt Off Of Me

Whew!   Just got in from a major workout at the gym!  After a touring the weight machines, I went onto the basketball court. Yeah, bring it on....caught up with a group of 20 something jocks (all young enough to have a mother I could date----eegads). Nothing like a full court game to get all the valves of the heart OPEN! Yeow...up the court and back, up the court and back......but you know, I loved it....

So, here I am ....soaked in sweat, my shirt sticking to me like it was painted on...."can someone gimme a hand here?".....

Despite this feeling of exuberance and accomplishment... Tommorow morning, as I take my first step out of bed, I will pay dearly for my crime of pretending that I was 20 something tonight! Can you say "Ben Gay!"......and "Advil"........   I will go to the office smelling like a locker room...yippie!

for now, I will recharge with this delightful  egg roll !

Time for bed and a good dream....look out Micheal Jordan!

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Notebook

Movie...."The Notebook"........see it! (not on an'll be a public spectacle with all those tears running down your eyes!)

Some will call this a mushy love tale ....barely executed with fault lines ......however, those with an acute sense of the power of love will be able to see into the film ..the tender lifeline of love that is lowered from Heaven for us to cling onto to. For those of us who can hold on, and pull on this lifeline....we not only elevate our  limited presence  while  here on earth, but by pulling on this lifeline, we can actually bring down a little heaven to this earth.

See it!!!!    (James Garner and Gena Rowlands give superb performances!)      Marc :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Pity The Poor Immigrant

I am surrounded by many who do not speak our language. I am reminded of the difficulty that an immigrant faces.....I am also reminded of another immigrant and the challanges and obstacles  that we place before it. I am speaking of the immigrant soul.

   Like the immigrant that comes to our land, our soul comes to us, not understanding our language and adopted customs. Like the immigrant that comes to our land, our soul, which mends our spirit, is forced to work long hours into the night, and is left with little to sustain itself.

    Like the immigrant that comes to our land and develops a taste to satisfied, our soul too begins to call out for more. Like the immigrant that comes to our land,our soul too, realizes it has spent much of its energy in vain.

    Like the immgrant who came to our shore...our soul came to us with the same thing.....HOPE.

    Embracing my immigrant friend, no I will not fail you.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Dream a Little dream of me!

Am I dreaming??  There she is! Meg !!!!   I run to catch up up with her..."Hi Meg! I can't believe I am running into you....I adore your movies!   (where's the tabloid picture takers when you need them!!)..... "City of Angels, You've got mail French just stole my heart.."        she stops....smiled at me........and said..

"ya know, I am a little disappointed with didn't bring the wheel barrel to sweep me off my feet!"

Could it be...she was dreaming of me..........

Things have Changed

..Spent the night watching old Meg Ryan Movies   (whew)....fell into the deepest of sleeps..woke's gorgeous outside...the car has been waxed......gonna go out get a haircut.......get a facial......

"feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet

putting her in a wheel barrel and wheeling her down the street"~~~ Dylan

wish me luck :)

Friday, January 7, 2005

Look At The Fool

Have been surfing journal entries.....and notice a common theme amongst many...."Love".....Yes, its on everyones lips these days, gotta have it, we all want it, wanna give it, don't wanna lose it......its sounding more and more like Love has same characteristic as a watermelon seed!

    "Love".....What a wonderful and precise mechanism we are blessed with! Truely, it is lifes greatest enhancer!

    Ah! ....but we are such apprentices with this powerful emotion. We seem inclined to add varying amounts of fear, selfishness, jealousy and greed to it. We then go on to tinker with this wonderful mechanism, love, by removing the bolts of committment, and loosening the gears of compromise. The mechanism, love, loses its precison and  once out of balance, has us wobble, stumble and fall.~ ~ ~ ~

I love you more than I care about myself

I love you, hate you, for what you are doing to my health

I love you, hate you, for all this love you make me feel

I love you darlin' cause you know I can't leave

but when you're gone

I'm little boy lost in the storm with the wolves

flames all around, I talk to myself

and pray to the rain

that this lonely curse won't drive me insane

I run into the sea, but the sea only sighs

"look at the fool, love brings me"   ~~~~~~ Tim Buckley


Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

(Thanks Ann, its been awhile since I have given this one a listen)

   No one can run a marathon and then go right to sleep!  Falling asleep is not a habit. It is not something we can command ourselves to do. Ever have one of those hard can't wait to lay down and close your eyes......only to find, you can't fall asleep!

   The world of sleep is a precious place.....a palace of silence....and the only way in is through a quiet corridor.   The finest corridor that exists to this palace, is the warm and tender touch of another. The scents, softness of touch, and the connection that allows us to become intimate with inner core.....yes, that is the "guide" I desire before entering the palace of sleep!

and who expressed it better?

"close your eyes, close the door

you don't have to worry any more

I'll be your baby tonight.

Shut the light, shut the shade

you don't have to be afraid

I'll be your baby tonight"

         Sweet and soulful Dreams~~~~~~~~