Friday, June 10, 2005

A Salute to Walt Disney

Someone mention "amusement parks"?   My mental playback mode is not big enough to retrieve the many wonderful moments spent inside one!  So, I will just leave this photo  here....for this is where it all began! (Photo taken at Disneyland first adventure there!)

     I am in awe  of you Mr. Disney. Your creative genious has created more joy in the hearts of people than any other known man made entity!  The sights, the smells, the themes of adventure, hope, friendship, and excitement all woven into a days experience....who could forget a visit to your wonderful place!


So, there I was....age 5, mortgage to worry about, no credit card debt, never been love sick, just....a little scared about being alone in the dark.......Funny, No matter what part of life you are in....when you visit feel just like that kid!

      Its a small world afterall...............its a small, small world!     Peace & Joy!


robinngabster said...

They say it is the happiest place in the world! I spent almost every summer there as a kid. I have the BEST memories....summer vacation on the beach in San Diego and then a couple days at Disney Land. I even went there for my honeymoon!!!

sierrajazz said...

I discovered your journal through several of my friend's journals and have enjoyed reading the past entries.  You are a creative talented writer who shares his true passions and emotions. You have a beautiful family and are very blessed. Thank you for sharing and making me stop and think and appreciate all the things I have to be thankful for. Also thank you for making me laugh!! There is healing in laughter.  I look forward to reading future entries.

tschamberland said...

Here, here!  Love the wonder of it all!

jtuwliens said...

It is a small world, isn't it Marc?  I marched in the band at Walt Disney World, right down Main Street of the Magic Kingdom.  It was magical each and every time.  Thanks for bringing a cheesy grin to my face as I mentally march once down Main Street.  What fun it was!

delela1 said...

You were there in 1955, the magical year Disneyland opened.  Oh, you were definitely a lucky one!  Yes, Mr. Disney got it right when he created his place.  Walk inside the gates and your worries, stresses, and pressures just vaporize into thin air.  In childhood, or adulthood, we all need that now and then.

Love the photo, too, btw.  Priceless.


justaname4me2 said...

Disney Land, the place of any age :o)

snye812 said...

Marc not only are you an incredible writer who challanges the mind and leads it off on new found and often uncharted or non remembered paths...but I have to tell you what an adorable were a cutie werent u!

fitzzer said...

Walt is one of my fav people & to be there for the opening - lucky you! What a great memory - the pic is too cute. ~ Lori

gdireneoe said...

What a sweet sweet face!  My favourite Disney memory is the year we went at Christmas time (the only time we went as children).  I was thirteen and a mudslide of everything was magnified a really desperately wonderful way.  ::sigh:: ;)  C.