Saturday, October 8, 2005


   The common thread of success that connects Bill Gates (founder, Microsoft) Steve Jobs (Founder Apple Computer) and me, is the age at which they were hurled through the "door" of  fame and wealth. They were both in their twenties. Most of the worlds wealthiest and famous all had their destiny jump started while being "twenty something".  

    I have sometimes wondered..."what happened to me?"..."I was twenty something too...did I oversleep on the day that destiny had its door open to me?"  "At least, did I get a chance to turn the knob?"

    While unpacking a carton of momentos, the long lost answer to my question was answered in the form of two Eastern Airline Ticket stubs. (anyone here remember Eastern Airlines?). They were one way ticket stubs...from NY to Miami. My mind flew back.  

 We were and working in NYC.  Two young adults, trying to take on a world , make a place for ourselves. Everything seemed difficult. We worked extremely hard and the only thing we seemed to do was get on each others tense nerves.  One day, an offer came from a company based in Miami, we flew down on weekend for an interview and to scope out the town.   The warm tropical air, scented with suntan lotion, the sound of Jimmy Buffet music and soft jazz playing everywhere, the casual easy going manner of a sleepy town, Pina Coladas and iced Coronas being served everywhere..... it seemd like the perfect ticket out!  We returned back to NYC, gave notice to our bosses, landlord and packed up our tiny apt.

  All I could think about during the time we were packing up, was being able to get out of the "rat race". The warm climate, the soothing aromas of beach and warm breezes, being chilled with the sweet succulence of a frozen rum would cerainly lose their inhibitions easily!  Life was going to be easy. My wife would be relaxed. The door to pleasure would swing open, easy and often! Yes...I was giving up my business attire to become....An Apeman!  My wife, was to be my Aperess! We were to swing in this new jungle without a worry , indulging ourselves in what this balmy and enchanted town had to offer!

    Eastern Airlines brought us in....and the moment we landed, the sky burst with one of the worst rainstorms in the citys' history!  Our car (which we shipped down from NY) was waiting for us....had no A/C....after driving for 20 minutes, the steam forming on the windshield was from the 92 degree heat & 100% humidity!  During the next few days, we had to deal  with our belongings being lost....the frzziness of my wifes hair, the car overheated three times and we discovered that Miami had cockroaches (called Palmetto bugs) as big as any thumb! My wife began missing her family, we overdosed on Cuban Coffee (espresso), and no one spoke English!

   My romantic moves were soon dusted away..."Sorry honey, between  this heat and the croacking of the frogs, who can get in the mood!"  

   You can bring the aperess into the jungle, but you can't make her swing in it.

At twenty something.. I hoped to take a step back in time, an easier life....I opened the door that said "Apeman"..  Now, here I am, many years later, saying.."thank You Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for inventing the internet and the PC".....While I was trying to rendevous with the primitive spirit within, you guys were up to something more productive!   Aw..heck...who am I kidding....if I had invented the guys would be typing with a set of sticks and bones!

My Leopard skin tunic hangs nearby.........




sdoscher458 said...

Cute entry.  I look back too and wonder where the twenties went.  I seemed to be on never ending treadmill of dead end jobs, just to survive...and before you know it. It's time to retire. Hell, I wasn't even warmed up yet.  Sandi

robinngabster said...

I bet you look FANTASTIC in leopard skin!!!

gdireneoe said...

My stepdad and mom are Eastern survivors.  Talk about a washout...  LOL...leopard skin...;)  C.

randlprysock said...

Being that we live in Central Florida, I totally understand what you were going thru upon arrival to Miami.  It's sickeningly not fit for human habitation down here during the summer.   Towns look like ghost towns during the day.  Everyone stays in to be near the a/c if at all possible.  Hurricanes threaten our survival, at least these days.  However, during the rest of the year it is very nice.  I wish I'd been turning that door knob at twenty something too.  I have no idea what on earth I was thinking but it musta been really wrong.  Lol!!  Hugs,

swibirun said...

This was a very interesting entry.  I didn't realize that you and your Aperess were "swingers", LOL.  I'll stay away from the banana in your pocket jokes because they would just be too easy:)

Great entry!


bedazzzled1 said...

...and there isn't too much of anything you would change, is there? Maybe you were exactly where you were supposed to be in your twenties. Besides, I have always read that men are in their prime during their middle age years. Uh, that was referring to careers. Oh heck, they are in their prime in lots of ways when they have matured.

Always a treat reading your entries. Keep 'em coming, please!

wildflower1764 said...

Hi Marc,

Thank you so much for the link and again for visiting me. It's very nice to meet you. I find your stories truly inspirational and entertaining! I'm impressed! :) ~V

globetrotter2u said...

Pheromones are volatile, odorous substances found in the armpits, which are released by one animal and detected by another, especially obvious among peoples sweating profusely in the torrid, dank, and humid conditions typically found in Florida.  Usually these pheromones cause some sort of physiological reaction. These reactions can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways including increased interest in sexual activity,  aggression, or territory marking. Sounds like you struck out Tarzan, but don’t put the leopard thongs away too quickly. You never know when Jane is lurking nearby, walking a tamed palmetto bug on a leash.
The Globetrottah

jtuwliens said...

Makes me realize that we tend to trade the urban jungle for the tropical kind.  hmmm...  You have some rich stuff here, Marc!  Apeman and his Aperess...  cockroaches, called Palmetto bugs, (I wished someone told me these nasty vile creatures had wings when I moved to Florida)...  Nobody speaking English...  Cafe con leche...  Makes me long for Florida (really, it does)!  It's one of the best states in the country!  

sierrajazz said...

It is fun to reflect back and remember our ideas and dreams, when we were first starting out on our own.  To see how far we have come, what we have learned and how far we still have to go.  Many things we have learned and conquored, but don't think we will ever conquor the humidity or roaches of Florida!!!

anarchitek said...

I came here via a link in one of my favorite journals, to see what the inspiration for her post might have been.  I;ll be back for more!  Your take on fate and opportunity is right on, and I completely agree with you appreciation of Florida.  I've been there 3 times, and theat was 2 times too many!  I lived in Houston for 3 yrs and the roaches there are not only large, but of sufficient quantity to routinely cover my kitchen floor!  I got in the habit of switching the light Oon BEFORE  entered the room!  Great post!  I agree, don't hang up the ape costume just yet, youth is in the mind...and the libido, LOL . Bruce  

esry2909 said...

gdireneoe said...

Hehehe...sorry...I just can't help it.  The comment below mine...your last thought...serendipity?  And was she NUTS?  A man?  In (the) heat?  And she passed?  Because of a few bugs?  At the beach?  Are you KIDDING me? ;)  C.