Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Kings New Clothes---Revisted

 That new designer label dress, that hot colored low cut blouse, that finely tailored suit.... Put one on and wow! Do we look good or what! .... Yes, they allow us to appear our best, but unfortunately , these chic styles can become a  cheap disguise for the person that hides inside.   

I know of this  person parades with his wisdom of accumulating money, then uses his bank account as comaparison guide to the way others live.  He adorns his wisdom as if its a designer garment..... I am not alone , as everyone around gets to see his "new clothes"

I am reminded of this tale that I have imparted to my sons, cautioning them about the "real clothes" they choose to wear!.............

   The Kings New Clothes ----Revisited

 A young man obtains employment with a company in a new community. The young man decides that he will spend a year working for the company before deciding if he will buy a house in this new community.

    The year passes and the young man has done very well with the company and loves this new community. Each weekend he visits new home sites to select where he will have his house built. The young man has a miserly and greedy  attitude. Never yielding to charity, always bargaining a vendor down til there is no more strength left on the part of the seller. The young man tries to bargain the prices of the homes down, but is unsuccessful. Finally, one home builder tells him, "if you are looking to spend such a small sum of money, why not contact Art the handy man, you can buy a small piece of land, and he will build a home for you at the price you are dreaming of!" The young man contacts Art and after viewing plans, they come to an agreement on price. Art takes out his measuring stick and proceeds to measure the young man and ask him questions about which room he feels he will be in the most.

    The small parcel of land is purchased, and Art begins to build this home which will be one third the price of the new ones down the road! As the home is being built, the young man is sent away for a few months on a job to another city. When the young man returns, he is anxious to see his new home. He arranges to meet  up with Art at the new house. From the outside it looks splendid! The young man opens the front door, takes two steps in and "ouch"...his head hits a low beam! "What is this?"  asks the young man....and tilting his head down, he turns to the shorter Art and says.."You have made the ceiling so low, I can't even stand up straight in it!"  Art smiles proudly.."you said you spend most of your time sitting or laying down, so why worry if the ceiling is low...think of the money that you will save on air conditioning and heating! Think of  what you will save in time and money when you have to paint! Think of how much you saved on this house! Besides, not everyone is as tall you, you will be the only one to have tilt your head forward."   It all made good sense to the young man, who was quickly satisfied by what he was saved.

   Across the street from the young man lived a couple with a daughter whom they wished would marry. They were thrilled to learn that a successful young man had moved in across the street. The Mother baked an apple pie and along with her husband went to greet their new neighbor. They knocked on the door. "The door is open, you can come in" came the reply. The couple opened the door to see the young man istanding in the middle of his living room, hunched over.  "Oh dear!" sighed the mother, he's a hunchback!  The Father looking at the low ceiling  whispered back to his wife "yes, but a very clever one, he built his ceiling just the same exact height as he is, not to waist a single dollar in building this house!"

    If we are driven through life by the lower elements of greed and selfishness, even in the cloak of wisdom, we  can look foolish!

   and as they say...its not what you wear on the outside...but what you HAVE on the inside!

    My..You are all looking good out there!       Marc :)




randlprysock said...

You are so very gifted with writing.  I have enjoyed this entry very much.  Hope you are having a great day!  And hope I am inspired to write something of great value soon.  It hits me every now and then.  Hugs,

libragem007 said...

"..and as they say...its not what you wear on the outside...but what you HAVE on the inside!."

Amen! Well said Marc!
Gem :-)

gdireneoe said...

How ironic that you should write this just now!  I am struggling with my very ready to be grown up seven year old diva.  Actually, I am not struggling...LOL...but SHE sure is.  I have just had what my kiddies call "Mommy School" on this very story (well, the original;)) ;)  C.

jouell3935 said...

How wonderful a story and woven......very nice...very apro po at this point!!!!!!

sierrajazz said...

It is sad how so many of us do get pulled into greed and selfishness, for many different reasons.  It is a hard thing to teach children not to be materialistic, and judgemental.  We can set examples and try to let people know we appreciate, and accept them for what is inside and not what they own or wear.

alwayswondering1 said...

Just as we are often judged by the clothes we wear, we are also judged by the company we keep. Sometimes both ARE very revealing and accurate assessments of the individuals. But what most cannot see is the heart inside us. I guess we have to consider that those who choose to see us based solely on the surface are the ones who miss out. And, yes, there are those whose greed is visible to all, and it is a wise person who steps back from such people.

dcmeyer420 said...

Brilliant story to put a point across. Well done, Marc!

libragem007 said...

A congrats is in order Marc..

****************************  C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!!

I am sooo excited for you!
                  Guest Editor's Pick...Well Deserved!!

Gem :-)
I hope to see you in the chatroom tonight Marc! :-)

wisteriaswalk said...

Great story and very well wrote. I only wish I could pen as good. I must return to see what new tale you share.

Congrats on the Guest Eddy's Pick!!! WooHoo The south shall rise again!


ondinemonet said...

Hi Marc :)

I came by to congratulate you and being one of Guest editor Maryanne's picks, and was, of course, treated to your fabulous writing! Cool on both accounts!

Always, Carly :)

jtuwliens said...

Complex on many levels.  Authentic hearts always shine through!

plieck30 said...

Congrats on being guest editor's pick. Like the story. Paula

txrebalgirl26 said...


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