Monday, December 5, 2005


  Just returned from Barnes & Noble. These black and yellow instructional books have taken over every subject and clutter up every aisle....and so I muse

                                 "LOVE FOR DUMMIES"
  Take a walk through any major bookstore and you will see those black and yellow books in every aisle! "Photography for Dummies" "Auto Repair for Dummies" "Decorating For Dummies". Yes, every topic imaginable all there,completely explained! The first of these all knowing books was written at the dawn of man, and named, "Love For Dummies".

         Imagine you are home alone, and there is a knock at your door. You open the door to find an 8 year old, freckled faced, red headed girl standing there. "May I help you?" you ask. "Sure!" She says in a cheery note,  "My name is Melissa, and I am your new daughter!" She walks past you and asks "which room is mine? and I hope it has a T.V.!" Before you can begin to figure this out, a middle aged balding man shows up at your door and says "Hi, I'm Miguel,your brother" and as he walks into your house he says.."I'm hungry, have anything to eat?"
  Imagine if we did not give birth, but our children, our next of kin, were assigned to us! At any moment there could be a knock at your door and "poof"...another member to your family!
  Our creator had great insight. He knew how difficult it would be to unconditionally love a complete stranger. So we were constructed to give birth to our own. Love would be so easy, so very natural! To make sure this plan would be foolproof, our creator made certain that act of creating another would be so very pleasurable, so very intimate with our inner core, that we could not resist!
  All we needed to do was to learn how to sustain this simple love ...and by giving us eyes to see each others beauty,and a heart to feel it, he felt the plan was perfect...a plan that only a dummie could mess up!

.....Somehow, it was a marvelous plan, too bad there are still so many dummies amongst us!(some of us just skimmed through the book!).....Peace & Warmth, Marc :)



lissamom2 said...

My dear friend, I don't think you just skimmed it at all. I think you learned the lessons very well.

Touching, very touching, as always

highlander6246 said...

This is not your usual happy ending!  I like your happy endings!  I look forward to them!  Hope all is well with you.  Wendy

sierrajazz said...

Ahh Marc.. what perfect timing for this entry.  I have a very rocky relationship with my 20 yr old daught.  I remember when she was born and I told my husband.." I didn't know you could you love something/someone THIS much." It was truly a remarkable feeling. I still love her but struggle when she hurts me.  I just bought a stain glass cross with the scripture: Faith Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love. I put it by my bed and read it every night before I go to bed to remind me how strong love is and how it will get me through this situation with her. She was a gift to me and I Know God will give me the strenght and love to handle whatever she does.

Oh and BTW  I LOVE those dummy books!!!!  I need some things broken down into really elementary terms.. lol.

bedazzzled1 said...

Hmmm...I do hope you do NOT include yourself among the dummies who skimmed through the book. Every entry in this journal indicates you mastered the plan and could have written that book. ::smile::

onemoretina said...

Ahh, well said !  God had a wonderful idea when he came up with babies.  They come into this world being so sweet and irresistable, that by the time they become obnoxious teenagers, we are already crazy in love with them !  He knew what he was doing !  Tina

wildflower1764 said...

God For Dummies. ;)

globetrotter2u said...

Sometimes it's hard to look for and find the beauty that is within others...especially if they look different, talk different, dress different, etc. than you do.

The Creator did have much insight, however it is also the ones that we love the most that often cause us the most pain.

So perrhaps that knock on the door would have worked better;0)



libragem007 said...

....thanks Marc~
Gem :-)

gdireneoe said...

You're no dummie... ;)  C.