Saturday, June 4, 2005

Nightmare Hair

My mind is provoked by this weeks topic of "Nightmare Hair".   Just the mention of that word brings me back to a night...where dreams can come true!............


    The Sixties!  I know, you have read about them and seen the TV shows and movies replay them........often overlooked in these epics.....the role that "Hair" played!   

    It started with the Beatles....but soon the standard head groom began changing. Longer sideburns, mustaches, beards blossoming....and then....FRIZZ..... There was Dylan, Sly (from Sly and The family Stone)...and then ...Jimi Hendrix (wow).

For the parents in the sixties....each day they would see their kids making a statement with their somecases...yes, a nightmare!

           It was on Thanksgiving of 1968 that Jimi Hendrix was performing in a concert at Lincoln Center. (Imagine...Thanksgiving with Jimi and not the family).My mother understood....and so, off I went with my freind and my sister, to this "happening" as we called it.

   Jimi was in his prime that night, performing flawlessly, spellbinding the sellout crowd. We left the concert in a "purple haze".        We exited the center, and got into the car and pulled into the frozen traffic.

   We were making our way down a street when a limo emerged from an underground parking lot and pulled in front of us. As I stared into the rear window and pondered who the party of wealth might be.... a politican, an actor, or maybe, a rock star....a beam of light entered the limo...and revealed that the person sitting in the back seat had a huge Afro!   "IT'S JIMI" I screamed at the top of my lungs..."JIMI HENDRIX IS IN THE LIMO IN FRONT OF US"!!!!.......I ordered my friend to stay on the cars bumper....."we're gonna follow him til he gets out" I exclaimed. 

and so the great car chase began...... The limo zipped through the heavy N.Y.C. traffic....even running red lights.....we stayed right with it...the thought of meeting my idol ruled out any fear from this  car scene chase!

After a mile the limo pulled over to the side....I could see it was stopping at the Statler Hilton Hotel...I instructed my friend to pull in front of the limo.....I jumped out of the car with the program guide and a pencil in my hand, my heart in my throat........Jimi had exited the limo and was entering the turnstyle doors............I caught up with him......and grabbed hold of the door handle.....freezing him in the middle!   He turned..  He saw me, smiled and winked. I let loose of the door and he stepped into the lobby, me right behind.  As he turned, I had to duck out of the way of his huge head of hair, teased far out enough to cover three heads! I handed him the program guide to sign...he asked me "Did you like the show?"   I moved my heart from my throat to answer back  "I loved were fabulous are the best"......smoothly..ever so smoothly he replied..."good..I am glad you liked it.....Peace brother"...and he vanished in the lobby's crowd....distinguished by that large Afro that moved above the crowd as a sharks fin looms above the water. the sixties, an extension of  ourpersonality....we used it to make a statement about who we were.   It was our "I.D". Card.......   

   So many years have passed since that night...I confess to re living each moment of it many times over!  And now I One nightmare hair-do......made a young boys dream come true!

just wish..I still had my head with all its hair!

Peace ya all!   M :)


tschamberland said...

That was heavy, man!  I remember hearing Jimi's music as a kid.  It was out of this world!  To this day, whenever I hear him on the radio I can't change the station til he's done.  And hair, well, it's what I do on a day to day basis, and you are right.  It does express a lot about someone.


jtuwliens said...

Wow, what a groovy experience!  I just love the way a topic like "hair" brings back such powerful memories.  Memories that shaped a person, a generation, a culture, and ultimately the world.  Nicely written, Marc.  Reading this, I feel like I was there.


ondinemonet said...

Marc :)

I enjoyed this entry so good. :) Yes, 60s hair was not just a fashion was a social shout to the world..."This is me!" "Hair, glorious hair!"

Always, Carly :)

hohumlala said...

lol what a great story ........... I can tell your probably a very animated story teller I m sure that every audience you told it to was tickled :) with a story like that a little rock star rubs off on you.
:) Cristy

jouell3935 said...

Having lived a a very small child with brothers 10 years older than I, I can relate to this story, the music, oh and the Funny how the "styles" come back though...I always said I was born smack in the middle of the 60's way to late to be the true flower child I was meant to be! Loved this entry!

globetrotter2u said...

You've really brought back some vivid memories, Marc. When I was about 16 I remember attending a concert in Philly at a place called the Electric Factory with both Hendrix and Janis Joplin performing live! Can you imagine? I had ironed my waist length blonde hair until it shimmered like a gold lame curtain in the hopes of winning the true love of my date who looked a great deal like a handsome version of Ringo Starr with his long dark hair and long, long sideburns. I was wearing a miniskirt and he was wearing a ridiculous ruffled shirt that was a result of that Cockney/Twiggy/ Mary Quant influence that was going on at the time. Whew! I had a heck of a time remembering that English designer's name, but it finally was released from the dregs of my ancient brain. Now my brain's fried. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, and don't worry about your hair. If your crown is waving good-bye just remember that  IMHO the sexiest men in the world are bald including my husband and 2 of my past heartthrobs. And now it's in vogue to shave your head!!
Love your journal.

gdireneoe said...

I was very little yet, but I remember all the mania around "Purple Haze".  That song actually holds a secret and pertinent memory for me. ;)  C.

tonk357 said...

Hmmm, did a net search of the Hendrix concert I went to on Thanksgiving '68 and bingo!  Jimi sure was in fine form that night!!

Had pretty good seats but it seemed a bit better closer to the stage so on we went.  Nobody stopped us so I planted myself right in front of Hendrix for 3/4 of the show with my 2 buddies; I mean literally leaning on the stage.  It didn't get any better than that!  I got the best spot because I was the biggest, it works like that :o)

Eddie M kept trying to get the scarf of Jimi's knee and J was having nothing to do with it but a smile while he was playing.  What a class act Jimi was!  Don B snapped some pics but none came out :o(  Eddie was always hounding musicians for drumsticks and guitar pics. He once found out where Todd Rundgren lived and woke him up in the Village.

Jimi took his guitar offstage after the show but Noel Redding left his; the wheels started turning in Eddie's stoned head...he's going for the bass.  I told him even if he got it he couldn't get out with it as we were about the last to leave being against the stage and all.  Well, that sure didn't stop him as up on the stage he went...

He didn't make it 1/2 way there when a roadie came out of nowhere; 'bout 9' tall, if not more.  Scrawny Eddie was raised off the stage and all 150#'s of him body slammed onto hardwood.  I thought he'd met his maker but he hobbled off and weakly said..."Let's go".

Just thinking of that concert brought back some fine memories. I'm glad I saw Jimi that night because he wasn't with us much longer.

His music and memories live on...