Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's My Line?

It was one of the first "quiz"shows aired on TV.."What's My Line?"....  A guest would be invited on the stage and 3 ( TV Celebs) would  each have a turn to ask the guest a question....after accumulating the answers, they had the task of guessing what that guest was "famous" for. Many times the panel would be stumped....and incorrectly guessed what the guest was all about.

   It's not so easy to figure someone out, even when you have interrogated the person with 20 personal questions.

  This entry is prompted by several J-landers who have recently written in their journals about receiving wicked and biting comments left for them. This is for the J-landers who write with anger and sadness about the harsh judgement they receive from relatives in the supermarket...and spouses.

        It was 4 years ago that I went up to NY to attend a memorial service for a friend of mine who lost his brother in 9/11.  It had been awhile since being in that surburbian town, and not wanting to get completely lost, I drove slow, carefully reading the street signs. I came to a road that narrowed, barely enough room for two cars to pass. I felt I was close to the house, and so I slowed down to read the house numbers. It was then I noticed a car behind me, riding very close. He flashed his lights....there was really no room for me to pull over.....he tapped his horn....."any house now" I told myself.....Then came the HONKS!...."alright alright" I muttered....and looking into my rear view mirror I could see the look of rage writtin into his face.....and then....the FINGER!.....That's it...he crossed the line. I stopped my car, got out and quickly walked to his car. Just as he rolled down his window I said firmly..."Pardon me for holding you up, but I am looking for the home of Max. /////......Who is holding a memorial service for his brother,who was killed  in the attack on the World Trade Center!!.....The mans face dropped!  "Oh my...please forgive me" he said, barely able to speak the words..."I thought you were just another "Sunday driver" not giving a hoot who was behind you....but I am wrong..I apologize......what home are you looking for?"  I handed  him the directions I had....."Oh my, you are on the North side heading in the wrong need to be heading South....look, ...I'll take you to his place, its only a few minutes from here...we'll have to make U-turns...just follow me".

     As I followed the man, I is a man that 60 seconds ago, was cursing me to hell, and now this same man, once he became aware of what I was now my personal escort!....and without his help..I would have remained lost for quite some time!"

    Remember fellow j-landers....once people take the time to know who we are, and what we are about...once we let others know who we are....the honking, cursing, criticizing, the slander ceases, and then...the kindness and understanding can begin!

Wishing all..simple measures of both!  Marc :)




courtenaymphelan said...

Marc, Thsi is a beautiful entry...things can get so off the charts when people get is like we are all doing the best we can but sometimes we are just misunderstood...Love, Courtenay

libragem007 said...

Thank you so much for reminding me.
Gem :-)

jtuwliens said...

...ahhhhh...  A breath of fresh air!  You always have such a nice way of putting things.
Thinking nothing but kind words,

samnsmile5 said...

I like this...thanks for the giving me something to think about.  I need to be reminded to not judge so quickly.  Thanks

eml625 said...

Thats what I like to hear, A NICE story about my fellow New Yorkers !!!
Where were you when you were here??


ondinemonet said...

Hi Marc

Marvelous usual! :)

Always, Carly :)

jouell3935 said...

Sigh......Thank you

karebear4x4 said...

Thanks Marc!  this was great   just as i'm getting on my own case about being critical   i needed to be reminded by someone else too   thanks a bunches!~kbear

mariebm56 said...

Great entry, Marc!!!
Because of a detour in my life, I drive for a living & am on the road for 6 1/2 hours Mon. thru Fri & have experienced many NY drivers.  There are a handful that unfortunately make it worse for everyone else.  Most times, people are just not thinking. They are so self-absorbed!  
The majority are really just the opposite, believe it or not, NY drivers can be considerate & understanding.  What I have noticed is that the closer you do get to NYC the more inconsiderate drivers can be.  Unfortunately they make it bad for all the rest.

wildflower1764 said...

I agree. ~V

bedazzzled1 said...

Looks like I have a long wait before you ever write a less-than-stellar entry in here! ::grin:: This is an excellent reminder for everyone, myself included, to try to be a more thoughtful person toward others. It also got me thinking about What's My Line. Made me wonder what I would be "famous" for if I were a guest on the show. I have yet to leave my mark on the world. How about you?

rachealcarol said...

A lovely thought to end the entry on, I totally agree. Rache xx

sierrajazz said...

Here's to hoping everyone stops and takes the time to try to understand someone before they make a snap judgements and assumptions from just one comment. There are a lot of frustrated and hurting people in the world who react out of anger, pain and lonliness.  I know I can try a little harder to be more patient and understanding, and will work on that.

gardenmantis said...

Well said. I try not to make judgements about people. Even if the first one is bad I usually am thinking they had a bad day, are worried or whatever.

sdoscher458 said...

This is a great entry and very true. Wasn't there an old Indian saying about walking a mile in someone's moccasins, that then you would understand them. Sandi

globetrotter2u said...

Fabulous entry, Marc!
I've been getting depressed about the nastiness in J-Land , too!
You handled that incident like the incredibly classy gentleman that you are.
I respect you more than you will ever know.
Right on, and keep leading us through your example:):)

lissamom2 said...

What a beautiful illustration. May I borrow that for work?

gdireneoe said...

LOVE this. ;)  C.