Monday, May 30, 2005

No man can Find The War

On this day I pause to relect upon the many  lives that were lost in name of our Freedom.

Some ask "What kind of God would allow for war?".....and so, his actual existance is questioned......and then there is the other saying.."there are no athiests in foxholes"

God does not make does...this is his own creation.....the fear and  grief  that war breeds....brings us back to God. best illustrate....a man is about to break into a bank vault at he exits his vehicle with his tools....he looks upward and says..."God, I hope I don't get caught"       he hears a voice come back.."if you don't want to get caught, then why are you stealing?"..........


We are blessed with free will, but once we trangress on the will of our creator....He manages to leave the highway open back to him.

I hope all of us on this planet can find this highway, BEFORE we march off to war again...and again.

"Humans weep at human death

all the talkers lose their breath

movies paint a chaos tale 

singers sing and poets wail

all the world knows the score

but no man, can find the war.------Lyrics Larry Becket by Tim Buckley


jtuwliens said...

The men and women who have given so much of themselves in the name of our freedom are truly heroes!

tschamberland said... our lifetime, perhaps.

my78novata said...

AMEN for those who are there for us now

karebear4x4 said...

Beautiful entry...Truth always reveals itself when it comes to war...thank you to all our veterans and soldiers   thanks for this entry~kbear

mamaklute said...

That is SO true! thanks for reminding us. It is too easy to blame God for everthing