Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Front Row

OOps!  My apologies to those who are now bending their necks to see this photo right side up...actually, the position of this pic closely resembles how I was operating this weekend....sideways!

Seems like yesterday when I said farewell to my son and wished him the best as her pursued his dreams in the halls of NYU. Attending this school,and living in N.Y.C. was his dream...not mine.    Four years ago, my parting words to him were.."I will miss this front row seat I have had to your wonderful wit,youthful innocence, and lively well of imagination.

  Yesterday at his graduation at Lincoln Center...he gave me back my "front row seat"....Having earned one of the schools most prestigous awards, he was given a seat on the stage (along with the Dean and members of the faculty)..and the parents...were given the front row for their seats!

Jared, thank you for returning me to my seat...I loved the view!


my78novata said...

You can reposition it in the you ve got pictures thing. It has an edit photo and it will allowyour picture to be turned right side up. My daughter graduated Friday you will have to stop by and see that very different graduation in my journal

tschamberland said...

Swells of pride and joy had to have been emanating from where you sat!  Very touching words.  To think that, someday, I will sit at the graduation of my 2 sons.  It's too surreal!  

jtuwliens said...

Graduation...what an exciting time in one's life!  The ephemeral quality of this exciting time (although fleeting) will be remembered for a lifetime.  Opportunities, possibilities, pathways leading to infinity, and challenges await fresh minds.  Ahhhh...graduation...the world is at Jared's fingertips.  Congratulations to you both!  What an honor to have worked so hard and be rewarded with one of the most prestigious award offered by NYU, and for you to bask in his honor by proudly siting in the front row...can it get any better than that?

ks4460 said...

Congratulations, Jared!!!  This is a great idea, Marc, of the journal. I didn't know about this before.  Your writings are, as usual, wonderful!!!  Thanks for sharing them!!!

iiimagicxx said...

OMG you are handsome!... I did not imagine you like that...it's funny the way we imagine people with who we interact on the net. I think this deserves good research for it is really puzzling me... this is really nice to see you. You look very happy indeed, but more than that, a happy man in general. I guess I should have gone back to the start of your journal and would have found it...why did not I do this!... You are and must be a proud dad, I would be. I have myself studied so many topics, but have always feared the big exams...too big for me... I had to accept I am not that intelligent. Does not matter... it used to be a dream to get one of these prestigious awards, perhaps in another life. Great photo, I now need a neck massage :D