Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Ridiculous Pet Naming"

At the tender age of three, one of my first longings was to have a pet.  I was deeply moved by the wisdom that "Lassie" imparted .......I was uplifted by the courage that "Rin Tin Tin " displayed.......I wanted a Pet!!!  I wanted my own personal hero!

On my 4th wish was granted....a Parakeet!   I was overjoyed....a winged mascot of my very own! "what will you name him?" asked my mom......"Casey Jones Jr. III" ....... (I believe he was a railroad engineer).......just not sure why and how the III..........but we certainly traveled together through my youth!


my78novata said...

Well he certianly had a huge name to live up to and sounds like he did that keeping you happy and givng companionship. Have any pics to post in the journal.

ondinemonet said...

Marc :)

This is why I love reading your journal...the smile it gives me everytime!

Always, Carly :)

highlander6246 said...

Marc, congratulations on the graduations of both your sons!  You have 3 wonderful reasons to cause that radiant glow you surely must be wearing right about now!  Wendy

jtuwliens said...

Nicely stated when you referred to your pet as, "A winged mascot of your very own!"  Pets are such a wonderful things for children.  They can teach responsibility, respect for God's creations, and so much more.  Casey Jones Jr. III is such a regal name.  Much better than naming a pet parakeet Lassie, which is what I was anticipating.

vaultofsecrets said...

I am laughing!
We also had a wonderful Parakeet join our family with his daily chatter and feather matter.
We called him BIRD! That was his given name from our sons at ages 4yrs. and 6yrs.
Bird once escape his cage (we lived in the woods) and was spreading his wings in all the close by trees.
We could hear him...." Pretty Boy" from tree to tree.
I feared for his life....
hanging his cage in the tree outside my kitchen window with his door pried open for him.
Two days later much to my surprise was BIRD..back in his cage.
He pooped green for days...drank water like a lost at sea sailor.
He died at a ripe ol' age of 16 years on Thanksgiving day....
Loved that BIRD!

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.