Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Tune Of Childrens Toys

While searching through an overstuffed closet, down from somewhere, a small toy bunny came tumbling down. I picked it up and quickly recognized it, as it was one of the first toys I had brought home for my newborn son many (many!) years ago.

   I examined the fluffy character and gave the key in its back a twist. The delicate jingle jangle eminated from the animal once again, bringing alive memories of time so long ago!These tunes are  so deeply woven in my heart.

    I focused on the tune that was playing......this was the tune that would fill my car when we took trips to the market. This was the tune that I would first resort to  play upon hearing his tender cries in his crib. This was the tune that masked all sounds of the house, and allowed all to know....there was a baby in the house. This tune played everywhere, like it was a top 40 hit!

   The tune that plays for an infant is like no very delicate, and soft....just as the babys skin. The delicate notes grab at small heights and contain a rhythm that seems to carry hidden blessings.....almost as if....angels were playing!

Listen to the tune of a childs toy.......its about as close to sound of heaven you will hear!


babyshark28 said...

awww, so sweet.

I too fall helplessy in love with by-gone "things" of my childrens past.
great entry. :)

robinngabster said...

Awwww.....sweet, sweet entry. xoxo

delela1 said...

Oh Mark, you got me with that one.  So very, very true.  What a wonderful, delightful way to see.  Your perspective continues to amaze me...~Dona

grofsand said...

...oh my...seems like I have struck a universal chord that we all relate to!  A warm "thank you" to each for sharing youring your sentiments on this tender matter.  Marc :)

karensull12 said...

So true!

robinngabster said...

anxiously waiting for your next entry. xoxo

jen73169 said...

They grow up fast but we parents get to keep the memories forever!

globetrotter2u said...

Oh my god. You've got me blubbering like an idiot right now...
Thanks the hell a lot Marc. The husband is going to ask me why I'm crying and I'll have to lie rather than tell him that there are men out there that I never ever had a chance to meet, but whose words have touched my heart in ways that I can't even describe...
That was truly beautiful, my friend.
Thank-you for sharing.

lissamom2 said...

Awww, so very true. God has truly blessed the homes that have resonated with those soft tunes. At our house, with the last little gift,  it was the tune of "You Are My Sunshine". Just last week when he had strep throat and a temperature of 103.7 his little red lips whispered, "Mommy, sing me our song". With a cracking voice, I did.

gdireneoe said...

::sigh...::  Play on maestro...;)
What of the song of a mother's love?
As she sings to her babe of angels above
Melodious only for brand new ears
She thoughtfully croons through tears
As soon she knows that time will fly
And grow this toddler from her side
So every time she tucks him in
A song she sings once again.
  Celeste      February    2006
"Hush little baby...don't say a word..."
;)  C.