Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

(Thanks Ann, its been awhile since I have given this one a listen)

   No one can run a marathon and then go right to sleep!  Falling asleep is not a habit. It is not something we can command ourselves to do. Ever have one of those hard can't wait to lay down and close your eyes......only to find, you can't fall asleep!

   The world of sleep is a precious place.....a palace of silence....and the only way in is through a quiet corridor.   The finest corridor that exists to this palace, is the warm and tender touch of another. The scents, softness of touch, and the connection that allows us to become intimate with inner core.....yes, that is the "guide" I desire before entering the palace of sleep!

and who expressed it better?

"close your eyes, close the door

you don't have to worry any more

I'll be your baby tonight.

Shut the light, shut the shade

you don't have to be afraid

I'll be your baby tonight"

         Sweet and soulful Dreams~~~~~~~~



ann7inflorida said...

I was hoping you would do an entry! I absolutely love your writing style. : )
That is such a great song! It was love at first...sound (?) lol. It's prompted me to listen to more of his music, especially the older stuff.

Beautiful entry, Marc! ~Ann : )

gdireneoe said...

::slow upward curl...and a wink:: ;)  C.