Friday, January 7, 2005

Look At The Fool

Have been surfing journal entries.....and notice a common theme amongst many...."Love".....Yes, its on everyones lips these days, gotta have it, we all want it, wanna give it, don't wanna lose it......its sounding more and more like Love has same characteristic as a watermelon seed!

    "Love".....What a wonderful and precise mechanism we are blessed with! Truely, it is lifes greatest enhancer!

    Ah! ....but we are such apprentices with this powerful emotion. We seem inclined to add varying amounts of fear, selfishness, jealousy and greed to it. We then go on to tinker with this wonderful mechanism, love, by removing the bolts of committment, and loosening the gears of compromise. The mechanism, love, loses its precison and  once out of balance, has us wobble, stumble and fall.~ ~ ~ ~

I love you more than I care about myself

I love you, hate you, for what you are doing to my health

I love you, hate you, for all this love you make me feel

I love you darlin' cause you know I can't leave

but when you're gone

I'm little boy lost in the storm with the wolves

flames all around, I talk to myself

and pray to the rain

that this lonely curse won't drive me insane

I run into the sea, but the sea only sighs

"look at the fool, love brings me"   ~~~~~~ Tim Buckley



globetrotter2u said...

Love is fickle. It preys on the unsuspecting at strange times. All I can say about love is the following: Time heals nothing. It simply rearranges our memories.
May your life be filled with happiness and requited love, my friend.

gdireneoe said...

Beautiful, beautiful words... ;)  C.