Tuesday, March 14, 2006

License To Love

          Imagine you are in need of a heart operation! In walks the surgeon, it's Harrison Ford! You gasp, "Harrison Ford?    You're not a heart surgeon.   What are you doing here?"..Smiling with his charming grin,    "Oh, but I did play a Dr. in the movie,  The Fugitive,  I think I will do just fine!"
          Your roof has a leak, you call a roofer and Tim Allen shows up (Home Improvement)....While you are delighted to meet him...he's not the one you'll hire to fix your roof!
.......License!.....Yes, when it comes to matters that affects our health and the roof over our heads...we want to see a license. It shows us that we are in the hands of an "authority"....someone that really knows how to do the job right!
   What about Love?  We meet strangers, and as they pass our sets of criteria we allow ourselves to open our hearts to them. No license necessary, "here, you have won me over with the right look, the right words and the right touch, here's my heart!      It almost sounds too foolish to be true!
     Upon closer scrutiny I realized, that when our hearts want something so much, when the needs of the heart  is so strong, it will overlook the details that line the path to the object of its' desire...in this case, Love!  The place, the time, the circumstance are of little importance, just the fact that we  reached that highpoint of emotion..is all we think about. In other words, the license to love and be loved by someone, is overlooked....we don't need credentials!
     I asked "why not?"....We want our Heart Dr. to have credentials, we want our roofer and plumber to have them...why not a stranger we allow in our heart?
      I thought of myself, who walks with an open heart and allows entrance to whoever holds a ticket of kindness. Then it occurred to me, there is a license to love. We all have one,it was given to us by our Creator (God if you wish)..Our hearts have been preset to respond to kindness and caring. They have been treated with a sensitivity towards truth, trust and sincerity. As long as we sense these long proven elements, a license to love hangs proudly in our hearts! The other  details..are small.
   Congratulations...it looks like all you lovely J-Landers are Drs!


gdireneoe said...

Oh Marc...this is the best one yet hon'.  Just...absolutely lovely.  You've an amazingly beautiful heart hon'...play on ...play on and on...
:::::::::::SIGH:::::::::: ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

delela1 said...

We are pretty good when it comes to helping each other, mending, fixing, through sharing.  :)

eml625 said...

Marc, you have a way of always leaving me ..... .thinking.


ally123130585918 said...

Marc what a lovely entry ~ thanks for sharing your thoughts ~ Ally

mutualaide said...

Such a nice entry!  Glad you got the license too!

philadlfiagrl said...

my license was revoked a long time ago, and now i have to fish at the bottom of the lake of philly with all the other bottom feeders...

ha! that sounded horrible, and made it sound like MY FAULT that im alone; which is partly true, but since my license was not helping me to find other licensed heart drs i basically turned mine in, and said, i'll pick this up later, if needed for any future ventures...

my license was a license to be fooled, lied to, abused, and cheated;

anyone know where i can get the real thing???




tschamberland said...

Well, I could've probably been sued (or done the suing myself) for malpractice years ago.  ::chuckle::

Interesting take on this thing called love though!

Great day Doc!,

mastersblynn said...

pure genuis Barbara

mariebm56 said...

I could see your point of view, but what if you got fooled into thinking it was love, but it really was just lust.  What if the person you married has no clue what love is.  With some people, saying "I Love You" is only words, nothing more.

lifes2odd said...

What a great entry! I have to run call my Mother now. She always wanted me to be a doctor! ;-)

onemoretina said...

This is interesting, and you are so right.  It's funny how we can be so careful in some areas of our life, and so carefree in others.  But, then, I suppose I would rather be fooled once or twice, than go through life being suspect.  I guess that's the price we pay for being human.  Thanks ... this made me think !  Tina

globetrotter2u said...

Some people should have their license's revoked, too.

Nice entry, Marc. You have a great mind , especially as it pertains to human nature and things of the heart.


bedazzzled1 said...

Oooo...this is perfect. That license to love FEELS the credentials necessary to bestow our love on others.