Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Guest Towel

Regarding my last entry, "License To Love", I have received a few comments and e-mails provoking me to realize that while we all have a license to love, we are often guilty of malpractice!  So...I offer up to you the other side ..........     
                                          THE GUEST TOWEL
    You have just spent four wonderful days in a very plush hotel. Everything about this hotel resonates with the ultimate in comfort. The silk sheets, the thick carpeting, the scent of fresh linen and lilac permeating the air, right down to the very plush guest towels, this hotel is PLUSH!
    It is time to start packing, you have just washed your face the creamy kiwi cucumber soap and now begin to pat your skin with the plush guest towel. "This place is heaven" you sigh to yourself. "I just wish I could take a piece of this with me". You stare at the  plush guest towel in your hands, "this will do!" and you toss it into your suitcase which is lying open on the bed. Your conscience rebels! "Hey! That's not right, thats stealing!...Now go hang that towel back up on the rack!".... You pause, you want that guest towel, you feel it belongs to you. You counter your conscience "Hey, with what I am paying for each day here....they should give me a towel!....Besides..In a place this big, who will ever notice one little guest towel is missing?"  You have just steamrolled your sense of morals with your own handpicked zip up the suitcase, and this matter  is closed.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------          Our hearts are like that plush hotel. They offer the greatest comfort known to man....Love. How foolish we are, to come into this Hotel and take what we feel belongs to us and then excuse ourselves with our own sense of logic!
  How unfortunate for the Hotel owner, who is faced with replacing those guest towels over and over again and leaving himself to wonder.."have I charged too high a price for someone to come here?"
Looking for that soft and fluffy pillow..........Marc :)


ally123130585918 said...

The Guest Towel ~ Lovely Mark I enjoyed reading that ~ thanks ~ Ally

eml625 said...

You know, I never stole a towel. I thought about stealing the Plush robe once , but never did that either !!!!


tschamberland said...

Wow!  That certainly gives a vivid example of our hearts dynamics in such understandable terms.  For the record, I've never stolen a towel from a hotel, regardless of how nice it was.  Amazing that I've taken liberties in the area of the heart or had the misfortune of being taken advantage of.  How can we make such clear cut decisions about inanimate things, yet muck it up when it comes to emotions?  Hmmm... and what does that say about the potential love interest's character if they have stolen a towel?  Maybe one should throw a quirky question like that out there when getting to know someone.....


robinngabster said...

Sheez.....making me feel bad for all the tiny bottle of shampoo I have highjacked over the years!  LOL!

siennastarr said...

Hmmm.......  I always thought I had a heart of stone... but.. seems someone came along and softnened it up a bit..  

It's still not fluffy though.. lol

I'm working on it!  :P


mariebm56 said...

Thank you Marc, for showing me I was the soft fluffy pillow.
I always seem to question my past experience, even though I know what happened I seem to occasionally blame myself & find myself asking the WHAT IFs.  The bottom line is, he was always out for himself, how could someone who was so self absorbed possibly love someone, put others first, be compromising, understanding , sacrificing & caring.
Love has so many pieces to it,and that not everyone knows how to love.
Once you do find love, you are then complete.  God has given us that precious gift, THE most important gift.
Thanks again Marc~

philadlfiagrl said...

if they take too many towels from the heartbreak hotel, the place may go bankrupt and no more fluffly pillow, towels, or silky sheets, EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!



lissamom2 said...

I so wish that I could leave a very eloquent comment here, but I'm simply without words.

gdireneoe said...

You know...I've come here several times to re-read absorb have the best analogies Marc...I have no adequate words...just...wonderful. ;)  C.

globetrotter2u said...

"Looking for that soft and fluffy pillow..."

Marc, you are such an incorrigible flirt! But no wonder you have all the ladies leaving you sweet comments here...

You do have a magical way of seeing things that most ladies love and admire because it's such a rare gift amongst most males!


bedazzzled1 said...

(Maryanne? Do you think Marc is REALLY a woman? ::giggle::)

Nice counterpoint to your previous entry, Marc (or Marcia!!!) You are such a chick magnet with entries like these.

Hope you find that soft, fluffy pillow.

libragem007 said... make me laugh you know that? One minute you're talking about the Guest towel and the next second you're looking for fluffy pillow LOL!.
on a serious note, I had to read this more than once and the last paragraph to make sense of I understand what you mean. It is provoking an entry from me.
Gem :-)