Saturday, April 9, 2005

The Escort (Mission Of The Soul)

This has been a week where I  been invaded with random moments of weeping.....and coping.  With moments of despair, my mind reaches out....and it now brings back a tale once told to me, that awakened every single thinking cell in my brain....and quickened a vibrant pulse through my heart. ~~~~  That voice inside you...which is so uniquely one else has that same speaks.

                        The Escort

    Long ago, lived a man far away from the kingdom. One day a messenger appeared at his door with a notice that he was to meet with the King!

    The man, fearful of this journey, wanted an escort to the Castle. He asked a friend if he would accompany him. His friend smiled and told him that he could escort him through the forest, which was inhabited with beasts, but once at the walls of the Kingdom, he would have to leave.

    The man was not satisfied with that offer, so he asked another. "Can you escort me to see the King?" The second friend smiled and said that he could escort him through the forest, and take him into the kingdom and lead him right to the door of king, but would have to leave at that point.

    The man was still not satisfied and asked yet another friend. "Can you escort me to see the King?"  The third friend smiled and said..."yes, I can escort you through the forest, and yes, I can lead you into the Kingdom and.....I will even wait with you when the King comes to the door. And when the King opens the door...I will even speak in your behalf!"  

   The man, finally satisfied, smiled and said..."I am ready for the journey".


       .......The first friend that was asked to be an escort,  represents the "material" aspects of our life. Money, objects and possesions.....those things will take you only so far in life....they can escort us through the "jungle"...but no further than that can they go.

..........The second friend in this tale represents our family. Our family can escort us through the "jungle of fears" in life.....and they will escort us through and into the Kingdom (Death) but they too will leave us at the door (grave).

........The third friend is our Soul. Our Soul escorts us through the jungle of life, right through the Kingdom (death) and will be there with us as we go through the door to the next world. Our Soul, filled with our acts of Kindness, blessings rendered, will also speak on our behalf!

    It is our Love for each other....our unselfish caring , that nourishes our Soul to be such a magnificant spokesperson!



robinngabster said...

I am extremely moved by this...thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with us. You are amazing.  Robin

tschamberland said...

Moving.  This is one entry I will remember for some time.

justaname4me2 said...

It's interesting how the mind works. When faced with challenges we stop, ponder it, panic even and sometimes even come to a stand still. Yet, when thought of in simple perspectives like story, it's much easier to evaluate which step to take. Another point driven home.

delela1 said...

What a wonderful way to put it.  It's clarity that comes from simplicity at times.


vaultofsecrets said...

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meaning A Great Message here.
Great entry, a really nice journal.

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

globetrotter2u said...

Amazing. Such a brilliant mind! A mind quite intimidating to mundane, common mortals such as myself.
Lovely entry, as always...

gdireneoe said...

"the 'cuda" I mean...;)  C.

gdireneoe said...

Marc?...she's a fool... ;)  C.

siennastarr said...

Oh, so true..
What a wonderful way of putting it all together..


nhd106 said...

That's wonderful, Marc.   It's the type of tale (like some of your emails) that needs to be read more than once, at least for me.   Thank you for sharing it with me at this time.  You are really good and zooming right in on what is needed....and I thank you.