Friday, February 29, 2008

Mountain Of Knowledge-Castles made Of Sand

A warm "thank you" to Vish who selected me  this week for guest editor role. My only regret is that I could not mention the many other fine journals that I visit . Everyone here has a heart that reaches out with words. They are placed here , and like grains of sand they form a mountain of knowlege. Each of your experinces, each of your thoughts, each of your photos, evidence that the pathways to our soul is always open! All of your journals are a complete joy to visit !

Now, back to the topic....Mountain Of Knowledge...

I confess, I haven't quite gotten over the fact that Adam ASSUMED Eve knew what she saying when she said it was ok to eat the apple.

Not sure why, but "making assumptions" is definitely blended into our nature.How many times a day do we perform an act because we "assume" that act is expected of us?

I have made many trips to that Mountain of Knowledge, and only once did I come close to an answer.....................................


       One day I climbed to a plateau on this mountain, and as I was inhaling the soft breezes, I could hear cries coming from the side of the mountain. I went to the edge, looked down and saw two damsels were stranded on a ledge just 12 feet below!


 “Please help us” they sobbed. I rubbed my eyes, for these damsels in distress were no ordinary damsels, they were Wisdom and Peace!  I assumed  that if I could rescue them, they would share their inner most secrets with me! “Help is on the way” I called out. I turned to a nearby tree and broke off branches and leaves and fashioned a vine. I secured the vine around a rock and lowered myself down to the ledge.

I held one arm open to Wisdom and said “come, place your arm around my waist and I will carry you up”. Wisdom approached and as she took the vine from my hand , gave me a nudge. “Do you really think that Wisdom doesn’t know how to climb?” she asked with a smile. In the blink of an eye, she  climbed up to the plateau. I held my arm open to Peace, and said “come Peace, hold on to my waist and I will carry you up”. Peace approached me, and also nudged me to the side and placed the vine around her waist. “When you have Wisdom as a friend, you don’t need more”. In the blink of an eye, Peace was lifted up to the plateau. I looked up to see the pair looking down at me,”ok, very nicely done, please toss me the vine”. I said with a tone of defeat in my voice.   Their smiling faces disappeared and their laughter began to fade away. “The Vine!” I called out. Wsidom called back, “you don’t need a vine, you will figure out how to get back up, and when you do, you will be Wiser and at Peace with yourself!” As their laughter faded, I mused, now I know  why Adam made his assumption, it was his absolute faith in God that led him to believe he was ENTITLED to have knowledge!


 Believing and  having faith does not constitute entitlement to Knowledge! Knowledge must gained through experience , through pain, through struggle and through fear.I needed to be defeated by those damsels, to learn that it cannot be gained by assuming how to act! 

And I mused,  How foolish to think that Wisdom and Peace would need me to rescue them!


Yes, I still go back and climb upon that Mountain, despite the bumps and bruises and those "sprites" that inhabit it, each lesson learned bears the taste of fruit, wisdom and knowledge.!


Have a wonderful Week...towards the light......Marc :)



helmswondermom said...

Congratulations on being Guest Editor this week.  I look forward to checking out your picks.  Enjoyed this analogy very much!

inafrnz247 said...

I don't need to tell you, how awesome and essential this experience is, as told through your words and seen through your eyes.  How eloquently you've share that knowledge here, Marc...  Thank you.

And congrats on being Guest Editor!!  Bask in the well deserved limelight, my friend!   ;o)


sunnybethe said...

I remember this story & it's a good one to remember always. Thank you for reminding us Marc.  


sdoscher458 said...

Congrats on getting picked, I love the way you describe Jland's writers. It is so true I have learned so much by reading other people
s thoughts, have laughed and cried reading their words. Mountain of knowledge, just well, love, Sandi

ab45yui said...

Congratulations Marc, enjoyed the story too.  

mariebm56 said...

It amazes me how your beautiful words through out Jland has such an impact on all.  When visiting Jland friends a few months ago, on LI, your name came up & we thought that you had a special bond with each of us....funny, you just have that way to connect to everyone.
Thank you again for selecting my journal to mention on MagicSmoke, THAT is indeed an honor with all the journals you seem to magically touch with your kind words.
Ciao, Marc~

mairefish said...

Full of wisdom =).  Nice to meet you!  I was checking your journal out from Magic Smoke.  Congrats on being Guest Editor.  Have a good weekend!  Hugs, Val xox

ally123130585918 said...

Congratulations Marc ~ It is always a pleasure to visit your journal ~ Ally x

pamal3 said...

Congratulations Marc. Beautiful story, I loved It. I once got told a while back never to assume anything as It would only make an "ass" out of "u" and an "ass" out of "me" ! lol. Love Pam xx

lifes2odd said...

Congrats Marc and thanks so much for selecting me as one of your picks. Thank you too for always having words of wisdom to share with us.
Hugs, Martha :-)

topazscorpio27 said...

Congrats.  Now aren't you glad I told you what a guest editor is? -Dawn-

astaryth said...

Congrats on the Guest Editors gig! Like I said on the entry over there, You've got great taste in Journals!

wildautumn1 said...

Congratulations of being picked as Guest Editor!  Hope many more readers will enjoy your wisdom!!!

mairiegelling said...

Faith grows through questions not answers. The only knowledge you need is that you don't know. Where's the achievement in climbing a mountain you've already climbed?

Thanks for your thoughts,

preciousone25 said...

I just came over to your journal for the first time by way of Mary... Just Mary.  I love your journal, I spent some time reading quite a few entries, and loved them all.  I'll be back!!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Congrats on being chosen for Guest editor...first visit to you j I think..I enjoyed the read and will be back..have a great week!  TerryAnn

nhd106 said...

I'm losing it.  I could have sworn I commented and congratulated and commended, etc etc etc.  Was it all a dream?  Perhaps I did this on Magic smoke.  Anyway, you must know how much I love your writing and enjoy your blog, thoughts and comments.  You are rather am I....and you touch my soul quite often.  That's a good thing, no worries!  
I only wish you wrote more often.  But I'll take what I could get! lol
Peace to YOU...

mjgm1954 said...

Please give you dear wife a big hug. then please tell her that she is receiving an honorary hug for all wives who are not blessed with a hubby who would eat her burned pancakes! That anecdote brightened my day, lol I consider that a very loving and noble gesture on your part. my ex would not condecend to eat my cooking. on rare occasions ,if he were starving, he would eat what i had fixed after a liberal dose of ketchup.Another tactic of his was to pull all the leftovers out and make a big bowl of garbage, top with ketchup, and eat with a spoon. This was his way of insulting me since I am known for being a great cook. Funny how a simple thing can show love in one instance and disdain in another!  

tpiez4me said...

Such a beautiful outline true of our lives today.  I shall share this with hubby.

libragem007 said... always, I gained wisdom and felt the peace in reading this entry.
Congratulations on being this week's Guest Editor.

Gem :-)

whoopiepoopsie said...

You so deserve to be Guest Editor - even though I don't always comment, you have no idea how much I learn from your always knowledgeable, often entertaining and ever sincere entries - you are awesome!

Hugs From Minnesota

st0rmwhispers said...

Wow!....that was just profound.

All I want to know is how does one hear the call of Wisdom and Peace in the first place...Insanity and Chaos have such a nasty way of drowning them out LOL!

whoopiepoopsie said...

I absolutely love your style of writing.  You really should be published!

Hugs from Minnesota

lissamom2 said...


You never cease to amaze me! Beautiful, my friend, beautiful!

And thanks for the congratulations on my impending grandmotherhood! Bless your heart!


onmiownnow2 said...

Where've you been?  Hope everything is OK!  Lisa

jasegal1 said...

Why haven't you shared more of your writings for these past few months. I am sure many miss them.

Its been a long time

mariebm56 said...

Hey Marc, just checking in with you....we miss you!!!
Hope all is well.  Maybe you can do a small entry & let us know you are still alive...Ü