Sunday, October 21, 2007

Love Bites

 The other day a young co-worker arrived at the office sporting a "hicky" on his neck. "Nice tattoo" I commented as I handed him his daily task list. "It's only temporary" he replied. As I walked away, I mused,"that's what you think!" My mind quickly ran back in time when I received my first hicky.

  It was a summer long ago, I was 14. In the apartment building I lived in, there was a group of us who spent our summer days as if we were cloned . We'd all get up early, watch re-runs of "I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith Show, Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best" . By 12 noon we would all meet by the swimming pool and spend the next 5 hours having splash fights,holding your breath underwater contests, perfecting our cannonball dives off the board, and taking siestas inbetween the laughter and the chat. At 5 P.M. we'd all head back to our apts and have our dinners, shower up, and by 7 we'd all reassemble, squeaky clean, in the courtyard.

 The courtyard was the hangout for all the residents of the building. Our small group, needing its privacy had a small corner that was exclusive to us, we called it, the "Chit Chat Corner".

On one such evening, just as I was approaching the sacred ground, Lovely Laurie, walked up to me and with her reassuring smile said, "Marc, tilt your head a little". Her wish was always my command, I would have jumped off a building for her, so this seemed rather simple.  Without a chance to comprehend her wish, she quickly leaned over, and nibbled on my neck for a mere 3 seconds. She pulled away and her friends who were flanking her right and left shoulder immediately commented. "Nice Laurie, very Nice". Then, my freinds joined in with their observations, "wow Marc, nice looking Hicky". 

"Hicky?" I asked in puzzlement, "what is a hicky?"

They all laughed at my naivety. "You don't know what a Hicky is?" they chimed. My level of wisdom was challanged, but these were my friends, so I felt fine in pleading to my innocense. "When you suck on your skin for a few seconds, you break the blood vessels and a mark appears."  Somehow, this did not make much sense to me, so I paid no further attention to it.

We disassembled for the evening, I returned home, greeted by my older sister (she was 18 at the time, and the "rebel" amongst the 3 of us) "Wow Bro, nice Hicky you have there!" She looked examining the mark. "Who gave that to you?" .....Justthen my other older Sister appeared on the scene (16 at the time and she inherited the "Mom" side) . "Oh my, Mom is gonna be real mad when she sees that on your neck!" she admonished.I tried defending myself  explaining that Laurie was just practicing but it was met with a several disbelieving "uh hums". The commotion brought the attention of my Mom and Step Dad (my step dad was a Lee Marvin look alike and soundalike...tall with a deep husky voice) My mother came into the kitchen, "what's going on here? Did I hear something about a Hicky?" My Step dad moved right in, peered closely at my neck, pressed his finger down hard on it...and looking me in the eye, he said aloud, "Nah, it's a bug bite, go put some calamine lotion on it now!"

  I moved quickly past the crowd, into the bathroom and doused cottonballs with the pink lotion and then painted my neck. Yes, that did the trick. As I admired this "bite" on my neck,with all the attention it garnered, I began to understand its significance!

  It wasn't till a few years later till I received my next Hicky, and not only understood, but deeply appreciated its significance! My level of wisdom elevated....the next few days I wore a turtleneck sweater!

Yes, the Hicky only lasts a few days on the skin...but in the lasts much longer!


chaispice1023 said...

ah yeah, i remember the days of turtleneck sweaters.  there was a rumor that combing from the bottom of the hicky up would make it disappear, but that really was just a rumor.  and maybelline apparently can't manufacture a foundation or cover stick that'll hide one, either.  :-)

have a good sunday.

mariebm56 said...

Ü  Cute story, Marc!
::::::Aaaaaaaah.....Sweet memories:::::

twolovepeach said...

lol, delicious memories you have aroused, Marc! Maybe I shall slip back to bed with hubby after ;)

sdoscher458 said...

Ah memories...what a delight.  Sounds like your step-dad was in your corner..good story....take care...Sandi

ally123130585918 said...

Ah Marc that was a cute little tale ~ I wondered what a Hicky was to begin with ~ I had never heard that description before ~ your Stepdad sounded like a very understanding Man ~ Ally x

tampa0503 said...

ahhhh...clamine lotion!  And all those times I has to wear turtle necks!

I never thought back to it, but now that you mentions "first love bites", I do remember my first hicky.  I was niave didn't know I recieved a hicky or even a french kiss...just hought he was a messy kisser, and I didn't like it!


mpnaz58 said...

Awww...what a sweet story!  Isn't it funny how we were so naive?  Ahhh, those were the days!  I never got nor did I ever give any...but my younger sister...she was the queen giver and reciever.  I remember trying toothpaste, rubbing her neck with the back of a spoon (to smooth out the blood vessels?), mom's makeup to try to get rid of the "evidence".  Don't even mention the dining table!  She had to decide which side of the table to sit on...was it better for mom to see or dad!!  
xoxo ~Myra

inafrnz247 said...

Oh, the memories...  ::smiling::  My first hicky had me scared out of my mind to go home from a "blind" date (he saw his target well enough...).  This boy had a rep for giving them, and my parents had heard this and Dad of course threatened bodily injury if I came home with one.  I begged and pleaded, but nibble away to his hearts content he did.  I was too shy and nervous to stop him.  If I had liked him, it might have been worth the trouble!!

And you're right..  Later years would prove worthy of the race to find the turtleneck!



wildautumn1 said...

I love reading your stories of younger days! I'm afraid to ask my kids if they know what a hicky is! Take care!

libragem007 said...

lol...wonderful always!
Gem :-)

onemoretina said...

    For some reason, Marc, your story has me thinking about Woods Cove in Laguna Beach.  Hmmm.... I wonder why??  Now I'm definitely going to have to find those pics. =)  Tina   ( Once again, a very lovely story .... thanks for the memories. )

basktjulie said...

CALAMINE LOTION!  <smacking forehead with heel of hand> Why didn't I ever think of that?  LOL, cute story, Marc.

Thanks for popping into my journal and leaving the thoughtful comments.  Thoughtful.  I appreciate it.

whoopiepoopsie said...

This entry sure brought back a lot of memories!  I received my first 'hicky' on an August evening when summer is beginning to fade, and a slight chill in the air reminds you that Fall is just around the corner.  We spent our summers at the cabin on a lake in Northern Minnesota.  It was heaven - and just as you described your group of buddies, I had mine also.  We never lacked for pals because it seemed as though every place on the lake contained a family of kids our age. As summer waned, our evenings were spent around a crackling fire at the cabin of a guy I had a huge crush on.  I was 14 at the time. My 'crush' whispered that he was going to 'give me something'.  I, also being very naive, wondered what it was going to be.  He leaned in, locked his lips on my neck and left a huge mark.  I remember seeing it in the mirror later that night and knowing somehow my very strict Dad would not be pleased.  I spent much of the next week with my chin resting on my shoulder whenever I passed my Dad!

Hugs from Minnesota

tpiez4me said...

Very sweet story......thanks for stopping by my journal earlier.  Hope to hear more from you!  Have a great week!