Friday, September 14, 2007

The Voice

   There is little enjoyment in being told what to do. This is where many an offspring takes a detour from that abiding path it walked with its parents. This is where many a loyal employee seeks shelter in extra coffee breaks and "sick days". This is where many a spouse begins building "the wall".  Face it, young or old, it just doesn't sit well with us when we are told that we must do something.

  It was many years ago, my first week in the Army I observed that the best way to de-humanize someone, was to tell them what they had to do, every minute of every day! It was there, I was told what to wear, when and what I could eat, when I would wake up and when I would sleep. I was told how to stand ("ATTENTION"), I was told when to relax ("AT EASE,SOLDIER"). I was told which way to face ("right face") and worse, 90% of the steps I took, I was told which foot to place on the ground ("left, right ,left"!).In just a week, I asked myself, "who am I?"

It was during those days that a voice from within emerged loud and clear. This was my inner voice. It brought me the songs that warmed my soul, it comforted me when I was wounded, it encouraged me when I needed a double dose of bravery. This voice carried all the words of my sweetheart that I left behind, it kept a count on the days that remained till my tour was up. It entertained me like Bob Hope would entertain the troops, and thus, I was still able to smile and share a laugh with others. As I boarded the bus to return home, my inner voice yelled "Yahoo, you made it, you see, you did it, just like I said you would!"

Since that day, I never argued with my inner voice.

  Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from my son who was in tears. A relationship that he thought would be "everlasting" came to a screeching halt and smashed into too many bits and pieces to put together again. "I know you are calling me with the hope that I am going to give you some special message that will make this pain go away" I said. "Yes,I can really use something to grasp onto" he said with the sound of despair in his voice.       I drew a deep breath and said "I am not the person you should be speaking to. You need to speak  with the most intelligent person that I know, a person that I trust will steer you in the right direction".   My son paused, "who is that?" he asked . "That extremeley intelligent person is your inner voice!  Sit down and listen to that voice that has taken you further than I ever imagined you going. Have a chat with that voice that knows you better than anyone on this planet!" 

I explained the answers won't pop up like a magic wand has been waved, but clarity will come with time , and healing with introspection.

We spoke yesterday, he sounds just fine and is moving on with his life, fortifying his resolve and saving his energy for the next possibility.

I just love how that inner voice works!

So, the next time you feel that need to hear someone really intelligent, someone who really knows you....just let that inner voice begin to speak! You'll love what you'll hear!


inafrnz247 said...

I have two inner voices...  It's whatever one I chose to listen to that day that steers my heart.  My plan is to someday do away with the one that fails me and listen only to the intelligent one you so eloquently speak of.

I just love your entries, Marc.  Thank you.



sdoscher458 said...

Great entry Marc.  I had a similiar conversation with my son too, why are relationships so hard today? I love that little "inner voice"....take care...Sandi

eml625 said...

Greetings my friend,
Great words of wisdom for your son, I hope he finds that inner voice, I know its there I just sometimes ignore it.
Be well,

lifes2odd said...

Great entry Marc and wonderful words of wisdom for your son. You are so right!

mumma4evr said...

great entry...great words  instead of the usual there are other fish n the sea talk!

mpnaz58 said...

Beautifully written!!  It wasn't until I was much older, and many mistakes were made, before I realized that the only person who really, truly knew me, was me.  Now that I'm "wiser", and the part of me that "thinks" it knows better, will go against myself, and I continue to kick myself over and over again, for not listening.  Will I ever learn??  Lessons...
xoxo ~Myra

mutualaide said...

Very nicely written.  The best advice to give too!  Hope you don't mind, but I think I have one that would benefit from just that type of advice.  Look to inner being for the right feel.  :)

chaispice1023 said...

you are so right about that inner voice.  i haven't quite decided what that voice is yet - innate wisdom, spirit guide or God...but i do know it exists and when it speaks, a person should listen.

i enjoyed this entry.  thank you!

stormypassionzz said...

Sometimes, it is so hard for us to sit back and collect our thots when we are hurting, isn't it?  Unfortunately, this is where some of us have 2 innervoices.  But the postive attitude and advice you gave your son allowed him to listen to that "inner voice of reason" not the "innervoice of what I want and I'm gonna die if it doesn't go as I want".  God bless parents like you that allow your child/children to make their own decisions in the long run.  They know you'll be there to catch them, hold them tight, and let them cry tears because....they "worship" us as we truly "worship" them and want the best for them...for who they want to be and the life they really want to live.  Appears he took your advice and will survive now.  <wink>   Bless his heart and bless your family.


ally123130585918 said...

Marc Lovely entry ~and good advice given to your Son ~ I always listen to my inner voice or my Gut feeling they are usually right ~ Ally x

mariebm56 said...

That was great, Marc, & good advice too..Ü
You always seem to have the right answers, even when you don't say much.  Hope your son is doing better, today.  He is so lucky to have you as a father.  
Thanks for sharing.......I love it!

onemoretina said...

  You know, Marc, it is so hard, as a parent, to hear our child distressed and not try to 'fix' it for them.  And yet, there are some things we just can't, or shouldn't try to fix.   There is nobody who knows us better, who knows what we need more, than ourselves.  You gave your son the best advice you could have given him, especially in the kind of situation that tends to make us doubt ourselves.  In doing so, you gave him his confidence back.   Tina

texaspink4 said...


malagutigrrl said...

A very nice reminder.  Thank You!

magran42 said...

The key is to listen to the voice and DO what it says.

basktjulie said...

Very thoughtful and thought-provoking entries, Marc!  Keep em coming.

And thanks for visiting my blog.  I enjoyed the comments!