Sunday, March 4, 2007


    I really enjoy being at the market early in the morning. The scents of freshly baked breads mix with floral arrangements, yield such a welcoming feeling to the store. Everything is glistening and new!

  On this morning, the calm was was rippled by a woman briskly walking right past me. She was an elderly store employee, I admired the high energy in her walk. I just could not imagine what her hurry was. I reached the end of the aisle and there she was, holding a tray of small plastic cups filled with a beverage. She's in the twilight of her years and does not quite measure up to 5 ft in height. "Wanna try a new drink?" she asks , flashing a big smile with bright red lipstick painted on her lips. "It's a new energy drink, that is made from Green Tea and has a peachy flavor to it. It has vitamins and lots of good things in it to give you a boost. There are no harmful herbs  or caffiene in it".       I smile and say "sure" ad sip the new offering. It was a delightful blend of green tea and peach flavoring. the two distinctly different flavors played off of each other. The beverage was light and refreshing. I lifted the can off the table and examined the label of its ingredients which the woman had boasted about.

  There on the front of the can, the words were quite clear "contains caffiene".  "oops" I smiled to the woman, "it seems like this miracle drink does have caffiene in it". Her immediate reply without hestitation..."I never said it didn't have caffiene". Then continuing with her sales speech, "of course it has caffiene, that is what gives you the boost....what it doesn't have is those harmful things that you find in the other sports drinks...You know, the things that kill the athletes on the ballfield."  My eybrows went up, crinkling my forehead..."Killing athletes?" I said bewildered, "what athlete died from a sports drink?"   She looked me in the eyes and said.."Lew Burdette....the pitcher for the Milwalkee Braves"   My eybrows flew up another notch, "Lew Burdette?, yes, I remember him, but he died last week at 81 years of age, he didn't die from drinking a sports drink".   Once again she smiled with her big red lips, "I didn't say he died from drinking a sports drink, I just said, he was an athlete who died".

   I lingered at the table for a moment not certain if I was losing my mind, ormy hearing. "Here" she said holding up another cup, "have another sample, you look like you could use it". As I swallowed the one gulp in that cup, she took a cup for herself and sent it down the hatch as if she was racing me. Simultaneously, we tossed our empty cups in the small wastebasket by her stand. I noticed that the wastebasket had quite a few empty cups in it. I looked around and realized, I was the only customer in the store. "This drink comes in 3 flavors and you know what is really good about it? You can drink it straight from the can or pour it over ice in a glass, either way, it's very refreshing!" She boasted with a big smile.

  I reached over to the display and loaded two six packs into my cart. "Wow" she said, "two six packs, you must really like this stuff".   I smiled back and said..."I am not sure how much I like it, but I know it would take 3 bottles or Merlot to get me as happy as you are!"

  The stuff is quite good. I am on my 3rd can.

Oh, by the way,  I am communicating this message telepathically ...I am not even near the this moment, I am doing the Samba on the  treadmill while listening to the  Gypsy spirited  heated rythms of Sade!

How will I know when the music is over!


nhd106 said...

ROFL!  What a fun entry.

(I'll stick w/ the Merlot)


iiimagicxx said...

Marc, this was a pleasure to be with you and this lady, I enjoyed the exchange, but I am not sure I would have ended up buying the product, perhaps I would have given them to her. You must be a very good observor and have a good memory to be able to write about every day events with such details. I'd love to join you for a samba.

mutualaide said...

I'm going to have to 'get me some of that!'.  

tschamberland said...

OMG!  What a sales pitch, what an experience.  Thanks for the giggles = )


mrsm711 said...

Whats the name of the drink?  I love telepathy.  By the way, I'm so glad to see you are writting more.  I missed this.  :)     Tracy

mariebm56 said...

So what else is in that drink?  
BTW, are there different caffienes, I didn't know they had harmful ones?
My daughter is hooked on Double Shot by Starbucks.  OMG, I know exactly when she has one of these.  She can dance in her seat, while of course, singing & talking a mile a minute.:::sigh:::: Just looking at her is exhausting~

eml625 said...

That woman should be employee of the Month.
Very funny!!!  I literally was laughing out loud!
Have a great, super fast  day !

valphish said...

This is a great story =)!!

rdautumnsage said...

I love the way you told this story. I haven't stopped laughing. I think I would probably have grabbed a couple of six packs myself. What was the name of the drink? (Hugs) Indigo

justaname4me2 said...

LOL Oh I just LOVE people like her, fascinating! I'm glad you bought some from her, she really worked for it. There is something so inspirational about a person in their twilight years who has spunk in their voice, a smile on their face and brisk in their walk. I aspire to that.
Even the bright red lipstick :o)

iiimagicxx said...

Marc Marc I wished I knew you! you are a lovely person! Thanks for being you


onemoretina said...

Forget coffee ...  I think I need to get my hands on some of that miracle drink ... I could use the energy.   Tina

sunnyside46 said...

I'm going to go get soem of that stuff