Monday, March 19, 2007


Just as I am deeply moved by the romantic melodies of Paul McCartney, my spirit vibrates with the works of Chopin, Mendolssohn and Mozart. Classical music takes me back..... AH!! but the times were no simpler for singers back then too!

I am reminded that in the early 18th Century, the Royalty were so overwhelmed by the opera arias (soloists that could reach a very very high note) that they would actually pay large sums of money to families that would have a young singer (always male)castrated !This would allow the young singers' voice to reach the highest plateau of perfection. These "Castrados" could sing Arias like no others and were placed in the finest living quarters and given the best education in the world. (It was like having a walkman). With their testicles removed, these boys could devote their young lives to singing. They were to have no other passions, nor interferences with their music.

   Here we are 300 years later. While we have become more civil with cultivating our music, I look around and see how couples become so involved with the fullfillment of their own needs that they "cutoff" the dreams and hopes of their mates. In pursuit of obtaining the "high notes" one of the  mates will often find the bounty of his or her expectations left at the alter. Unfortunately, what we ulitmately castrate is the potential of obtaining the simple pleasures that togetherness affords.

The title of Paul McCartneys new song was unknowingly given to him by Heather when he asked that she sign a prenupital agreement. "I'll sign your prenup, but when I leave, I'll have your balls" she gigled in his ear.

You'll find his new release intriguing..sung on a very very HIGH note!

All You Need is Love.


iiimagicxx said...

That is ever sooooo sexist again... there are being with no testicules you know... do you know? do they know? well perhaps this was what Heather was trying to tell Paul... that she could get higher than him without having to sing or have her balls cut off... no need, just a signature and a wedding...
A pity it was not me getting married to him... if he were a nice man, I would not have left him. This is a world that evolves around money, and money rolls, and rolls royce, and fame, ... and so we can't have it all.

Personally, I prefer my own company to one that does not feel genuine with another. We don't have to be "two" to be happy in this life.

So, cannot women reach such high pitch?? does it have to be a castrated male?


iiimagicxx said...

Marc, if you can, give us the UTub link of his new release, please

nhd106 said...

Very interesting analogy...I like how you tied it together.  


rdautumnsage said...

I have always thought the simpler things in life gave you so much more to attain within yourself. As far as supporting the other half in their pursuit to fame; I was willing to go through my Cancer scare alone so Doc could go on the road. But alas love doesn't work that way......He finds love is far more important than fame. (Hugs) Indigo

iiimagicxx said...

Marc if you know Paul MacCartney, I am willing to learn to know him and eventually mary him, get me a date with him, I'll know how to make him happy (if I don't try singing) :D

You made me laugh with your comments on my blog.

Love to you

iiimagicxx said...

Thank you for coming round Marc. It makes my day :D
re: pretty things... I want to be pretty (because I am not) and will always want to be pretty... externally... even at 80 :D

onemoretina said...

   This is a great entry, Marc.  As usual, you have a very clever way of making a point.  
    I married my high school sweetheart.  Being young, we thought it was all about love and togetherness, and being there for each other, no matter what.  We had nothing in the beginning, but it really didn't matter, because we had each other.  Many people would say that we were awfully naive.  I suppose we were.  Lucky us.  =)    Tina