Saturday, December 25, 2004


There are some who come to this junction and ask........"is this it? this what life is all about?    I have given from my heart, I have sacrificed the better parts of time.....all for this?"    Unafraid to ask they continue, "have I  been loved enough, have I been given what I deserve?, have I received  all the acknowledgement I should have?" The inner coil unwinds scattering feelings in disarray.   Making it even more difficult to establish "what is enough". For the ones who always ask,  they are rarely  satisfied, as they always focus on what should be coming to them.

"I saw a man on a wooden crutch

he called out to me and said

"why ask for so much".

I saw a woman standing

in her darkened door

she called out to me and said

"why not ask for more?".

Like a bird, on a wire

like some drunk in a midnight choir

I have tried in my way

to be free.     --Leonard Cohen  (Bird On A Wire)

-----------Freedom exists in the giving, with only the longing that your breaths have added a measure of light in this galaxy-----------------

Wishing Peace and Blessings to all......Marc

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