Thursday, August 28, 2008


    Imagine for a moment, that movie theaters had no marquis. That's right, no names in the bright lights, no posters on the front doors. You enter the theater, sit down, and must watch whatever appears on the giant screen!

   Now imagine, that you are the main character in each movie!  "What? How did I get in this flick?" you would always ask yourself! "I must be dreaming!" The truth is, you would be dreaming!

  We close our eyes each night and are escorted into a theater where we have no idea what scenes are about to take place. Most likely, we are the main character, speaking lines and playing a part that we have not rehearsed.

  The other night I closed my eyes and was eascorted to my seat in this theater. The scene opened, and standing before me was my first love, wearing a wedding dress and white flowers in her hair. She had aged the many years that lie between us, but had that youthful look in her eyes. A voice spoke loud, "You may now kiss the bride". In the same instant a narrative explained that we met later on in life and were now being wed!"At Last" I breathed,as we both slowly leaned towards each other. Our lips met,and I could feel the warmth and tenderness of this special kiss. As our lips parted, I took her hand  and placed it on my heart heart. I smiled and said, "look how fast my heart beats from your kiss". There was a twinkle in her eyes, and a smile on her face as she said "you remembered".

  In the next instant I was jumping out bed, beads of sweat running down my neck and my heart racing as if I swallowed a bottle of rocket fuel! In my altered state I went straight to the bathroom and turned the shower to full blast. "What was that?" I mutered to myself as the water pounded down on my head. "What was that?" ....Puzzled like a person who lands in foreign country and can't speak a word of their language.

 I replayed the dream over and over, very careful not to edit or embellish, as if it was going to be evidence that would be submitted in court. I was locked in this altered state, unable to sort out the meaning. Her last words "you remembered" haunted me. What was it that I remembered?  What was it that she thought I had forgotten?  What could have created this whole scenario?  Slowly, the truth began to emerge, not all at once, but slowly, like the sun rising over the horizon.

   When we close our eyes and enter the arena of sleep, we let go of reality. Once reality is tucked away, a cinema that we are not aware of begins playing. The doors to our heart open and many emotions come pouring out seeking a direction.. If we are lucky, the heart will take them to place in time when great changes occured in our lives. If we are really lucky, they return to the point where the toe of innocense made its fist step into the sea of love.

    My rapidly beating heart occured at our first kiss.We always ask ourself when engaging in that first kiss,"what does he/she think?"  There was no denying thet her kiss could make my heart pound and I was happy to show her. She always responded, "yeah, but will you say that tomorrow?"  

   What I had forgotten in reality, I remembered in a dream!

Only in a dream can one be returned to place where all the broken promises are put back together to form an unbreakable vow.

  So, as you wander through your days and close your eyes at night, just know, that someone, somwhere has placed you in their cinema, reassembled all the broken promises and remembers what reality has taken away. May you rise in the morning knowing,there exists a place where there are unbreakable vows.

Marc :)




preciousone25 said...

What an absolutely AMAZING entry!!!  I love this entry... you made me cry reading it!!!  And it's all so true, and so REAL!!!  I LOVE beautiful dreams like that, dreams that bring back something lost, forgotten, or just UNREACHABLE anymore.... like when I dream of my dad, I can FEEL his arms around me, and I can HEAR his voice, it's amazing how peaceful I wake up after visits from him.  THanks for sharing your dream!!!    

NOW.... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!???!  I miss your entries!!!  I wanted to e-mail you to see how you were because I hadn't heard from you.... but couldn't even find your e-mail addy!!

I hope that all is well in your world... take care,


sdoscher458 said...

Wonderful entry Marc.  Sometimes in our dream state we learn things that will carry over to our everyday life. Your first love must have been special to you to come back full force like that. I think we all dream of what could of been, but never was...trying in our dreams to take paths untaken...go down a different road. You write so beautifully I love reading your words..take care my, Sandi

robinngabster said...

Beautiful...the only thing missing is the popcorn.     I like to think someone else might be dreaming of me. ;)

rdautumnsage said...

There is so much truth in this dear friend. I once was at a place in my life I wanted to give up. I was tired and beginning to think it wasn't worth it. In a dream someone I cherished and had lost too early in his life was dancing a slow dance by himself. I watched him for a while wondering how it could be...then he stopped and reached his hand out to me. We danced and looked into each others eyes for awhile. Then he spoke and asked me to dance with him forever. I stopped and pulled away; I told him I couldn't he was dead and I was still alive..He asked me one more time for another dance, I just shook my head no. He then turned to me and smiled. Tears started to flow down my cheeks, I still miss him. He told me I had more living to do. I wasn't ready for this dance yet. He also gave me one last piece of the puzzle, he said it wasn't my fault. There was no rhyme or reason why it was him and not me that had died.

In our dreams there lie more answers than we could of ever hoped for. (Hugs)Indigo

mpnaz58 said...

As always, very well said!  I've always thought dreams were messages...from our mind, our deep sub-conscious...allowing us to go places we'd never go in our real life.  Thanks for checking in!
xoxo ~Myra

attitudeslc said...

What a sweet entry!!!


helmswondermom said...

Very beautiful entry!  I'm glad you "remembered".

firestormkids04 said...

Astoundingly sweet!  You have awakened a memory of a moment in my own life ~ not the same, but just as touching.  Blessings, Penny  ;)

nhd106 said...

Oh god...your entries always get to me.     I have a feeling that your first love may be sorry she let you slip away.   Perhaps she too is having a few of her own dreams where she in fact, remembers too.

lifes2odd said...

Wow Marc! That was just beautiful. I don't know what to say! Very deep and very touching -- a place where there are unbreakable vows -- quite profound!
Hugs, Martha :-)

onemoretina said...

Hey Marc,
    What an extroardinarily beautiful entry.  This really struck a chord with me, and brought back an experience that I hadn't thought of in a long time.  Thanks so much for the memory, my friend !  Hugs,   Tina  

lissamom2 said...

Only you, Marc, could write that particular entry and say so much while saying so little. Some will read this and say "huh?" others of us will read this and say "ahhh"

As always your words paint the beautiful portrait of all of our emotions. And we thank you.


jwt1313 said...

Thank you Marc.  Your writings always touch me deeply.  Phyllis

onmiownnow2 said...

Beautiful, Marc!  Just beautiful!  Lisa

justaname4me2 said...

I really don't want to lose your writing once AOL pulls it's toilet flush. Email me if you start a new journal.........pretty please.

I hope you are well,

D said...

Great entry

Myra said...

Wow!! I love how you interpreted your dream, and it makes sense! I have such vivid dreams, people from my past, and it never occurred to me that I may be in their dreams too! WOW! Glad you came over...welcome :)

MariesImages said...

WOw, Marc, the WAS a great entry.
I loved it!
HOw did I miss this one? My alerts must have been off..;(
I tried to subscribe to your blog, but I don't think it went thru.
I wrote an entry in one of my blogs on how to set up a subscription widget thru feedblitz. If you are interested, let me know & I will send you the link. Hopefully you will be able to follow my confusing instructions...Ü

Indigo said...

Ahh, so finally I find you on this side of the Blogsphere dear friend. I've watched your AOL journal diligently waiting to see what you would do. It seems the waiting paid off, for now your here and I can continue to read your wonderous words. (Hugs)Indigo

Ally Lifewithally said...

Marc what a lovely entry ~ thank you for sharing your dream ~ Ally x

Nancy said...

Oh, and by the way...
Here I is:

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

This entry, is why I love writing. Words that can take me in, awaken something within me, slap me around a bit, then leave me floating a foot above the surface of life.

Your dream, is the dream that haunts me from time to time. I'll leave it at that.

Glad to see you on this side of the fence. I don't know how to leave my new journal link, but I think if you click on my name it'll take you there.

Have a beautiful weekend,

~Gem~ said...

oh my gosh! here you are, I've been hoping to find you somewhere in the following links..lo and I am at your new journal home.
me// oh gosh..still following.
Gem :-)

Gill said...

Great post. I love to dream and I always write my dreams down. They are often full of wise insightful advice that I can't get to through 'logical' thinking, and they help to fuel my creativity too.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Mark what a lovely entry ~ I enjoyed sharing your dream with you ~ I hope that I enter someones dreams and bring back happy memories for them :o) Ally x

Anne said...

What a beautiful dream. I only hope to be kissed like that again, before I die. One can dream ;0 cam
they? Anne

~Gem~ said...

..a very sweet post..always from you Marc.
She is a lucky bride (and you're the lucky groom) what a wonderful dream.

~Gem~ said...

..oh here I am again..just saw your picture profile...she sure is a very lucky bride!

Martha said...

Come on Marc, it's time for an update! Hope all is well. Hugs!

wildautumn said...

That was amazing...beautiful and so true. Hope all is well. Karen

Melissa said...

I FOUND YOU!!! I'm so thrilled! Write on wise one!

Michelle said...

You can't possibly know how happy I am to one: have found you here, and two: to have read such beautiful words. Words that reflect EXACTLY what my heart has been telling me to do for far too long and I've simply ignored it. Or have tried to listen, thought I knew it all, and failed again and again to fully grasp what love truly means.

Thank you, Marc.

wildautumn said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Karen

Melissa said...

Marc, there is something for you over on my journal! ;)


Cathy said...

Interesting view of what dreams can mean, yet who truly knows why the brain continues to talk while we're in another dimension, the realm of sleep? Everyone dreams so sayeth the experts, not everyone remembers. I think your dream's more meaningful idea is not about love or vows or anything lost and found. I think it's about yearning. As your body re-sets itself, our brains chatter away to themselves speaking their own unique language. Trying to interpret it seems folly, so the best we can do is take a guess - I've been studying dreams so long and I'm still not sure I'm sure. Why do people call something good or beautiful "dreamy"? CT-scans and blood work done on people in REM sleep find the brain releases more endorphins (natural opiates) in that state. I truly believe we need to dream to be completely human, it's part of our physiology. Thanks for the very poetic tour.

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