Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't Think Twice It's Alright

The power of our intelligence easily overwhelms our intellect.Look at what man has done in the last 25 years. We have built spaceships that journey to the ends of our universe that can  send back color photos! We carry devices that allow us communicate both voice and video to others all over the world! We continously stretch the borders of what we can only imagine!

Despite all of this intelligence, the one thing we struggle with is the ability "to think twice".We just were not wired to stop, think twice before submitting to our impulses.Thus, our closets are littered with items purchased on an impulse, our waitlines expanded from that piece of cake we just had to taste and sadly, we walk with the scars on our hearts from hurtful words spoken to us without thought being placed upon them before they were hurled at us.I often wondered what our Creator was thinking when he imbued us with this "impulsive" behavior.

This morning I headed out early to the supermarket to rent a carpet cleaner. I entered the store and passed by a shopping wagon marked "Items Reduced For Clearance". My quick glance stopped me cold in my tracks, the wagon was filled with candles! While I love candles, I already have enough to light St. Patricks Cathedral for a year! I noticed a nice small pack of tea lights. They were scented, ginger & pear, subtley delightful! There were 3 packs and I quickly scooped them up! A voice rang loud in my head.."PUT THEM DOWN!...They are the last thing you need, so put them down!" I rarely argue with my mind, and I put them back in the wagon. Another voice chirpped in "ARE YOU NUTS?... You were going to buy those candles a month ago at three times the price, pick them up NOW!" I reached back in the wagon and lifted them out. This prompted the first voice "YO MARC, What did you come here for? To rent a carpet cleaner...not to buy candles because they are on sale....PUT THEM DOWN!" Back into the wagon they went. This prompted the the second voice.."just remember, they won't be here when you finally realise that you want them!"... "Enough!" I muttered...this is crazy...I did an abrupt about face and headed straight to the service counter to rent the carpet candles.

 The clerk greeted me and began preparing the paperwork for the rental. I happened to turn around and noticed a woman walking straight towards me with the three packs of tea light candles in her hand! My mind flashed,"oh no, she saw my little spectacle of " in and out of the wagon" and she is going to insist that I buy them" (I have a an imagination that runs wild...) She stands behind me and calls out to the clerk "can I pay for these here or do I need to stand on the cashiers line?" He smiled, "you can pay for them here, I will be ready to ring you up in a minute". The second voice summoned , "well, there they go.., no chance to get them now"... I watched the woman as she was smelling the packs....I smiled, "it's Ginger and peach scented, they are very lovely". "Oh, I don't care about the scent" she replied.."they are not for me....I  work in a nursing home that has Alzheimers patients and I thought it would be nice to burn some candles....ya never know what a little atmosphere will do for them".  My mouth fell open, my heart immediately warmed, "oh how wonderful of you!" I exclaimed.  Her facial expression poised, she explained that the Nursing home does not have funds for such things, so when she saw these so deeply discounted, it was something she could take care of herself. "Bless you!" I said as I was interrupted by the clerk telling me my rental was ready.

 As I exited the store, it became clear to me about the issue of why we were created with impulse and not  wired to "think twice". When it comes to performing acts of kindness, charity and being selfless....we need to act on impulse! We should not think twice and ask "should I?" 

May you all have those moments, where you don't think twice...cause it's alright!




nhd106 said...

Oh Marc...I just love this entry.   I really, truly, deeply understand it.
(I happen to completely love the Ginger/pear scented candles...)
You're a special guy, ya know that?


sdoscher458 said...

Marc..great entry.  Some of the best things that I have done in life have been on impulse.  I love the story about the candles, see "something" made you put them down so the lovely lady could buy them. I love looking at things and wondering what if I had gone this way instead of that way...paths chosen and unchosen.  Life is fascinating....take care...Sandi

iiimagicxx said...

When it is about spending money, I have to think twice unfortunately.

lifes2odd said...

Beautiful entry as always. There are no coincidences if life.
Martha :-)

ally123130585918 said...

Marc beautiful entry ~ that Lady was meant to have those candles glad you decided to put them back ~ Ally

rdautumnsage said...

Marc, Thank you! I needed to read this today more than you know. I've recently posted a few journal entries that recieved some negative feedback. I knew when I wrote them, I was making the right descion. It's never really about you, but what you can do to make life better for those less fortunate. I hope I never think twice about the descions I've made to do just that , being a voice for those less fortunate. This touched my heart in more ways than you can ever know. (Hugs) Indigo

twolovepeach said...

Love your journal, and appreciate your sharing! I am a new reader, but would like you to know you touch me personally as well! The candles were like flowers growing in a field. Pick them, and you alone enjoy them. Leave them, and so many others can enjoy them too! God allowed you to see His plan when the woman behind you claimed them for her purposes. We don't always get to see the plan, but we know there IS one. God Bless you. ~Beckie

mpnaz58 said...

What a nice story!!  Your words have the power to touch, thank you!
xoxo ~Myra

onemoretina said...

Yes, Marc !  I'll bet that gal made your day.  It's funny how we sometimes get the verification that we made the right decision ... and it can come to us in the most unexpected and amazing ways.  As someone who spends quite a bit of time at an assisted living home, both visiting and volunteering, I can tell you that the woman you talked to is a blessing to those folks.  When you see how some of these elderly people have so little to brighten their long days, you can imagine how her small gesture of kindness can mean the world to them.  Aren't you so glad things turned out the way they did ?   Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience.  =)   Tina

chaispice1023 said...

ah, so that's why you had to put them back!  things do happen for a reason, you know.  :-)

found your journal by way of sandi's.  hello!