Friday, April 20, 2007

Binoculars hang from the head of Mule

3D Decoder Glasses - Secret Reveal Glasses


   I grew up in a "black and white" world. Television sets and programs were in black and white, kitchen appliances were available in white only, All the colors of wheel were in an 8 piece box of Crayola Crayons.

 A movie was released "The Mask" where you were handed a pair of 3 d glasses to watch the movie with. While viewing through the glasses, it seemed as if the characters were just a few feet in front of your nose! I was overwhelmed by this extraordinary technology! I was allowed to see something...that really wasn't there!

 I held onto my souvenier glasses, believing that they might help me see other things that were not there! Ah! the imagination of an 11 year old! I kept the glasses in the top drawer of my desk. They were always ready at a moments notice. I used them to decode secret messages on cereal boxes, I used them to watch the black and white programs, feeling they gave color to the screen. A few years passed,and yes..late at night, when the house was asleep,...I used them to carefully view each image in my sacred copy of Playboy Magazine...making those women come to life! Superman had his cape, Marc had his glasses.

  Time passed,and on one very hot July day, I was cooling off at the swimming pool that belongs to the apartment complex I lived in. I can recall enjoying the refreshing crispness of the cool water, and the big blue, cloudless sky above. The sun beaming its rays across the surface,making my eyes squint. My attention was drawn to the diving the board, where the most beautiful girl in my universe was standing. She called out to her friends below. "watch me!!...Look at this dive!" I stared, and could not believe what I was witnessing....I could see right through her pink and white bikini!  I gasped, this was not a picture, I was not wearing those glasses, this was real!  She jumped in the pool with a scream! I held on to the side of pool, closed my eyes and murmered, "please....jump off the board again!"  

  That was the first and only time she wore that pink and white bikini, perhaps her mother or her friends saw the same thing I did.I just saw it with a great sense of admiration and an acute sense of provocation!

   Around that same time, my drawers were dumped.Many things I had carried with some type of childhood endearment were discarded...amongst them, those glasses.....the extra sensory powers that I had given to them had lost their significance. I was on my own...stepping into the threshold of adolesence.

Now, many years later, my glasses are back on....not the 3 d type, but binoculars...always keeping an eye on my past!



inafrnz247 said...

I'll never look at 3D glasses the same way again!  Thanks for the smile...  =)


nhd106 said...

You sicko!

( was a cute entry)


eml625 said...

Kids always love little gadgets like that, it's the simple things in life that they enjoy, you however took it to a new level !!!! (and making me think that my 12 -soontobe13 year old boy is looking for see through bathing suits !!! A thought I dont yet want to think about.
Be well,

acoward15 said...

How badly did I want x-ray specks to work!

iiimagicxx said...

Oh I love it! I only discovered those 3D glasses when going to the cinema to see "Parasite" I think and How true your description was for me too... I could see things that did not really exist, but as if they were going to touch me or fall on me and eat me up. It was later in my teenage time perhaps around 18, and I wished it had been earlier so I could have had fun with them as you had. I can't believe you used them on your playboy though!
I'd love to have glasses and go regularly to check my eyes... :D
Only because it gives a serious air and seems to reassure people on your capacities... I think people tend to trust more people wearing glasses... perhaps only my imagination.
Good day to you Marc,

mariebm56 said...

OMG Marc!!!
Was that YOU 39 years ago???  I remember that suit, I never wore it again because this geeky little kid kept staring at me, now I know why!
Just kidding~
Cute story....just wondering....are all your stories non fiction?  Ü

ally123130585918 said...

I remember those glasses ~ can't remember the film I went to see though but clearly remember that things seemd to be very close and 3D ~ exciting times they were ~ funny thing I now have binoculars but only to look at the birds (The feathered ones:o) ~ Ally

rdautumnsage said...

I was a very sheltered child, I didn't even know what 3-D glasses where until my daughter who was 8 at the time wanted to get a pair to watch a special on tv that was suppose to be scary. I love hearing your stories, you tell them so well as if I where there looking in through a window in your life. Ummm.......I had one of those bathing suits and well it was quite embarrassing!!! (Hugs) Indigo

philadlfiagrl said...

great memories! my nephews use their binoculars like u used ur 3d glasses, hehe
i remember thinking they had special powers too!