Saturday, December 30, 2006

Did You Ever Have To make Up Your Mind?

    There I was, in the supermarket aisle staring at the offering of room scents. Did I want my bathroom smelling like an Evergreen Forest, an Ocean Breeze, a Rain Forest Mist, a Vanilla Rose, or a Lavendar Boquet?  At that moment of great indecision, an old tune by the Lovin' Spoonful played over the music system.

"Did you ever have to make up your mind?/ To pick up on one and leave the other behind? It's not always easy and not often kind/ Did you ever have to make up your mind?"

I chuckled to myself.... suddenly realizing the world that we live in has placed us in a non-stop decision making mode.  I had 12 fragrances to choose from for my bathroom! That is only the beginning! Rice? Do you want Jasmine, basamati, Long Grain, Saffron, Wild or Brown?  Got Milk? You want regualar, low fat, non fat, soy, milk with acidolphulus,lactose free, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavored? Coffee Creamer? Let's not even go there!    Every aisle, begs you to ...MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

My mind continued....and when I get out of here, I will pass by McDonalds, Wendys, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Dairy Queen. And....when I get home, I will have to choose from 100 channels on cable or 120 listening channels on XM radio!

The song played...."did you ever have  to finally decide, pick up on one and let the other one ride"......"ONE" I exclaimed....there is no such thing as leaving "one" behind, not when I decide, I'm leaving a whole army behind!

I proceeded to checkout line, not knowing why I decided to allow this issue of "deciding" to overrun the calmness of this afternoon. The cashier smiled, "$45.56....will that be cash, check  or charge?"......I half grinned.....pulled my debit card from my wallet...."it's a debit" I replied. I swiped the card.....the small machine now took over and asked   "credit or debit?"  I clicked "debit"   "enter your pin #" it prompted..... "is 45.56 correct?  yes? No?........."geez" I muttered..when will this stop...I selected "yes"...."Cash back? Yes? No? It asked.....My eyes bulged, with my now warming I responded with "no", I closed my eyes....took in a deep breath, and calmed myself....."there will be no more decisions for the rest of the day. I will not allow myself to be confronted....from this moment on I am freeing myself from choice...."SIR!!" came the loud voice breaking my 10 second meditation....I opened my eyes....the bag boy staring at me..."Sir" his voice raised..."Paper or Plastic?"..I smiled and replied...."whatever you decide will be just fine!"

As we move forward into a New Year....a year that automatically renews our suscription to millions of decisions, I wish for you, a kinder and simpler year. A year that you can count on what you have, and smile at...what you left behind.

Peace and Blessings....Marc :)


onemoretina said...

    What a charming entry, Marc... and so very true !  Too many decisions these days.  And I am sure it's only going to get worse.   My wish for you?  A New Year in which you make all the right ones !   Tina

mastersblynn said...

I hate when that happens LOL Barbara

philadlfiagrl said...

yep, its overwhelming, i thought it was just ME who was scrutinizing over what type of what to buy, sheesh! if only i scrutinized my LIFE CHOICES as much as i do at the supermarket, i'd be in a better place.....

still...i'd rather stand stupifidied in an aisle packed with food, than to stand stupified in a wasteland with nothing growing and nothing to cook!!!!

lets be grateful for all the choices we GET to make...others arent so fortunate, and like u said, let us make our insignificant choices less complicated, and make our real important choices more thought out!!



eml625 said...

It's what is wrong with the world today. We need to simplify , everything.
I hope you have a truly happy new year filled with good health and peace my friend.

iiimagicxx said...'s an army that is left behind, not one... summarises it pretty well. Such a lovely entry Marc from who I believe is a very lovely person.
Enjoy every second of your new years' eve - not a choice, it'a an order :D
from Valerie

nhd106 said...

I am NOT good with decisions...yet think I'll be working on that for the new year.  Hmmm...should I work on it?  Should I not?
I'll be back.

Nancy : )

inafrnz247 said...

I love this...  How very true.  Wishing you a simpler and peaceful New Year as well.  


mariebm56 said...

Yes...I look forward to a new year of choices....which men I should keep, which I should dump.  It's hard to decide, should I keep the six 30 something year olds who are hotties, & tell me such wonderful things, or should I go for the older men, who are more honest, sincere & loaded....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm decisions...decisions...........; )

Wishing you a new year of wonderful opportunities!
Happy New Year  Marc!

tschamberland said...

Well, you've made the 'decision' to continue to frequent this page a no brainer for me.  More of your words and enlightening stories for 2007.

Happy New Year, may it, well, may it just be.


lifes2odd said...

::Sigh:: Now I know why my quest for a more simple life is such a struggle -- never thought of it the way you just laid it out but you are absolutely right.
Wishing you a happy, yet simple 2007!
Hugs, Martha :-)

mrsm711 said...

In my "About Me" section of my journal I quote "I see myself as a woman with 1950's values with a "Millenium" Flare. I do like the simplicity of the 50's, but I also like the flare because change is good too.   I don't like the midwest weather changes though.  Today we're getting 3-6" and tomoroow another 2-5".  I have two teens with vehicles and I worry when the weather is like this.  Florida is my choice of where we will be moving when the time is right.  No question.  :)    

justaname4me2 said...

I loved this. Choices, decisions, questions, all coming at us daily, even in the smallest ways like trying to pay for something!
Behind that chaos is our smile though :o)

libragem007 said...

Thanks Marc, for the simple wishes in 2007.
Gem :-)

princesssaurora said...

Wow... your entry really drove the issue home for me!  No wonder we are stressed as a society!  Thank you... this was great, a good chuckle, but it really made me think!  Via CarnivAOL

be well,

klconard1 said...

I notice myself having the same sorts of reactions when shopping lol.  As I stare down rows of choices to make, I ponder on grocery trips of yore when the choices were only 3 or 4 at the most of anything (and gasoline was 19 cents a gallon lol). It takes longer to get through the store nowadays lol.
loving you

bhbner2him said...

What a boring world it would be without choices.  Yet what a bother some times with so many.  -  Barbara
By way of CarnivAol!