Wednesday, August 9, 2006

JAVIER & JUANITA (The Sands of Cabo san Lucas)

                  Javier & Juanita  ( The Sands of Cabo San Lucas)


Tonight the moon is full. As I look out the window, I notice one of my jars of sand, labeled Cabo San Lucas. I collect sand from beaches everywhere. Many of the small samples are from beaches that friends have visited and have sent to me. The one from Cabo San Lucas was from a  woman I had some business dealings with. She went to Cabo San Lucas for some relaxation and with the hope that she would find romance in the great resort area.


    I had received the jar of sand with a note from her. Her note was brief, “got lots of rest, no romance…and you, you get your sand! Enjoy!”


    While I was touched by her remembering to collect and send me the sand, I was sorry that her ultimate wish was not fulfilled. I needed to thank her and remind her that the “search” should have as much excitement as the discovery. and that an unfilled desire should only be the fuel to continuing hoping!   This was my note to her.


Dear Nina,

    Your precious gift of sand has certainly made my day, but the news of your returning “empty hearted” has provoked me……


                                        Javier & Juanita


    Javier was a young man that lived on a small farm near Cabo San Lucas. One year his crop was so bad that he could not pay the mortgage  he had on the farm. The bank served him with a notice that he would be evicted. On the night before his eviction, he and his loving wife, Juanita, went to the beach at Cabo San Lucas. Beneath the full moon and a night filled with stars they fell into the sand and made passionate love. During those enflamed moments, Juanita clutched a handful of sand and squeezed it from her ecstasy. In that small handful of sand was an oyster and the folklore has it, that the heat from Juanita had caused the oyster to expel a huge beautiful pearl!


    The next morning they took this beautiful huge pearl into town and found it to be worth more money than they needed to save their farm! They were rich! Word of this quickly spread. Fisherman came by day and cast their nets along the shore hoping to catch an oyster! Lovers came at night and recreated the passionate lovemaking scene they had heard about, hoping the same great reward would come as a result of their passion!


    Javier seeing this crowd come, day and night, set up a small refreshment bar. People from all over flocked to his bar to hear him recall that night which had changed his fate!


    And you thought the beach at Cabo San Lucas was only good for sunbathing! Well, thank you for your gift of sand…..and in the event you are wondering, there was no oyster in that bag you sent. As they say at Javier’s Bar, “Aw shucks!”


Warmest regards, Marc


  As I lift this small jar, the tiny grains of sand sparkle in the moonlight night, just like our hopes. And I muse, as long as we have hope, we all sparkle!


robinngabster said...

Wonderful story Marc!   Need sand from California???

tschamberland said...

Now that was a story worth retelling.  And, as I've come to count on, you share the perspective overlooked by most.  


inafrnz247 said...

Just as rocks tell stories, so does sand.. and I loved this story!  Thanks for sharing!

ally123130585918 said...

Marc what a lovely tale ~ well worth a read ~ thanyou for sharing ~ Ally

lifes2odd said...

Beautiful! May you always sparkle :-)

inquestoftruth said...

What a classy journal from a classy man!

mariebm56 said...

My son collects sand too, but at 14 he only has a small collection.
I collect shells...; )  Nice to see you are writng again.  Hope all is well with you.
I always enjoy your stories!

stansgirl2004 said...

I loved this story. I'm really enjoying your journal thank you for the link
~ Marina

philadlfiagrl said...

well ... my name is hope so does that mean i sparkle too? lol


ps: i love ur writings, please continue, they are very uplifting

demandnlilchit said...

I love to collect samd from beaches I visit too.....I usually put it in a funky glass bottle with some beach glass or treasured seashells. That way I always have a visual reminder of fun days spent on the beach!